How to Pick a Casket in Singapore
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How to Pick a Casket in Singapore

Planning a funeral is never easy. Among many things, choosing a casket for a loved one is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that you’ll ever have to make.

To help you prepare for that, we covered the most essential things you need to know about picking the right casket in Singapore. 

Set a Budget

A casket is one of the most expensive things that you can spend when planning a funeral. In Singapore, the price of a casket ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 on average, depending on the material used.

To avoid overspending, we highly recommend setting aside a certain budget even before checking out options that your chosen funeral parlour or casket provider may have. 

From there, you can narrow down your options in terms of the material used, the design, and size, among other considerations. 

Compare Materials 

Your choice of material plays a huge role in durability and aesthetics. Once you have a budget for the casket, do a comparison check of casket materials to determine which one fits into your family’s needs.

If durability is your priority, metal caskets make a good choice. They’re resistant to corrosion, plus they feature a thick rubber gasket covering the entire lid. 

This unique feature provides a sealed cavity, making it more difficult for external elements to penetrate the interiors of the casket. Some metal caskets are hermetically sealed, perfect for families who prefer not to embalm their loved one.

Meanwhile, wooden caskets are a more traditional and natural option. There are different wood types and finishes to choose from, allowing you to choose the best one that suits the wake and funeral. 

Consider Your Loved One’s Preferences and Religious Beliefs

Apart from your family’s choices, you must also think about how your loved one would’ve liked to be memorialised. Consider their personality, personal preferences, and religious beliefs

For example, choosing the most economical wooden casket would be a great option for your loved one who lived a simple life.

If they used to be a practising Christian or Catholic, a simple wooden white casket with cross engravings would be something that they would’ve appreciated. 

Meanwhile, Chinese families holding Buddhist or Taoist funerals often go for dark mahogany caskets with gold features. Some of these caskets also have engraved designs on them, featuring symbols like lotuses.

The same goes for Hindu funerals in Singapore. Families tend to choose golden or dark wooden caskets with gold details.

Meanwhile, Muslims don’t exactly need a casket due to the simple and fast-paced nature of their funeral rites

Consider Practicality 

Depending on your family’s needs or religious beliefs, you may or may not need an elaborate casket. In some cases, you might not even need a casket at all, especially if your family prefers to skip the wake and hold the cremation immediately. 

Whatever the case may be, always revert back to your budget and needs. 

If you’re only planning a three-day wake, you may opt to go for a more affordable and simple casket. But if your family is thinking about repatriating the deceased overseas, you may want to consider purchasing a more durable casket that would withstand external elements. 

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