Debunking Myths on Cosmetic Surgery

Debunking Myths on Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is different from plastic surgery in that the former’s focus is on heightening the aesthetics of a patient’s face and body. 

On the other hand, plastic surgery aims for reconstructing burns, injuries, and damages to different body and facial parts for them to function normally once more.

So that’s one debunked myth on cosmetic surgery: that it’s exactly the same as plastic surgery. But there are other myths we want to mention in this post, as well.

It’s only for those who are vain.

It’s only for those who are vain

It’s a myth that vanity is the main driving force behind someone’s choice to get cosmetic surgery. 

It could be that patients want to have more confidence in their looks, which is why they’re getting that double eyelid surgery to enhance their eyes.

And sometimes, years of dieting, nonsurgical treatments, and exercise can’t do anything about specific problem areas of the face and body. That’s why double chin removals are so popular among round-faced yet slender patients.

In the same way that many patients look for dermatologists to take care of their skin, so can cosmetic surgery make people feel better about themselves. 

There will be horrible scarring afterwards.

There will be horrible scarring afterwards

As with anything that involves surgery, there’s the possibility of scarring. Even pimples can leave marks, which is why acne scar treatments exist.

But cosmetic surgeons have extensively studied how to minimize scarring from procedures and know when and how to make inconspicuous incisions. After-care for cosmetic surgery patients typically involves caring for scarring with medication and further procedures, too.

Besides, if cosmetic surgery truly leaves bad scarring on patients, wouldn’t you be seeing a lot of celebrities and famous people with patchwork-like skin all the time?

It’s only for women.

It’s only for women

If the clientele of most aesthetic clinics is anything to judge by, this myth will easily be debunked. 

And while it might be true that the majority of the patients of either dermatologists or aesthetic doctors are female, it doesn’t mean that men don’t seek out cosmetic surgery, too.

Men also feel the need to care for their appearance and look more youthful while they’re at it. This is probably the reason why hair transplants are quite popular among middle-aged to elderly gentlemen.

They can also have sinus surgery to make their noses more prominent, or have their buccal fat removed for a more chiselled and defined profile.

The results won’t last long.

The results won’t last long

Unless something is done meticulously and religiously, nothing will last for a long time. This applies to everything from a skincare routine to cosmetic surgery procedures aiming for anti-ageing results. 

And if you continue with bad habits that can affect your health and skin such as smoking, staying up late, and soaking up the sun unprotected, then no amount of surgery can stop the ravages of time. 

With proper care and ensuring that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis, results can definitely last longer than if you don’t stick to a routine. It’s just common sense.