How to Add More Art to Your Life
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How to Add More Art to Your Life

You live with art every single day even if you aren’t fully aware of it. And chances are, you also have created art at some point even if you haven’t tried art jamming in Singapore yet.

Art is everywhere and has an impact on daily living. While it isn’t considered a basic need, its presence has more benefits than you can imagine.

With that in mind, today’s post will be all about how to add more art to your life.

Focus on creating, not on excellence.

Focus on creating, not on excellence

Not everyone is born with obvious artistic talent and skills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a creative person and enjoy the process of art-making.

Don’t pressure yourself by comparing your output to those who’ve had a significant headstart on creating stuff. The important thing is that you’ve chosen to embark on an artistic journey, whether it involves paint on canvas or a stylus on your drawing tablet.

Simply start somewhere by yourself or with other people who are also interested in making art. Pick up your preferred medium and start doodling, experimenting with colour, or simply expressing your thoughts with shape and form.

Make creativity a daily habit.

Make creativity a daily habit

From plating food to practising your handwriting, you can already make art and creativity a daily habit. 

It doesn’t have to require a full studio setup, either. You can start with some coloured markers or pencils, sketchpads, and a small space on your desk. 

Want to focus on penmanship? Try calligraphy pens and learn to control your wrist and fingers as you come up with beautifully executed words.

And if you want to excel at it, you can devote a set period for pure art-making as you would a daily exercise routine or learning a new skill.

See more art in your spare time.

See more art in your spare time

Singapore has some of the best museums to see everything from ancient artefacts to contemporary photography. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t add art viewing or a gallery visit the next time you go out.

In fact, make art-viewing a daily habit even if you aren’t inside a gallery or museum. You can look around and observe various home decor in your space, and try to figure out what makes particular objects so pleasant or intriguing to look at.

The same applies to when you’re walking outdoors and passing by public art or commissioned murals. Observe lines, colour, and composition and try to see the message as the artist attempted to convey with them.

Introduce yourself to a variety of tools and mediums.

Introduce yourself to a variety of tools and mediums

It’s okay if you haven’t figured out which medium you want to use for artistic expression. It’s perfectly fine to experiment with different mediums, forms, and processes until you find something that’s to your liking.

You can observe different areas of crafts and skills that don’t really fall under the category of “fine art”. This will give you an idea of the different tools that can come up with artsy-looking products and items.

For instance, see how wood cutting shops use different power tools to shape and hone timber. You can also try your hand at embroidery or sewing, or experimenting with preserved flower arrangements using your imagination.

And if you’re more tech-savvy, you might want to invest in a 3D pen to start sculpting art out of thin air!