Best Exhumation in Singapore

5 Best Exhumation Services in Singapore for 2021

If you’re planning on relocating the body of your loved ones to a different burial place, we strongly recommend hiring the services that provide the best exhumation in Singapore.

To make your job a bit easier, we did the work ourselves and searched for the companies locals agree to have the best exhumation in Singapore. We made sure to include only those with quality services, affordable rates, and experienced staff.

You won’t have to worry about the body of your loved ones because these companies will make sure that they’re taken care of and handled properly. Anyway, here are our picks for companies that do the best exhumation in Singapore:

1.  Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Singapore Funeral Services

BEST FOR  Burial
SERVICES Burial, Niche Relocation, and Grave Exhumation
ADDRESS 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd Singapore 699816
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9238 6601
[email protected]


If you’re looking for a peaceful final resting place for your loved ones, you might want to consider the services of Nirvana Memorial Garden. It offers burial services, grave exhumation, niche relocation, and columbarium niches.

Another reason we call it among the top options for the best exhumation in Singapore is that it  has such cheap services and exhumation packages. Signing up for their services is extremely easy and convenient as well. If you’re worried about exhumation in Singapore and its cost, contact their office and you’ll be surprised to know it’s not as expensive as you think.

Nirvana Memorial Garden is also known for their intricate step-by-step exhumation process, which starts from a site survey and ends with final prayers with the family. We’re fairly certain you won’t be disappointed by them if you choose them.


  • Experienced staff
  • Accessible services


2.  Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  Transparent Pricing
SERVICES Burial, Pre-Funeral, Post-Funeral, and Exhumation
ADDRESS lk, 87 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 339695

It’s no secret that funerals are expensive and paying for the best exhumation in Singapore is no different. Luckily, Embrace Funeral Services will make everything a bit easier for your pockets.

They’re known for offering their services for affordable and reasonable prices, something that’s rare in funeral services on the island. It will even take care of all your loved one’s funeral needs, from pre-funeral preparations down to the digging of the grave.

In case of emergencies, you can just call their hotline because it operates round-the-clock, even their main office.


  • 24-hour services
  • Affordable rates

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a client had to say about their services:

“A very professional team. When my father passed away, they took care of our needs and really guided us throughout the whole process. We felt really reassured that everything is handled professionally. They did not disappoint us when we once again engaged their service when my grandmother passed away. They did the ritual beautifully and with grace. I have to specially thank Jeffrey for the wonderful emcee that he did during the farewell ceremony. The way they conducted the Buddhist farewell ceremony was really meaningful and brought a nice closure to the funeral process. Good job to Jeffrey and their team.”


3.  Wenhau Funeral Services

Wenhau Funeral Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  Funeral Services
SERVICES Burial, Relocation, Exhumation, Embalming, Funeral Supplies, and Bus Transportation
ADDRESS Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9848 5150
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Wenhau Funeral Services offers a wide range of services, including burial services, exhumation, funeral supplies, embalming, and parlor rental. It’s been offering its services for the past 18 years now, so rest assured that your satisfaction is in their best interests.

More than that, Wenhau Funeral Services is famous for having cheap and competitive rates — which is why we consider it among the top options for the best exhumation in Singapore.

To ensure that your needs and preferences will be accommodated, their funeral director will personally sit down with your family to ask about what you will need throughout the whole funeral procedure.

From this alone, you can see that their affordability doesn’t mean low quality. They’re attentive, committed to clients, and experienced at what they do.


  • Competitive rates
  • 18 years of services
  • Wide range of services


4.  Harmony Funeral Care

Harmony Funeral Care's Homepage

BEST FOR  Experienced Staff
SERVICES Funeral Services, Burial, Exhumation, and Cremation
ADDRESS 38 Sin Ming Dr, #01-523, Singapore 575712
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9489 2424

Considered one of the most in-demand funeral homes in Singapore, Harmony Funeral Services offers a wide range of affordable services. Some of these include burial services, relocation, cremation, repatriation, and of course, the best exhumation in Singapore.

Harmony Funeral Services even caters to the needs and rituals of different religions, such as Catholicism, Taoism, Christianism, Buddhism, and many more. All their staff are sensitive and respectful towards the practices of each of these religions.


  • Professional staff
  • Religion-based services

Customer Reviews

Here are some comments by their previous clients:

“Really grateful to Harmony and team for managing the funeral service for our baby who had passed away.  The team was amazing and very professional in handling all aspects of the funeral and advising us on our options. Certainly felt like a family member supporting us rather than a vendor we have engaged, with their personal touch. Will definitely recommend this company. Thank you!”

“My first experience with Harmony Funeral Care was during my uncle-in-law ‘s wake and was impressed by the team’s good job. Therefore it makes me want to engage them for my father’s funeral. Without failing, Harmony gave me advice during the pre-planned session and also worked towards my last minutes changes/new request .  Thank you Harmony for all the good work and turning my father’s funeral into a memorable  for my family & friends”


5.  Gallant Gardens

Gallant Gardens' Homepage

BEST FOR  One-Stop Funeral Needs
SERVICES Funeral Services and Exhumation
ADDRESS Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65 66775520 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

If you’re looking for a funeral parlor that has everything, then look no further than Gallant Gardens, one of our top options for the best exhumation in Singapore.

It aims to make the funeral and burial process faster and easier by taking care of everything for those who have been left behind to grieve. If you hire their services, you can expect that their staff will be on top of everything, from site survey up to day of the burial.


  • Competent staff
  • Wide range of services


And that’s it for our list of the options for the best exhumation in Singapore. Hiring any of these funeral services will give you a sigh of relief, as you will know that your loved ones will be respected and taken care of.

If you know of other funeral parlors that offer exhumation services, share their names with us and we’ll check if we can add them to our list. Only the best ones can make it here!

And for more options, you might want to check out our list of the best funeral services in Singapore. Any of these funeral services can provide a funeral and burial process prepared just as it should be.