Discovering Bedok Reservoir Park's Hidden Oasis
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Discovering Bedok Reservoir Park’s Hidden Oasis

Nestled amidst the urban hustle, Bedok Reservoir Park stands as Singapore’s serene sanctuary for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace.

One of the most interesting features of Bedok Reservoir Park is its dual purpose. It serves as both a leisure destination and an integral part of Singapore’s flood control system. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a civil engineering connoisseur, a fitness fanatic, or someone in need of a peaceful pause, check out what Bedok Reservoir Park has in store for you here.

Best Time to Go 

Early mornings and evenings are great for a peaceful and serene experience. The air is crisp, and you can enjoy a quiet stroll or jog along the trails while witnessing the sunrise or sunset over the reservoir.

If you’re looking for a quieter visit with fewer people, consider going on weekdays. The park is generally less busy then, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the surroundings.

On weekends, especially in the mornings, the park gets busier as families and groups come for outdoor activities. If you enjoy a livelier atmosphere and the opportunity to meet others, weekends might be your preferred choice.

Things to Know 

Address: 760 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 479245 (Google Maps)

Hours: Daily, 7 AM –  7 PM

Fees: Free entrance, but there’s a booking fee of S$700 for the Reservoir Lawn


Parking and rates


— From ah.lee93038

Bedok Reservoir Park is a man-made reservoir and park located in the eastern part of Singapore. Its history is closely tied to Singapore’s urban development and water management initiatives.

Construction began in the mid-1980s as part of the government’s efforts to increase the city-state’s water storage capacity and mitigate flooding. 

The reservoir was created by damming the Sungei Bedok River, which turned the swampy area into a sizable body of water.

Bedok Reservoir Park officially opened to the public in 2005. It quickly gained popularity as a recreational spot where residents and visitors could engage in outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, picnicking, and fishing.

How to Get There

By bus: Bus lines 168, 21, 28, 5, 65, and 67 serve Bedok Reservoir Park. The nearest bus stop is Bedok Reservoir Rd – the Clearwater Condo (75349), just a 3-minute walk away. Bus fare to the park ranges from approximately S$0.99 to S$2.17.

By train: Take the MRT to Bedok Reservoir Station (DT30) on the Downtown Line. Transfer if needed. Nearby stops include Bedok North (DT29) to the west and Tampines West (DT31) to the east. 

Taxi or taxi alternatives: Simply request a taxi or ride using platforms like Grab and Gojek. Input ‘Bedok Reservoir Park’ as your destination. 

On foot/by bike: The Bedok Reservoir Park is connected to the Bedok Park Connector, which is part of Singapore’s extensive Park Connector Network (PCN). 

The Bedok Park Connector provides a pathway for pedestrians and cyclists that links various parks, residential areas, and amenities in the Bedok district to Bedok Reservoir Park. 

Things to Do

Go bird watching at Bedok Reservoir Hill

— From paolomirez

Best hours: Mornings and late afternoons are often the best times for birdwatching, as many bird species are more active during these periods.

Bedok Reservoir Park’s highest point offers stunning vistas. You can capture sunrise and potential eagle sightings! 

There’s an option to rest at shelters and benches on the way up. Look out for birds like the collared kingfisher, white-throated kingfisher, and white-breasted waterhen while catching your breath.

Don’t forget to bring your trusty binoculars!

Go fishing

— From sharondanielle93

Best hours: Fish are often less active during the hottest part of the day, so avoid fishing during the midday heat. Early mornings, especially during sunrise, can be a productive time for fishing. 

Fishing enthusiasts, bring your fishing rods the next time you travel to Bedok Reservoir Park! 

Visitors can use the fishing deck provided they use artificial bait, practice catch and release, and use specified hooks (only carbon steel micro barb or barbless hooks are allowed). 

Always remember to cast lines carefully, and dispose of hooks, lures, and lines responsibly for visitor safety.

Take on the tree obstacle course

— From forestadventuresg

Operating hours: Mondays, 9.30 AM to 2 PM; Tuesday to Friday, 9.30 AM to 6 PM; Saturday to Sunday/ PH, 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM

Book now

Feeling adventurous? Forest Adventure provides three distinct obstacle courses: Grand, Junior, and Kids, featuring diverse high elements for all ages.

But if climbing, falling, and swinging aren’t enough for you, there’s The Big Zip—a 300-metre zip line over water. Enjoy a thrilling aerial view of the reservoir while soaring through the air.

Participate in water sports

— From abdulqayyummazlan

Bedok Reservoir Park offers various watersports activities for visitors to enjoy. 

It has facilities that allow you to rent kayaks or canoes. Paddling on the reservoir provides a unique perspective of the park’s surroundings and lets you enjoy the calm waters.

Dragon boating is a popular team sport that involves rowing in synchrony to the beat of a drum. Many dragon boat clubs use Bedok Reservoir for training and recreational races.

Cycle, stroll, or skate around the park

— From sophia_zhanggggg

The Bedok Reservoir Park has a walking trail that spans approximately 4.3 kilometres (2.7 miles) around the reservoir. This trail provides a scenic route for joggers, walkers, and cyclists to enjoy the reservoir’s waterfront and the surrounding greenery. 

The path is well-paved and offers various vantage points for beautiful views of the reservoir and the cityscape in the distance. If you’re into rollerblading or skateboarding, you can use the same cycling and walking path for these activities. 

Take pictures of the sunrise or sunset

— From chub_bee 

The sky often takes on vibrant shades of pink, orange, and purple during sunrise and sunset in Bedok Reservoir Park. These dynamic colours can add drama and mood to your photographs, turning a simple landscape into a captivating scene.

The park features several elevated viewing decks, panoramic views at the highest point, and a floating platform, which are prime spots for sunrise/sunset photography.

Bond with your furbabies

— From dusty.thekat

Pets are allowed at Bedok Reservoir Park in Singapore so you can bond with your furbabies doing your favourite activities. But there are guidelines and rules that pet owners need to follow.

Domesticated animals are typically required to stay on designated paths and areas within the park. This helps prevent them from disturbing wildlife and ensures the safety of both pets and park visitors.

Please remember that not everyone may be comfortable around pets, so it’s important to keep yours under control and avoid letting them approach other park-goers without permission. 

Meditate at the Therapeutic Garden

— From aliciacho

There’s a 1,650-square-metre Therapeutic Garden that offers views of the picturesque Bedok Reservoir. This garden is unique, as it’s the first of its kind built over a former sand quarry, with an interactive rock garden among its distinctive features.

It’s one of my favourite places to just sit back, calm my mind and body, and quietly meditate. Listening to the sounds of nature around me—the rustling leaves, the gentle breeze, the birds chirping—helps me achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

Where to Eat

WAWAWA – Bistro by The Reservoir

— From wawawa_bistro

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 5 PM – midnight; Friday & eve of public holidays, 5 PM – 1 AM; Saturdays, 11 AM – 1 AM; Sundays, 11 AM – midnight

Phone: 6285 8038

Pricing: $$


Situated within Bedok Reservoir Park’s sculpture garden in Singapore, WaWaWa offers a comprehensive dining experience. This restaurant and café blend features a menu of affordably priced, German-inspired comfort dishes.

It has a dessert bar, reading materials, and a performance area. The pasta and pizza selections are unique, with dishes like unagi spaghetti and spam pizza on the menu!

Refuel Cafe

— From refuelcafesg

Hours: Daily, 9 AM – 9 PM

Pricing: $$


Refuel Cafe is a relaxed restaurant offering all-day brunch and global comfort cuisine alongside milkshakes and artisanal beer. I always enjoy breakfast classics and hearty salads or sandwiches for lunch here. 

I recommend the refreshing lychee ice blended drink paired with the Fuel Me Up brunch, which has everything from pork meatballs to Swiss cheese, tomatoes, and peppers.

Tips When Visiting the Area

Park Rules

1. Mind your pets 

— From chroniclesof_goma

Ensure that your dogs or cats are on a leash while walking around the reservoir. Also, prevent them from entering the water.

Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Bring waste bags and promptly dispose of any waste in designated bins.

Unwanted pets are prohibited from being released in any part of the park. There are animal shelters to help you rehome them.

2. Fish responsibly

— From sharondanielle93

Fishing lines, not nets, are to be used for fishing. Only artificial bait is allowed for fishing in the reservoir. This rule helps maintain water quality and supports the ecosystem.

The catch and release method is encouraged to maintain the fish population in the reservoir. If you catch a fish, release it back into the water unless you plan to consume it.

Properly dispose of all fishing-related waste, including used hooks, lines, and lures. Keep the fishing area clean to ensure the safety of both visitors and wildlife.

3. Observe cleanliness at all times

— From relax_explore_travel

Practice the “leave no trace” principle by minimising your impact on the environment.

Visitors are required to properly dispose of their litter in designated bins. 

Properly use facilities such as picnic areas, benches, and restrooms. Leave these areas in the same condition you found them.

4. Treat animals kindly

— From lansanimals

Do not feed any animal at the reservoir, including the fishes, monkeys, or birds you may encounter. They can hunt or source their own food.

Ensure that your pets do not disturb or harass other visitors, wildlife, or aquatic life in and around the reservoir.

Be cautious around nesting areas and avoid disturbing birds or other animals during their breeding season. Do not collect or remove plants, animals, rocks, or any other natural items from the park.

Maintain a safe, quiet, and respectful distance from wildlife. Getting too close or being too loud can cause stress to the animals and may pose risks to both you and the animals.

Practical Things to Remember

— From chechepompom

  • Keep in mind that Singapore’s weather is generally warm and humid throughout the year, so wearing light, breathable clothing is important regardless of the time you visit.
  • Carry water and light snacks to stay refreshed during your time at the park.
  • To prevent mosquito bites, especially in outdoor areas, apply insect repellent on exposed skin.
  • Swimming is prohibited in the reservoir for your own safety (and the animals’).