The Best Halal Japanese Restaurants in Singapore
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Oishi! The Best Halal Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Halal Japanese restaurants put a flavourful twist on traditional Japanese recipes by adhering to Islamic dietary laws. They carefully select and prepare ingredients such as meat, seafood, and seasonings in line with halal guidelines.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a culturally rich and fulfilling dining experience by visiting the best halal Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Ichikokudo Ramen

Address: 45 Bussorah St, Singapore 199463 (Google Maps) 

Contact: [email protected] 

Hours: Daily, 11 AM – 10 PM

Price: $$


Since opening in 2018, Ichikokudo has served sumptuous Hokkaido-style ramen broth, crafted with kelp, wheat, and butter from Hokkaido. The first sip is like an explosion of flavour in our mouths!

A must-try is the “Ichi-Ramen Gifts From The Sea” bowl. It seems to contain all of Princess Ariel’s besties, as it has crab leg, shrimp, and scallops for a delightful seafood medley. 

Pro-tip: Classic Japanese side dishes like gyoza, tempura, and karaage are available for nibbles with your ramen.

Tokyo Shokudo

Address: 1 Jelebu Rd, #01-36 Bukit Panjang Plaza, Singapore 677743 (Google Maps) 

Contact: +6564650735

Hours: Daily, 11.30 AM – 9.30 PM

Price: $$


We heard about Tokyo Shokudo from friends who raved about its tendon (steamed rice and tempura), hearty ramen bowls, and rice sets. Its signature tendon is a must-try, featuring a generous topping of prawns, fish, egg, and vegetables.

Other scrumptious ramen options include chicken chashu ramen, beef shabu ramen, or yuzu (Asian citrus) ramen for a unique twist. Also, its gyoza (dumplings) with okonomiyaki (savoury pancake) sauce is delightful.

Pro-tip: Want a slow catch-up afternoon with friends? This restaurant is perfect with its wooden furnishings and Japanese-style decor, creating a typical Japanese café ambience.

The Ramen Stall

Address: 787 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198755 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6566550800 

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11.30 AM – 4 PM and 5 – 11.30 PM; Friday to Saturday, 11.30 AM – 1 AM; Sunday, 11.30 AM – 11.30 PM

Price: $$


The Ramen Stall’s meticulous preparation involves simmering their broth for over 30 hours! The result is a rich, milky texture, ensuring a satisfying experience without shortcuts or artificial flavourings.

The menu offers eight ramen varieties, ranging from soup to dry, spicy to non-spicy. For the famished chilli-head, the mala (spicy) ramen features a scorching Sichuanese broth, noodles, minced chicken, bean sprouts, and an egg. 

Pro-tip: The okonomiyaki is suitable for sharing between two diners and is approximately the size of a personal pan pizza!

Savoureux by Chef Azlie

Address: 230 Jln Besar, #01-00, Singapore 208906 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6589261637

Hours: Daily (except Mondays), 12.30 – 3.30 PM and 5.30 – 10 PM

Price: $$


Savoureux’s menu blends Japanese and French ingredients, techniques, and flavours. It was founded by Chef Azlie Mohammed who’s a respected member of the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation.

Its bestseller is the burger de boeuf foie gras, featuring a thick Wagyu beef patty, pan-seared foie gras, and Emmental cheese between brioche buns. 

For something lighter, try the classic soupe de boeuf à l’oignon (French onion soup) which has hearty beef chunks and a thick cheese-covered toast.

Pro-tip: Ethically sourced foie gras can be challenging to find, so there may be days when it’s unavailable.

Edo Shokudo 

Address: Floor 4, White Sands, 1 Pasir Ris Central St 3, #02 – 04, Singapore 518457 (Google Maps) 

Contact: +6562140486

Hours: Daily, 11.30 AM – 9.30 PM

Price: $$


Edo Shokudo serves up ramen, teppanyaki, and okonomiyaki with an array of toppings. Ramen topping options include chicken cha shu (thinly sliced pork belly), duck, scallops, and beef sukiyaki (thinly sliced beef).

If you’re conscious about the health of your skin, hair, and nails, you’re in luck! The restaurant’s signature dish is the collagen-rich chicken broth ramen with three soup bases: original, spicy, and the new exclusive curry flavour.

Pro-tip: For a hearty option, try the teppanyaki set, which comes with rice and miso soup and offers a variety of meat options (beef, chicken, or salmon). 

WakuWaku Yakiniku

Address: 27 Bali Ln, Singapore 189863 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562916891

Hours: Daily, 5 – 10 PM

Price: $$


WakuWaku Yakiniku is Singapore’s first halal yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant. It was founded by local rapper Sheikh Haikel and Bernie Tay of Fatboy’s and FatPapas.

For us, its standout dish is the premium beef platter—a 700-gramme feast featuring seven cuts of chef-selected beef, each with impressive marbling. There are also exotic options like beef tongue to cater to the adventurous diner.

Pro-tip:  Wheelchair-accessible dining requires prior arrangement with the manager.


Address: Floor 3, City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd, #03 – 23 / 24, Singapore 208539 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6587884284

Hours: Daily, 11.30 AM – 9.30 PM

Price: $$


Saute-San offers a plant-based cuisine inspired by Japan and South Korea, catering to vegetarian and vegan diets and those with halal-certified dietary needs.

It emphasises nutritious, sustainable food with bold flavours and Japanese techniques. There’s no need to worry about its meat-free menu being bland, as plant-based items like soy milk ramen, stir-fried udon (thick wheat noodles), and katsu curry rice, are all tasty.

Pro-tip: There are also dairy (Lion Mane cheesy patty rice) and egg (nuggets with Japanese curry dip) options on the menu.

Fu-Men Japanese Udon & Donburi Restaurant

Address: 16 Raffles Quay, #B1-17/18 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562241134

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11 AM – 8 PM; Saturdays, 10 AM – 3 PM 

Price: $$


Fu-Men is led by chef Teppei Yamashita, renowned for his Teppei Japanese Restaurant chain. He offers a rare treat in Singapore: the halal Hakata udon (Hakata is the capital of Fukuoka).

This dish features thin noodles in a rich pork bone broth, topped with pork belly, green onions, and pickled ginger. Another must-try is the gobo, also known as burdock root, which is coated in tempura batter and adds a crispy touch to the bowl of udon noodles.

Pro-tip: Fu-Men offers delicious beef options available in various dishes and as a separate side order, making it a must-have addition to your meal.

Daya Izakaya

Address: 254 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799481 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6583215242

Hours: Monday to Thursday and Sundays, 11.30 AM – 3.30 PM and 4.30 – 10 PM; Friday to Saturday, 11.30 AM – 11 PM

Price: $$


Daya Izakaya is Singapore’s only halal Japanese izakaya (kind of like a small Japanese tavern). That alone warrants a visit, but there’s more to love at this cosy Muslim-owned eatery.

Its standout dish is the ebi tempura, crispy and succulent in every bite. Perfect for a light yet satisfying snack, these shrimp in a delicate batter hit the spot without being too heavy on carbs!

Pro-tip: The diner has a cosy izakaya vibe with wooden furnishings and minimalist decor, offering a welcoming atmosphere ideal for relaxation after a busy day.


Address: Floor 1, Bugis Junction,#01-97, Singapore 188966 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562002288

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11 AM – 9 PM; Friday, 11 AM – 9.30 PM; Saturday, 10.30 AM – 9.30 PM; Sunday, 10.30 AM – 9 PM

Price: $$


For the ultimate Japanese dessert experience, visit Flipper’s Japanese souffle pancake cafe. Its pancakes are renowned for being light, fluffy, and irresistible. 

The restaurant puts a spin on a much-beloved breakfast fave through its Kiseki (“miracle”) pancakes. It’s served with a fried egg, crunchy turkey bacon, and a side salad for a filling savoury meal.

Pro-tip: Each pancake is made from scratch, so there’s a bit of a (worth it) wait before they’re served.

Monster Planet

Address: 176 Orchard Rd, #01-33C/D The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6566946247

Hours: Daily, 11 AM – 10 PM

Price: $$


We’re over the moon at discovering Singapore’s first halal Japanese curry eatery, Monster Planet! We wasted no time indulging in delicious demi-glace Japanese curry with options like chicken katsu curry and cheese omelette curry. 

The restaurant also offers Monster-sized sharing dishes and a variety of curry burgers, and desserts for bigger families or groups (or bigger solo appetites—we’re not judging). 

Pro-tip: Have a low tolerance for spicy food? You can order the chilli separately or have the option to not have it mixed with your curry.

The Straits Teppanyaki

Address: 16 Bussorah St, Singapore 199437 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6591504672

Hours: Mondays, 11.30 AM – 11 PM; Tuesday to Thursday and Sundays, noon – 11 PM; Friday to Saturday, Friday, noon – 11.30 PM 

Price: $$


At The Straits Teppanyaki, you can enjoy Asian and Western-style dishes like Straits Salmon Fillet, crunchy chicken skin, or halal Wagyu beef grilled on a Japanese hot plate. 

Don’t miss the (pork-free) ham and cheese croquettes that are golden brown on the outside and topped with gorgeous edible blooms. 

Or if you’re feeling extra-indulgent, try the Wagyu tomahawk featuring up to 2 kilogrammes of pure Wagyu beef from Carrara!

Pro-tip: For the best experience, grab a seat by the teppanyaki counter to witness the chefs in action up close.