How to Choose a Folding Bike
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How to Choose a Folding Bike

We already have a guide on how to buy a folding bike in a previous post. But today’s article will deal with the actual selection process.

Unless someone gave you a folding bike out of the blue (you lucky duck!), you’ll need to do some research on different factors before choosing one. 

Only then can you get that folding bike that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle and needs.

Consider your height, weight, and body measurements.

Consider your height, weight, and body measurements

The best folding bike for you is the one that can accommodate your height, weight, and other body measurements (like the length of your arms and legs). So if a folding bike manufacturer or shop only carries one size, it’s better to look elsewhere first.

Though these types of bicycles are only meant for average distances, comfort is still key to selecting one. If you do find a model that has adjustable parts like the seat, bars, and wheel size, the better it would be for your comfort and safety.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider the added weight you have on you. Include extras that you always carry such as that backpack strapped on you, or your helmet and safety gear when you ride your folding bike.

Look at its speed and folding size/weight.

Look at its speed and folding sizeweight

Balance bikes are meant for kids to learn how to be stable on two wheels. Speed is only secondary to it.

But if you’re getting a folding bike to make your job more convenient, speed and portability are essential issues to consider. You’ll need to factor in your usual route (bumpy or smooth?) and if you need to get to several places at a certain time.

So if you’re a courier or a handyman who relies on speed to meet deadlines and deliveries, you’ll need to gauge your future bike’s performance based on both speed and weight. 

Its portability will also depend on its folded weight just in case you have to go up some flights of stairs on your errands.

See how easy it is to carry on different modes of transport. 

See how easy it is to carry on different modes of transport

Photo by Jahangeer Bm from Pexels

Unlike electric bikes and road bikes, folding bikes are meant to be transport-friendly. 

They’re highly convenient to take on other modes of transportation like aeroplanes, trains, and chartered buses. It allows riders to make biking part of a travel itinerary.

So if you do a lot of travelling and want to bring your folding bike with you, check out both its portability and foldability. Take note that models with smaller wheels will likely fit better in overhead compartments.

Once you settle on the ideal model, you’ll be bringing your folding bike everywhere you go as if it’s part of your traveller’s kit essentials.

Set up a test ride.

Set up a test ride

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The most practical way to see if a particular folding bike is a good fit for you would be to test-ride it.

Luckily, most reputable bicycle shops in Singapore allow their customers to do this. It helps the rider gauge the bike’s performance and comfort against their own height and weight.

And if the shop allows it, perform the test ride on the kind of terrain you’ll likely be using the bike on. This can help you choose wheel sizes and other features.