Live Entertainment All about the Singapore National Stadium
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Live Entertainment: All about the Singapore National Stadium

If you’re a massive sports fan or an avid concertgoer, you must be looking forward to visiting the Singapore National Stadium! At 75,000 square meters, it’s one of the largest domes in the world, making it perfect for all kinds of live events. 

But just like the other massive multi-purpose stadiums, navigating Singapore’s National Stadium can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it. You probably have a lot of questions: how to travel to this place, what the best seats are, and more. 

Find the answers to these questions in this ultimate guide to the Singapore National Stadium!

A Brief History of the Singapore National Stadium

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The Singapore National Stadium as we now know it is actually a recent construction—even though the name isn’t. The former National Stadium had been active since 1973, but in 2011, it was demolished to develop the Singapore Sports Hub.

The Singapore government eventually decided to build a new National Stadium on the site of the former one, but the construction kept getting delayed because of numerous issues—especially the 2008 financial crisis and the rising construction costs.

In 2014, the stadium was officially unveiled to the public, and it also hosted its first sporting event—the inaugural World Club 10s rugby tens tournament—in June of that year.

Things to Know about the Singapore National Stadium

The Unique Design of the Singapore National Stadium

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The Singapore National Stadium is known for its unique design. It’s a dome structure with a retractable roof, which is designed to reflect sunlight so that the interior is insulated. 

The stadium’s total area is 75,000 square meters, and its seating is around 50,000 to 55,000, depending on what kind of event. Because of this, the Singapore National Stadium is the country’s largest stadium and among the largest in Southeast Asia.

Events Held in the Singapore National Stadium


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Since the Singapore National Stadium is the home stadium of the Singapore national football team, it’s not a surprise that sporting events are commonly held here. In particular, most of the sporting events are football and rugby matches. 

The most notable sports event held here is the 2015 Southeast Asian Games. The stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the athletics and football sections. 


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The Singapore National Stadium is usually the preferred venue for artists based outside of Singapore who want to host a concert in the country. This is mostly because of the stadium’s seating capacity, which can accommodate as many fans as possible. 

Over the years, several globally renowned artists have hosted their concerts at the National Stadium. A few examples include Madonna, One Direction, BTS, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Taylor Swift.   

National Day 

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In addition to sports and concerts, the Singapore National Stadium also serves as one of the main venues for the National Day Parade (NDP). 

If you’re unaware, the National Day Parade is an annual celebration of Singapore’s independence, and there are three venues that are used in rotation: The Float at Marina Bay, The Padang, and the National Stadium. 

The last time the National Stadium hosted the NDP was in 2016, and it’s possible that the stadium could be the venue again in 2024.  

Religious Gatherings

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Recently, the Singapore National Stadium has started hosting religious gatherings. The most prominent event was the Celebration of Hope, which was held from May 17 to 19, 2019 and attended by 30,000 people. 

How to Buy Tickets for Events in the Singapore National Stadium

How to Buy Tickets for Events in the Singapore National Stadium

The events held at the Singapore National Stadium have different organizers, so there’s no one place to buy tickets. In the case of concerts, you might have to purchase your tickets from LiveNation, Ticketmaster, or any other seller. 

That said, the Singapore Sports Hub has an events page on its website, which lists all the upcoming events at the stadium. You can find information about where to purchase tickets for a certain event there. 

How to Get to the Singapore National Stadium

How to Get to the Singapore National Stadium

Address: 1 Stadium Dr, Singapore 397629

Contact Number: +6566538900


The Singapore National Stadium is well-served by the public transportation system. The most recommended method of getting to this stadium is riding the MRT and alighting at the Stadium MRT station; the stadium is right above it. 

If you prefer to ride the bus, there are bus stops located around the Sports Hub complex, Stadium Boulevard, and Nicoll Highway. 

A taxi is also a viable option. You can find taxi stands near the stadium, Singapore Indoor Stadium, and Leisure Park Kallang.

If you own a car, the stadium has multiple car parks. There are more in the nearby buildings, such as Leisure Park Kallang, so you can go there if the other parking lots have no more available spots.

The Best Seats for Concerts in the Singapore National Stadium

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The seating map for the Singapore National Stadium will vary depending on the event, but the general rule of thumb is that it’s divided into multiple categories. CAT 1–5 is the most common plan, but sometimes there are more sections. 

The prices of the tickets will depend on the section of your preferred seat. Seats on CAT 1 are usually the most expensive because they’re the closest to the stage, while CAT 6 is the most affordable since it’s the farthest. 

But you don’t actually have to get the most expensive seat to enjoy a concert to the fullest. There are many great seats in the house, so you can find one that fits your preferences.   

If You’re on a Budget


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If you’re someone on a budget, the last CAT should serve you well. As mentioned earlier, it’s the cheapest of the bunch, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when going to the concert. 

Another great thing about the last CAT is that you actually have a good view of everything—the stage and any crazy effects like pyrotechnics, the artist performing, and the crowd cheering and dancing. 

If you really want to see the artist, I suggest bringing a pair of binoculars. Using them during concerts is really a game-changer. 

Additionally, I also recommend getting a seat positioned on the left and right of the stages for the optimal view. 

If You’re a Casual Fan Who Still Wants a Good View


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Are you just a casual fan of the performing artist who still wants a good view? Then, I recommend you go for the seats on the left or right side of the stage. 

Even though these seats aren’t on the floor, they’re still sometimes considered CAT 1, so they’re pretty pricy. For me, I think these seats are worth it because, unlike the floor, you don’t have to tiptoe around tall people and their phones just to get a view. 

If you’re not willing to splurge, going for the same seats but on the higher CAT levels works too. You’ll get almost the same view without any obstruction! 

If You’re a Casual Fan Who’s Just Here for the Music


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♬ A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

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On the flip side, if you’re just a casual fan who isn’t particular with your seat because you just want to hear the music live, you can go for any of the cheapest seats. 

Personally, I think the seats directly facing the stage—no matter which CAT—are the best for you because their position provides better acoustics. I also would recommend that you bring binoculars just in case you want a close-up look during key moments. 

If You Love Dancing Throughout the Concert


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Some people love going to concerts just to dance like no one’s watching, and if you’re one of these people, the floor section would be the best option for you. Go for the seats at the back end; you’ll have more space that way. 

That said, do keep in mind that while you have more space to move around and dance, you won’t have a great view of the main stage. Instead of seeing the performing artist, you’ll most likely see rows upon rows of phones and arms. 

If you don’t mind not getting a good view, then you’re in the clear. But if you still want to see the performer, you can purchase a ticket for a floor seat that’s nearer to the stage.

If You’re a Die-Hard Fan


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If you’re a die-hard fan, you’re probably willing to splurge on the best of the best. 

So, to that, I say go for the VIP seats. They will definitely put you close to your favorite artist.

The best part about VIP seats is that they don’t just put you close to the stage—sometimes, they come with extra goodies. Usually, these goodies are exclusive merch, but if you’re lucky, you might score a meet-and-greet as well!

Seats to Avoid in the Singapore National Stadium

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While it’s true that there are many amazing seats in the Singapore National Stadium, there are also seats that you’re better off avoiding. It’s most likely because you won’t get a great view, thus impeding your enjoyment. 

Of course, if the concert is highly anticipated, you’ll definitely want to buy a ticket—even if it’s for a seat with a horrible view. But if you can, you might want to avoid the following seats. 

Seats with Restricted Views


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Some concerts sell seats with restricted views. This usually happens for highly anticipated concerts.

To accommodate as many fans as possible, organizers would decide to include seats that are almost behind the stage. 

The good thing about seats with restricted views is that they come with a disclaimer, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally purchasing a ticket for said seat. Another pro is that these seats are really cheap, so fans on a budget would love this option.

Sometimes, you might get lucky and get a seat that says “restricted view” but is actually not bad. This has happened to many concertgoers, so hopefully, it happens to you as well. 

Seats All the Way to the Sides


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♬ A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

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These seats are very much like the restricted view ones—they’re located near the stage but all the way to the side, so it’s almost like you won’t have a view at all. 

However, if the artist’s stage is long, then you might have better luck seeing them. Also, sometimes, the artists wander around the stage, so if luck is on your side, you might actually end up being close to your favorite artist. 

Just keep in mind that these scenarios aren’t guaranteed. There’s also a possibility your seat will have a bad view and bad acoustics. 

Seats on the Floor


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Social media has convinced us that floor seats are the best seats in the house when it comes to concerts—but the reality is that they’re not. 

Sure, some floor seats are great—these are the ones in the front rows. If you’ve booked a floor seat but in the back or far from the stage, then you’re in for a bad experience because your view will just be a sea of phones and people’s heads. 

Floor seats are only great for tall people, but even that’s not a guarantee. Some tall people still have to tiptoe just to get a good view, and if you have to do that for the entire show, your neck will hurt afterward.  

First Row Seats of Certain Sections


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This is in the same vein as the previous section. The thing about the National Stadium layout is the sections around the floor (these would be sections 100–135) aren’t elevated enough, which means that the first few rows are basically floor seats. 

This isn’t a good thing because you’ll be seated behind the people on the floor, so your view is totally obstructed. And if you stand up, you’ll definitely obstruct the view of the people behind you. 

Because of this, I recommend going for a seat in the same location but on a higher level. That way, you’ll get a much better view of the concert.

Conditions of Entry for Events at the Singapore National Stadium

Conditions of Entry for Events at the Singapore National Stadium

The Singapore National Stadium hosts big events, so it’s really important to abide by their rules and regulations to keep everyone safe and secure. 

The Sports Hub has issued several conditions of entry, and I highly recommend checking them out. If you don’t have time to go through everything, here are a few key things to remember:

  • Don’t bring any items from their prohibited list. This includes weapons (or items that look like weapons), fireworks/flares, laser pointers, glass bottles, outside food and beverage, large items, and more. 
  • Flash photography is not allowed. So, don’t bring your professional cameras or camcorders. Sometimes, an event can prohibit the use of any camera at all—even if it’s a camera phone. Check with the event page just to be sure.
  • Smoking is prohibited
  • No refund will be made if you change your mind on attending the event. You’ll only get a refund if the organizers themselves cancel the concert. 
  • If you come late to the concert, you won’t be admitted unless there’s a break in the program

More Tips to Consider When Attending Events at the Singapore National Stadium

More Tips to Consider When Attending Events at the Singapore National Stadium

Attending concerts and other live shows at the Singapore National Stadium is really fun, but sometimes, a little hiccup might happen that might disrupt your experience. 

To ensure a great time, here are a few more tips you should consider when attending events at the National Stadium:

  • Bring earplugs—especially ones that are designed for concerts. Concerts are inherently loud events. In fact, they’re so loud they might actually hurt your eardrums. To avoid getting tinnitus (ringing in the ears), please wear earplugs!
  • Bring backup tickets. These days, events at the National Stadium make use of e-tickets, but if you’re paranoid like me, you might worry about accidentally deleting your ticket. So, to be safe, take multiple screenshots and print your ticket.
  • Arrive early. The stadium is going to let in thousands of people, so if you come close to the start of the concert, you might actually miss out on a few songs because you’re still in the queue. It’s better if you arrive hours early to avoid that.
  • Dress comfortably. With so many people in the stadium, the venue can get hot and humid in no time. I suggest wearing comfortable clothes, or if you really want to wear something cute, at least bring extra ones to change into after the concert.
  • Bring a power bank. Your phone is a vital item when attending concerts at the stadium. You’ll need it to take photos and to book a ride from a ride-hailing app after the concert. So, you need to make sure it has enough charge at all times.
  • Bring an empty water bottle. You’re not allowed to bring outside food and water, but you are allowed to bring an empty plastic bottle that you can fill inside the venue. So, I recommend doing that because hydration is important.