Discover the Top Dog Runs in Singapore
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Unleash the Fun: Discover the Top Dog Runs in Singapore

Dog lovers understand the importance of providing their fur babies with spaces that offer not just freedom but also the joy of socializing and exploration. So, if you’re a dog owner on the lookout for the best dog runs in Singapore, look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the top dog-friendly locations where your pets can roam freely, make new friends, and have fun.

Parkland Green Dog Run

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Address: 920 ECP, Singapore

Nestled within the heart of East Coast Park, the Parkland Green Dog Run is the largest one in the area. It spans 0.2 hectares and has a rectangular layout.

It has a slight incline that adds a fun challenge for the dogs as they race uphill and downhill with their friends. Another thing that makes this place interesting is the view of the ocean; it’s something you won’t get in other dog parks around the area.

The only downside here is that you wouldn’t find lots of benches in Parkland Green Dog Run. There are only a few stumps for people, unlike most dog parks. 

It might seem a bit different, but this is a great way for owners to be more interactive with their dogs.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park Dog Run

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Address: 453 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore

The Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park Dog Run is one of the most accessible dog runs since it’s located at the heart of Singapore. It covers an expansive 2,100 square meters and can accommodate up to 100 dogs.

The dog run is thoughtfully designed with two fenced areas—one for larger breeds and another for smaller pups. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for dogs of all sizes and allows them to sprint, play, and socialize freely. 

Water sources are also placed to ensure that your furry friends stay hydrated during their playtime but be sure to bring their own water bowls. There are benches scattered throughout the venue for a comfortable spot for dog owners to oversee their pets.

The park also offers more than just a dog run. For those seeking a change of scenery, a mini natural trail is also available for you to enjoy the sight of butterflies and lush greenery.

West Coast Park Dog Run

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Address: West Coast Park, Singapore

The West Coast Park Dog Run is the biggest dog run in Singapore. The place features sheltered tables and benches, which make it an ideal spot for dog owners to relax while keeping an eye on their pets. 

There also are free water points that are placed to ensure that the dogs stay refreshed during their playtime adventures.

Another great feature is the self-service station, located just a few minutes away from the dog run, which offers shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment, and a quick blow-dry. 

Now, dog owners can enjoy a fetch session without the worry of space or mud, knowing that their pets can be pampered post-play.

The Palawan Dog Run

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Address: 54 Palawan Beach Walk, Singapore

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Palawan Beach on Sentosa, The Palawan Dog Run opened in July 2023 and is a unique paradise for your pets. 

This vibrant dog run offers a secure green space that allows dogs of all shapes and sizes to frolic freely and off-leash for an enjoyable time by the beach.

Water points are conveniently available on-site to ensure that the energetic playtime doesn’t leave your fur pals thirsty. To maintain the park’s cleanliness and safety, there is strictly a no-food policy within the premises.

Dog owners can also organize events in The Palawan Dog Run, which makes it an ideal location for hosting memorable celebrations, including birthdays for their fur babies. 

Punggol Waterway Park Dog Run

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Address: Punggol Waterway Park, Singapore

The Punggol Waterway Park Dog Run may be small, but it offers big opportunities for small pups to stretch their legs and enjoy a delightful experience. It’s a fenced area framed with lush trees, which create a green haven for the dogs’ playtime.

Pet owners can also find benches in shaded spots for relaxation. There’s also a water point on-site to ensure that pets stay hydrated and can be given a quick rinse before heading home

The Punggol Waterway Park Dog Run is near a pond so it’s also an excellent option for short dog walks. It’s not just a spot for dogs; it’s also a family-friendly location that’s perfect for kids who are starting to learn how to skate or ride.

Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run

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Address: Behind 82 Tiong Poh Road, Sit Wah Rd, Singapore

The Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run is the only dog run in the southern part of Singapore. The dog run is the result of a community-driven initiative that happened in 2015 when residents of the Tiong Bahru estate petitioned for a dog park in the district. 

Their efforts didn’t go to waste when the Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run officially opened in 2018. The place is well-loved for its expansive area adorned with plentiful trees that create a shaded playground where dogs can run to their hearts’ content.

Jurong Lake Gardens Dog Run

— From @mochi_and_ginkgo

Address: 104 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore

Jurong Lake Gardens Dog Run features a vast 2,200-square-meter grass field and is an ideal playground for big dogs that gives them enough space to let loose and run freely. 

The grass field is expansive and is designed with natural grass mounds that serve as delightful obstacles for the playful pups. These mounds create a dynamic environment full of adventure and excitement that the dogs can explore. 

There are also water points in the area to keep your furry friends hydrated during their play.

Jurong Lake Gardens Dog Run also takes pride in its commitment to cleanliness and convenience. With numerous rubbish bins placed around the area, cleaning up after your pet is hassle-free. This ensures a pleasant experience for dogs and their owners.

Lengkong Enam Interim Park Dog Run

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Address: Lengkong Enam, Singapore

The Lengkong Enam Interim Park Dog Run is a spacious and hilly terrain nestled within lush greenery. It’s covered with a canopy of trees, which provides shelter, and the trees themselves become a natural obstacle course for the dogs.

Unlike other parks with limited seating, Lengkong Enam Interim Park has plenty of benches where dog owners can comfortably spot to oversee their pets’ playful activities. 

However, the park lacks a water supply, so it’s important for dog owners to bring extra water for their pets.

Pasir Ris Park Dog Run

— From @xiaocasper_orla

Address: 125 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore

The Pasir Ris Park Dog Run is another favorite spot of residents in the eastern part of Singapore. This well-maintained off-leash dog run is a large, fenced-in area that offers a great combination of fresh-cut grass and sandy pathways. 

This place is also a clean and odor-free environment which is very welcoming for dogs to frolic and play freely. The Pasir Ris Park Dog Run also has water stations and shaded areas where owners can relax and oversee their pets’ activities comfortably.

Sembawang Park Dog Run

— From @bullet_the_corgi

Address: Sembawang Rd, Singapore

The Sembawang Park Dog Run is an expansive green space that provides ample room for dogs to run and play. As your dog explores the sloping terrain, you can unwind and enjoy the serene surroundings at the tables and benches in the area.

Although there isn’t a water point within the dog run itself, washrooms and water coolers are conveniently located just a short distance away. 

It’s also important to be mindful of the posted signs, indicating which types of dogs need to be leashed and muzzled at all times.

Clementi Woods Park Dog Run

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Address: Clementi Woods Park, West Coast Rd, near Kent Vale Block F, Singapore

The Clementi Woods Park Dog Run is a great escape for dog owners seeking an expansive and engaging space for their fur babies. This dog run is clean and boasts a 4,000-sqm area.

The sloped terrain of the dog run turns it into a fitness-friendly environment where dogs can enjoy a good workout. 

For pet owners, there are conveniently placed tables and benches for the perfect spot to rest and relax while keeping a watchful eye on their playful pups.

Katong Park Dog Run

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Address: Katong Park, along Fort Road, Singapore

Katong Park Dog Run is smaller compared to other dog runs and is sheltered by the canopies of old trees. It exudes a calm ambiance, which makes it an ideal spot for a serene and uninterrupted time with your fur baby.

It has a long rectangular running area with enough space for dogs to run freely. Since the area is open and uncluttered, no obstructions disturb the play experience of your pet. 

For dog owners who want to rest, multiple benches are placed within the dog run.

Tampines Central Park Dog Run

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Address: Tampines Central Park, near Block 856 Tampines Street 82, Singapore

Tampines Central Park Dog Run is also one of the smaller dog runs in Singapore. Weekends bring the park to life, with crowds and various activities that showcase the park’s popularity. 

Even though it’s modest in size, approximately half a parade square, it’s a bustling hub, particularly during weekday evenings and weekends. For residents in the vicinity, it’s a convenient go-to spot for their pet’s playtime.

Tampines Central Park Dog Run also boasts easy access to numerous food options which makes it a convenient choice for dog owners looking to grab a meal after a playtime session.

Yishun Nature Park Dog Run

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Address: Yishun Park, along Yishun Avenue 11, opposite Adora Green Block 348B, Singapore

Yishun Nature Park Dog Run offers an intimate space for dog owners seeking a more relaxed and personal setting for their fur babies. 

Despite its smaller size, this triangular-shaped dog park has a well-maintained environment and features a cement path for a pleasant track for dogs and their owners to enjoy.

The absence of unnecessary clutter enhances the open feel of the space. While there’s no water point within the pen, there are public water coolers nearby to ensure that your dogs stay hydrated during their visit.

The park has numerous fruit trees, including mango, durian, and jackfruit trees, lining the walkways.

Mayfair Park

Mayfair Park

Address: 15 Jalan Keria, Singapore 

Nestled amidst the lush surroundings of Bukit Timah, Mayfair Park is a smaller yet charming neighborhood haven for dog lovers.

Mayfair Park’s Dog Run is a delightful setting for pups to explore the park or engage with other furry friends within the enclosed pen. 

The park’s intimate atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a quieter and more personalized experience with their dogs.