Best Malay Funeral in Singapore
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4 Services for the Best Malay Funeral in Singapore

Malay funerals, also known as Muslim funerals, involve varied ceremonies performed by a qualified Imam. Aside from this, there are a lot of traditions to follow and it can be quite difficult to manage them all, which is why you’d need a professional organiser who can conduct the best Malay funeral in Singapore.

To help with that, we’ve listed the top funeral companies that specialise in giving clients the best Malay funeral Singapore. With them, you can have a peaceful and well-organised funeral for your loved one.

1.  Singapore Muslim Casket and Marble Contractor

Singapore Muslim Casket and Marble Contractor's Homepage

BEST FOR  One-stop Muslim funeral arrangement
ADDRESS Blk 78 Geylang Bahru #01-2910 Singapore 339686

Singapore Muslim Casket and Marble Contractor has been providing the best Malay funeral in Singapore for several decades. With these years of experience, they’ve become known for their Muslim funeral arrangements.

Their complete local package includes a hearse bus/van for transportation and a qualified Imam and Tukang Mandi to perform rites and funeral prayers.  Burial, cleansing, washing, and shrouding of the deceased are also part of their services.

You can also opt for additional services such as a free grave ceramic signboard and graveyard carpet grass.


  • Qualified Imam and Tukang Mandi
  • Traditional rites and funeral prayers
  • Burial, cleansing, washing, and shrouding services


2.  Jasa Budi Muslim Casket Services

Jasa Budi Muslim Casket Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  International Import & Export
ADDRESS 271 Pasir Ris Street 21, #04-464, Singapore 510271
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9657 4198

Jasa Budi Muslim Casket Services is also another business that has been serving both local and overseas clients for years. Their services include hospital/home service packages, grave monument construction, and overseas service packages.

With their home service package, they provide a whole set of staff, supplies, and transport. This includes a hearse van, labour services, bus transport, wooden plank casing, a headstone for burial, and more.

Certified staff will perform all religious rites, prayers, and the recitation of creed for the deceased. Moreover, a ceramic name signboard, grass carpets, and grave maintenance are also part of their package.


  • Embalming & coffin sealing
  • Bath, dressing, and body wrap services
  • Grave Monument Construction
  • Grave maintenance


3.  Pengurusan Jenazah Sinaran Baharu (PJSB)

Pengurusan Jenazah Sinaran Baharu (PJSB)'s Homepage

BEST FOR  Funeral packages for special cases
ADDRESS Blk 537 Bedok North Street 3, #01-557, Singapore 460537
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6871 8799 or +65 9677 0673

Pengurusan Jenazah Sinaran Baharu (PJSB) is an award-winning funeral business providing a whole set of funeral services. This includes ambulance service, burial permits and paperwork, qualified imam to lead the rites, and many more.

All equipment, accessories, and necessities are included in the package as well. You can also get carpet grass, name plaques, and a temporary tombstone.

They also have packages for those who need a funeral for toddlers/children and infant/stillbirth. An extra care package is also available for the deceased who had certain communicable diseases.


  • Qualified Imam
  • Temporary tombstone
  • Repatriation services


4.  Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors' Homepage

BEST FOR  Post-funeral Services
ADDRESS Blk 88 Geylang Bahru #01-2724 Singapore 339696
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 226 3333

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors offers a variety of funeral arrangements for many religions, including the best Malay funeral in Singapore. Their services include pre-planning and post-funeral packages.

They help organise funerals based on the family’s religious beliefs (if any). You can even customise your own package, so rest assured that your final wishes will be carried out properly once it’s your time as well.

For their post-funeral services, they offer ash collection services. This includes options such as the use of a columbarium, sea burial, keepsake jewellery, and more.


  • Pre-planning services
  • Customised packages
  • Ash collection service


And that’s our list of places for the best Malay funerals in Singapore. If you’d like to suggest more options, let us know all about it.

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