The Basics of Fish Care
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The Basics of Fish Care

A lot of people think fish are the easiest pets to keep. While they don’t require the kind of maintenance that a dog or cat needs, they still need proper upkeep and care.

As mentioned by our fishkeeping guide, there are special water chemistry parameters and dietary needs to consider, as well. 

But your fish can have a long and healthy life if you know the basics of fish care, which we’ll discuss in this post.

Don’t overfeed your fish.

Don’t overfeed your fish

Fish can be classified into the kind of food they eat. And yes, there are herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores among them, as well.

After knowing which classification your pet fish falls under, it’s good to know the recommended food and how much you should give it daily. Remember, proper nutrition is part and parcel of having happy and healthy pets, after all.

Consider an automatic feeder if you’re always away from your home. This way, when you require a pet sitter to look after it for a day, your fish won’t end up being overfed or underfed

Regular clean your fish tank and water.

Regular clean your fish tank and water

Professional cleaning services in Singapore exist to keep people’s homes clean and sanitized. Despite its size, your pet fish’s dwelling needs the same level of care and attention you would give your own house.

So consider it one of your main pet owner responsibilities to provide your fish with a clean tank and water.

And since it lives in water (and eats and goes to the toilet in it), you’ll need to keep it as hygienic as possible for your fish. Think about how you need a water filter for your drinking water and apply it to your fish’s habitat.

Get a large enough tank to accommodate your fish.

Get a large enough tank to accommodate your fish

Not all fish can fit in a dainty glass bowl. And it doesn’t make sense for a tiny guppy to live in a huge aquarium, either (unless you get dozens of them).

So choose the right fish tank according to your fish’s size, how many there are, and the kind of accessories you’re thinking of putting in it. 

If you aren’t sure about what to get, you can start with a basic freshwater setup (no small than three gallons) with a cartridge filter system that only requires a monthly replacement. Fish technicians at your favourite pet store can help you choose.

Ensure that all the fish are compatible with one another.

Ensure that all the fish are compatible with one another

Your pet fish needs to live a life that’s free of anxiety and stress. You can start by placing your water tank away from where your cat can’t reach it.

Of course, who your fish lives with is another important matter. Schooling fish need companions to feel safe and secure, while more aggressive types like angelfish might pick on other fish in the tank.

If you aren’t sure what to choose, you can ask for advice from the best pet stores in Singapore. Staff would likely know which types can coexist peacefully and which ones require careful handling.