Answered 5 FAQs About NUS Medicine in SG
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Answered: 5 FAQs About NUS Medicine in SG

Are you planning to apply to a medical school? Then, NUS Medicine should be number one on your list! 

Not only is this known as the top medical school in Singapore, but it’s also one of the best in the world. To give you a head start, we answered some common questions about NUS Medicine here in Singapore.

What is NUS Medicine?

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, commonly known as NUS Medicine, has been a premier educational institution in Singapore since 1905.

It’s widely recognised as one of Asia’s leading medical schools. That said, one of the best doctors and nurses in Singapore hail from NUS. 

NUS Medicine also offers programmes featuring a wide range of clinical subjects as well. This university is known to train its students to the ultimate standard of excellence.

Why is NUS Medicine a top medical school in Singapore?

According to a study, medical students in NUS Medicine show certain qualities that make them excel in their field more than their non-medical peers. 

For aspiring doctors, they are characterised to be more conscientious, agreeable, extroverted, and even less neurotic. Thus, it suggests that NUS Medicine produces rightly qualified doctors.

According to international rankings of medical schools, NUS Medicine ranks consistently high, placing 18th on the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings of 2021. 

Based on the Graduate Employment Survey (GES), graduates from this school obtain a solid 100% employment. Another good thing is that the starting monthly salary of NUS graduates averages around $5,300. 

Why is it hard to get into NUS Medicine?

Being accepted into NUS Medicine is a competitive process. In fact, with every 2,000 students that apply, 1,200 applicants will be shortlisted. 

After being shortlisted, only 280 may proceed with the admissions assessment. That said, you’ll have an approximate 1 in a 4 chance of being admitted as a medical student here. 

Aside from that, most applicants should show exemplary achievements as well, including a nearly perfect grade record in secondary school or junior college. To top it off, you’ll also need an excellent interview performance.

There are also several factors that affect your chances of getting accepted in NUS Medicine. That includes your level of study, choice of programme, and academic background.

Your choice of programme and academic background can also determine the result of your application. You’ll be surprised how demanding in terms of requirements some courses are than the others. 

What’s the application process like?

To apply in NUS Medicine, you need to follow a strict timeline. Because of the admission committee’s high standards, expect a high number of applicants every year. 

In most cases, application begins in March. At the same time, there are also academic prerequisites that you should pass: 

  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Certificate
  • International Baccalaureate
  • NUS High School Diploma
  • Polytechnic Diploma
  • International and other qualifications 

What are the admission requirements?

On one hand, here are the requirements for the application process:

  • Request for Referee Reports
  • Prepare a Portfolio
  • Write a Personal Statement (500 words)
  • Fill-in the Online Application 
  • Admissions Assessment and Interviews

Despite the level of competitiveness, that shouldn’t stop you from giving NUS Medicine a try. To prepare yourself, you must be mentally ready to take on a long journey of all-nighters and medical textbooks.

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