Singapore vs Australia How Do They Compare
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Singapore vs Australia: How Do They Compare?

Size-wise, Singapore is dwarfed by Australia, as it’s 10,764 bigger with over 99% more coastline. Small wonder it’s one of the most common countries that Singaporeans wish to migrate to.

But size comparison aside, how does Singapore stand up against Australia in other practical aspects? 

Let’s investigate in today’s post.

Is it cheaper to live in Singapore or Australia?

Is it cheaper to live in Singapore or Australia

The cost of living in Australia is over 19% more affordable than in Singapore. However, when it comes to both restaurant food and supermarket items, some prices are significantly higher in Australia.

Here’s a table to compare some commodity costs in both countries. We used US$ as the comparative currency.

     Apples$3.41 per kg>$3.11 per kg
     Bananas$2.32 per kg$2.45 per kg
     Oranges$3.40 per kg>$2.74 per kg
Fastfood combo meal$5.71$9.50
Loaf of bread$1.80$1.96
Basic meal at a cheap restaurant$10.70$14.93
3-course dinner$57$82
Coffee$4.14 per cup>$3.08 per cup
1-bedroom downtown apartment rental$2,204.05 per month>$1,178.33 per month
Apartment outside of city centre$19,144.18 per sq m>$11,503.88 per sq m
Running shoes$100+>$94.94

Dining out is nearly 39% more expensive in Australia

Dining out is nearly 39% more expensive in Australia

As can be gleaned from the table above, dining out is typically costlier in Australia than in Singapore. Meanwhile, Singapore’s reputation as a foodie destination is welcomed by even those on a tight food budget (thanks to hawker centres!).

If the restaurant is in Sydney, expect the prices to be higher, as it’s the most expensive city in Australia. A romantic three-course dinner in Sydney can cost around $82, while you can get the same in Singapore for just $57.

But if you want to get a cappuccino to cap off your brunch, a cafe in Australia might charge you just $3.08 for a regular cup. Cappuccinos are 34% costlier in Singapore at $4.14 per cup.

Rent prices are almost 26% higher in Singapore

Rent prices are almost 26% higher in Singapore

Overall, housing and home rentals in Singapore are some of the most expensive in the world. And even with public housing in the form of HDB homes, housing in Singapore is nearly 26% more expensive than in Australia.

To compare, a one-bedroom apartment in a downtown area of Australia would cost $1,178.33 a month. Something similar in Singapore would already cost $2,204.05 monthly!

Purchasing an apartment is also cheaper in Australia. Outside of a city centre, the price is $11,503.88 per square metre, while a Singapore apartment costs $19,144.18 per square metre.

Clothes are around 7% cheaper in Australia

Clothes are around 7% cheaper in Australia

Wondering how much you’ll need to spend on clothes in Singapore and Australia? There’s a price discrepancy, but it’s only around 7% between the two countries.

A shopping mall-brand pair of jeans can cost $75.66 in Australia and $70.77 in Singapore. But if you prefer a non-designer dress, you can get one in Singapore for $40.95, but it will cost you $41.96 in Australia.

As for footwear, a good pair of running shoes will set you back $94.94 in Australia and over a hundred dollars in Singapore. 

So there’s really only a difference of a couple of dollars when it comes to clothing and accessories between these two places.