A Guide to Tampines Regional Library
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Not Your Usual Library: A Guide to Tampines Regional Library

Singapore not only has many world-class tourist destinations and heavenly nature parks, but it also has many public libraries. And one of my favorite and recommended public libraries is Tampines Regional Library. 

What I love about Tampines Regional Library is that it goes beyond the idea of what a library should be. 

Forget the dusty old bookshelves and moody lighting. This library has a modern interior design, and it also has an indoor playground and exercise machines!

If you want to visit Tampines Regional Library soon, continue reading this article to learn more about this place.  

Things to Know

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Address: Lobby H, 1 Tampines Walk, #02-01 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523

Operating Hours: Open daily from 10 am to 9 pm, except on public holidays

On the eve of Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year, the library will be open until 5 pm. 

Best Time to Go

The best time to go to Tampines Regional Library is on weekdays and as soon as the library opens. During this time, there won’t be as many people, allowing you to choose your seat and enjoy a moment of peace.


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First opened on December 3, 1994, Tampines Regional Library is the first-ever regional library in Singapore. It was originally located at Tampines Avenue 7, housing about 250,000 books, but it was renovated in 2017, officially relocating to Our Tampines Hub.

Relocating to Our Tampines Hub allowed the library to have more floor space and boost its collection (it currently has over 400,000 books). The renovation also added several modern elements to the library, such as 3D printers, a children’s playground, and more. 

Because of all these additions, Tampines Regional Library is a hit among the local residents and tourists alike. 

How to Get There

Bus: The best mode of public transportation to get to Tampines Regional Library is riding the bus. Ride any bus 129, 168, 23, or 27, and alight at any of the following bus stops: 76129, 76139, 72129, or 750009.

MRT: Riding the MRT is another great way to get to Tampines Regional Library. The nearest station is the Tampines MRT station, which is about 13 minutes away on foot. 

Car: If you prefer to drive, the nearest parking lot is the one within the premises of Our Tampines Hub. Another nearby lot is Wilson Parking Singapore, which is located at 5 Tampines Central 6 and Tampines Street 83. 


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Just like any of the libraries in Singapore, Tampines Regional Library is free for everyone to enter. You’re also free to take out a book from the shelf and read it within the premises.

However, if you want to be able to borrow books, you’ll have to subscribe to any of the National Library Board’s (NLB) memberships. These paid memberships are for permanent residents and foreigners since Singaporeans get free access by default.

If you’re interested, here are your membership options:

Membership Program Target Demographic Price Perks
Basic MembershipPermanent ResidentsS$10.59 (one-time registration fee)Borrow up to 16 physical items and 16 eBooks (and audiobooks) for 21 days
Basic MembershipForeignersS$10.59 (one-time registration fee) and S$43.20 (annual fee)Borrow up to 16 physical items and 16 eBooks (and audiobooks) for 21 days
Accessible MembershipPersons with disabilities who are beneficiaries of eligible disability schemes and services or those who had attended or are currently attending special education schoolsS$10.59 (one-time registration fee)Able to enjoy basic library membership privileges as well as additional perks like a longer borrowing period, a longer renewal period, and priority access to accessible features
Partner MembershipPAssion card holdersFree upgradeIncreased loan privileges, such as being able to borrow up to 24 physical items and renew the loan(s) for another 21 days

How to Borrow or Read Books

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If you subscribe to any of the NLB memberships and you want to borrow a book, all you have to do is take the book you want to the book-borrowing station. You can also reserve an item via the NLB mobile app and pick it up at the library within five days. 

Additionally, the NLB mobile app allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks if you don’t want to go to the library and pick up the physical copy of the book you want. 

Library Rules to Remember

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If you’re visiting Tampines Regional Library, you need to abide by the library rules. These are the most important rules to remember: 

  • Turn off your phone or put it on silent when you’re inside the library. If you need to contact someone, do it through text. 
  • No eating or smoking inside the library. 
  • Take care of the books or any other library materials you’re holding. Damaging them is a serious offense. 
  • Stealing library material is prohibited.  

What to Expect

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What makes Tampines Regional Library great is its layout. Every level has its own theme, so you can always find different things when you explore the library.

Here are some things you can expect from every floor level of Tampines Regional Library. 

Ground Floor—Children’s Playhouse

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A playground inside a library does sound weird at first, but when I visited Tampines Regional Library and saw PLAYtopia for the first time, I realized it made sense. 

After all, how else can you convince little ones to venture inside a library other than letting them know that said library has a place for them to play? 

And PLAYtopia doesn’t disappoint! There’s a massive ball pit area with several colorful slides, an area with a trampoline, climbing frames for the brave children, and a play space for toddlers. 

You can even host a birthday party here because there’s a function room available. So many options for fun!

Level 2—All Things Culinary (and Magazines and Exercise Machines)

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When you go up to the second floor, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s almost culinary-themed. The shelves are dominated by cookbooks, and by the end of the floor, you can even find two large rooms used for culinary workshops!

But this floor isn’t just reserved for all things culinary. It’s also where you can find magazines and a floor-to-ceiling window that faces a stadium. 

So, if there’s a game, you can sit on a couch by the window and watch the game while reading at the same time.

If that’s not impressive enough, this floor also has some exercise machines! Now, you have no excuse for avoiding exercise; you can work out while reading an engrossing book. 

Level 3—Children’s Paradise

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You think Tampines Regional Library is done catering to children? Think again because the third floor is dedicated entirely to children ages zero to six years old! 

This floor is just bursting with color, and of course, its book selection is extensive and varied. There are also several comfortable corners where your little ones can snuggle and get immersed in a book. 

If you’re lucky, you can even attend storytelling sessions that are often held here. These sessions are told in both Chinese and English, so your child can easily follow along.  

Level 4—More Space for Older Kids and Teens

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If none of the books on the third floor appeal to your child, then they might want to go up and check out the books on the fourth level. Here, the selection is targeted towards older kids and teenagers, so there are many young adult novels here. 

Additionally, this level has IMPixel Labs, a workshop that’s meant for young people who like to tinker and create things. Sometimes, other events are also held here, such as an animation class, an intro to programming, and a discussion about virtual reality. 

Levels 5 and 6—A Haven for Adults

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While most of the floors are catered towards young people, the final two are dedicated to adults (finally!). 

The best part about these two floors is that it has many chairs and tables. In fact, the layout almost reminds me of a co-working space—several adults are hard at work as they huddle over their books, computers, and papers.

If you don’t want to spend hours huddled over a desk, you can opt for any of the cozy seating areas. These areas have plush leather chairs, so you can curl up and read your book with ease. 

The Best Seats in Tampines Regional Library

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The great thing about Tampines Regional Library is that it has many seat options in different environments. Because of this, your choice might differ depending on your needs for the day. 

The most popular seats are the exercise machines and the couches by the window on Level 2. These seats allow you to enjoy the view outside; meanwhile, the exercise machines let you work out while reading a book or working on your computer. 

If you’re a student who wants to study with friends, the study lounge will be the perfect fit. For people who have to work, the seats on Levels 5 and 6 are great options; charging ports are everywhere here, and there are also many desks. 

If you just want a casual time with your book, you can choose the leather seats in cozy corners or the seats by the terrace. The terrace, in particular, is a great place for people who are sensitive to the air conditioning inside.