Best Buddhist Funeral in Singapore
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The 8 Options for the Best Buddhist Funeral in Singapore

Are you looking for a funeral parlor that can accommodate the rituals and traditions of your deceased Buddhist family member or friend? If so, then don’t stop reading just yet because we have a list of the funeral parlors that offer the best /buddhist funeral in Singapore.

Luckily, there are a few funeral services on the island that are known for Buddhist funerals and services. We found the most trusted ones with affordable services, competent staff, and true familiarity with Buddhist tradition.

So, without further ado, here are the companies where you can avail of the best Buddhist funeral in Singapore.

1. Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Singapore Funeral Services


Professional Buddhist Funeral Services




950 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 699816


Contact: 9660 3015

Email: [email protected]


Open 24 hours

Nirvana Memorial Garden offers personalized Buddhist Funeral Services, including casket, funeral hearse, coordination of memorial ceremonies, cremation urn, and ashes collection at the crematorium. Nirvana Memorial Garden was the award winner for the title of “Largest Bereavement Company in Singapore” by Singapore Books of Record (SBOR) in 2018. 

Nirvana Memorial Garden has a team of professionally trained female embalmers. They are dedicated to providing sanitization, presentation, and preservation for the deceased body. 

Nirvana Memorial Garden promotes the funeral pre-planning and offers the monthly installment at no interest rate. The price is transparent, and the checklist is followed and tracked from the beginning till the completion of funeral services.

They help minimize the stress of logistical matters the family has to go through during the funeral wake.

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides fully equipped facilities and exemplary service from the heart. They have the best Buddhist design columbarium niches for urn placement.

Their columbarium niches are elegant and well-maintained, highly recognized as the Final Rest Place for the departed loved ones. 


  • Buddhist funeral services
  • Buddhist columbarium niches
  • Lady embalmers
  • No hidden charges
  • Post funeral services

2. Empathy Funeral Services

BEST FOR  Comprehensive Funeral Services
6 Yishun Industrial Street 1
#08-13 North View Bizhub
Singapore 768090
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6850 5023 | [email protected]

Headed by Eugene Tan, Empathy Funeral Services works to lessen the pain of death by helping families prepare the final rites for their lost loved one.

Every funeral planned by Empathy Funeral Services is prepared with quality in mind. By ensuring that everything is in order, Empathy Funeral Services gives the client the opportunity to focus on grieving and honouring those who have passed.


  • Affordable, quality services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Inclusive funeral packages

3. Hock Hin Undertaker

Hock Hin Undertaker's Homepage

BEST FOR  Funeral Packages
SERVICES Buddhist Funeral, Chinese Funeral, Catholic Funeral, Christian Funeral, Soka Funeral, and Non-religious Funeral
ADDRESS 38 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 575712
CONTACT DETAILS +65 98221489 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

If you’re looking for a funeral parlor that will take care of everything, then look no further than Hock Hin Undertaker. It offers different tiers of funeral packages that include all the essential services for sending your loved ones away peacefully.

Some of the funeral services provided by Hock Kin Undertaker are services for a Taoist funeral, Chinese Funeral, Soka Funeral, and of course, the best Buddhist funeral in Singapore.

If you go to them for a Buddhist funeral, you will be provided with funeral logistics, caskets, a memorial hall, embalming, reception, and more.


  • Tiered funeral packages
  • Professional undertakers

4.  Funeral Solutions

Funeral Solutions' Homepage

BEST FOR  24-hour Services
SERVICES Buddhist Funeral, Taoist Funeral, and Cremation
ADDRESS Block 38 Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Singapore 575712
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 800 1818 | [email protected]

If you’re searching for the best Buddhist funeral in Singapore, then checking out Funeral Solutions might do you good. It offers different types of funeral packages, including Buddhist funerals, all of which are designed to cover all necessities during this difficult time.

On top of that, Funeral Solutions is headed by Mr. Nicky Teo, one of the most prominent funeral directors on the island, so rest assured that your loved ones will be respected and taken care of throughout the entire funeral procedure.


  • Expert funeral director
  • Long list of services
  • Comprehensive packages

5. Filial Piety Funeral Services


Taoist funeral, Christian funeral, Buddhist funeral, Catholic funeral, Soka funeral, non-religious funeral, caskets, marble plaques, urns, tombstones, and exhumation



+65 9762 1850 | [email protected]



Filial Piety Funeral Services is a funeral company that’s been around for more than three decades, providing comfort to grieving families through full-range funeral services.

Instead of sourcing all your funeral needs from different places, hiring Filial Piety Funeral Services makes things easier because it will take care of everything, from transporting the body down to installing tombstones for the burial.

It’s not uncommon to overspend for the funeral and burial of a loved one or friend, but that’s unlikely to happen with Filial Piety Funeral Services. We say this because this funeral service takes the time to educate families on which funeral aspect to prioritise over the others.

When it comes to Buddhist funerals, Filial Piety Funeral Services offers three packages, with the basic package at $4980. This package already includes ceremonial items and services necessary for a Buddhist funeral.

However, what’s going to be included in the funeral package remains your decision, but rest assured that Filial Piety will help you every step of the way to maximise your resources.

If you’re interested in its funeral services, you may call its hotline for a free consultation. Worry not though because it’s a non-obligatory one, so you don’t have to proceed if you’re not convinced.


  • 3 Buddhist funeral packages
  • All package include necessary items and services
  • Free phone consultations
  • 24-hour services

6.  1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services

1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  Professional Funeral Advisors
SERVICES Buddhist Funeral and Taoist Funeral
ADDRESS Sin Ming Dr, #01-573 Blk 37, Singapore 575711
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6452 9588

1-Stop Buddhist Funeral Services believes that every grieving client should be provided with affordable and reasonable funeral package rates. This is a big part of what makes them so popular among Singaporeans.

Another part of it is the sheer range of services they offer. Some of the services offered by 1-Stop Buddhist Funeral Services are Toaist funeral, cremation, memorial hall rentals, among others.

All the inclusions of their packages are clearly stated and itemised as well, so clients can be sure that all funeral essentials will be taken care of.

Another thing that makes 1-Stop Buddhist Funeral Services worth hiring is its team of experienced funeral advisors who are committed to making the funeral process as easy and smooth as possible.


  • Transparent pricing
  • No hidden cost
  • Package inclusions are itemised

7.  Reverence Funeral Services

Reverence Funeral Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  Land and Sea Burial
SERVICES Chinese Funeral, Catholic Funeral, Christian Funeral, Soka Funeral, and Taoist Funeral
ADDRESS 1 Bukit Batok Cres, #09-48 Wcega Plaza, Singapore 658064
CONTACT DETAILS +65 92983158
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Reverence Funeral Services is among the few funeral parlors that offer all types of funeral and burial services, from sea burial down to religion-based funeral services.

It’s composed of a huge team of professional funeral undertakers and directors who make sure that the entire funeral process will start and end as smoothly as possible, without any inconvenience to the ones left behind.

One reason we consider it a top contender for the best Buddhist funeral services in Singapore is its comprehensive funeral package, which starts from the collection of death certification up to the actual day of burial.


  • One-stop funeral services
  • Competitive and transparent rates
  • Professional funeral undertakers and directors

8. Singapore Funeral Sanctuary

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary's Homepage

BEST FOR Different religions’ funeral services
SERVICES Post-Funeral Matters
Casket Services
Funeral Package
Flower Arrangements
Live Band
Repatriation Service
Food Catering
Funeral Hearse
ADDRESS Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS Phone : +65 3129 2430
Email : [email protected]

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary is the best company to acquire funeral services in Singapore as they cater to almost every religion there is and even have services available for those who do not have any religion. They’re flexible when it comes to offered assistance, and proven to be cheaper in rates.

The quality of service is assured to be the best as they hire skilled individuals and continuously train them to make sure that their knowledge is always up-to-date.

With experience of over 20 years, you’re sure to experience the best and most hassle-free set-up for a funeral, only with Singapore Funeral Sanctuary.


  • Religious and Non-religious services
  • Funeral packages
  • Sea burial and space burial is available
  • Buddhist 49/100 days

And with that, we conclude our list of your options if you want the best Buddhist funeral in Singapore. You won’t have to worry about anything as long as you have these funeral parlors taking care of everything.

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