Singapore vs Norway How Do They Compare
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Singapore vs Norway: How Do They Compare?

Norway and Singapore are about the most different countries you can compare. For starters, Norway is 450 times bigger than Singapore!

Still, it’s a good exercise to take a look at what these Asian and Nordic nations can offer to travellers who want to experience diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles.

We hope this serves as an enlightening guide in case you want to visit either country (or both).

Norwegians have more babies per 1,000 people

Norwegians have more babies per 1,000 people

By 2020, there were only 8.9 babies per 1,000 Singaporeans. In Norway, 12.2 babies were born per 1,000 Norwegians, making Norway have 37.1% more children than Singapore.

The infant mortality rate is 1.5 deaths per 1,000 live births in Singapore. It was a bit higher in Norway with 1.921 deaths per 1,000 live births back in 2020.

Infant care in Singapore is also subsidised by the government in its wish to increase the population. 

To start with, the Ministry of Social and Family Development has decreed that all families with kids who are Singaporean citizens will receive a basic $600 subsidy. 

But they can only receive this amount once the children are fully enrolled in infant care centres.

There are fewer obese adults in Singapore

There are fewer obese adults in Singapore

By 2016, 23.1% of Norwegians were considered obese. On a related note, having a high BMI is considered one of the top ten risk factors for death in Norway.

There are also obese adults in Singapore, but they make up a significantly less percentage of the total population at 6.1%. Perhaps owing to more healthy foods being served in Singapore, it’s now one of the countries with the highest life expectancy.

In Norway, scientific studies on Norwegians’ weight gain show inconclusive evidence that it’s due to a lack of activity or exercise. 

But since the participants in the study didn’t indicate what they eat on a daily basis, the other contributing factors to obesity are still up in the air.

There are two times more crimes in Norway than in Singapore

There are two times more crimes in Norway than in Singapore

Singapore ranks 92nd on a list of countries with the most criminal activities in the entire world. It’s also considered one of the safest nations in the world, thanks to its consistently low crime rate.

Norway ranks 69th on the list of global crime levels, making it twice as high as Singapore. The murder rate for Singapore is 0.38, while Norway’s is 0.6.

Singapore also ranked 11th among countries with the highest violent crime rates. 

This may seem a bit high for such a small nation, but Norway’s violent crime rate is a whopping 92% more than Singapore’s!

Is Norway cheaper than Singapore?

Is Norway cheaper than Singapore

You can expect to pay around 2.2 times more when eating at a restaurant in Norway than in Singapore.

For starters, a fast food combo meal can cost around $5.76 in Singapore. The same kind of meal in Norway is more than double that amount at $12.20.

A basic restaurant meal with a drink in Singapore can set a diner back $10.81. In Norway, there’s a nearly 70% price increase for the same kind of meal.

Please note that these are meals in affordable eateries and not in fine dining restaurants or places with special catering services.