Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore
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The 20 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore

Is it your first time to buy a bike? Or are you looking for a new bike to replace your old one? Either way, there’s no need to search further because we’ve got you the best bicycle shops in Singapore!

Our selected stores feature different styles, sizes, and functions, so you’ll definitely find the bike that you’ve been looking for in them. And aside from their excellent collections, some of them also offer repair and maintenance services!

So without further ado, here’s our list of the best bicycle shops in Singapore.

1.  Hello, Bicycle!

Hello, Bicycle!'s Store
Image Source: Hello, Bicycle!
BEST FOR  Premium bike collections
ADDRESS 135 Middle Rd, #01-01 Bylands Building, Singapore 188975 Locations
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6333 0054
OPERATING HOURS Daily, 11am–9pm

Hello, Bicycle! has a range of bicycles from well-known brands and their collections are for all ages! So, if you’re buying one for your partner or your kid, they have everything you’ve been looking for!

They also provide trade-in programs for more affordable options and even offer second-hand bikes of good quality. You can also rent a bike if you’re going on a stroll with your friends!


  • Repair services
  • Trade-in program
  • International shopping

Customer Reviews

Customers complimented Hello, Bicycle! for their range of bikes and accessories as well as the friendly staff.  These are the reasons they’re one of the best bicycle shops in Singapore.

A customer posted this review on Google Reviews:

“Great service! Bought bicycle for my daughter, sales guys were very friendly and helped me bring the bike to car park and loaded it to my car. Great central location! Big choice of kids and adults bikes! Very recommended!”


2.  Coast Cycles

Coast Cycles' Store
Image Source: SG Magazine
BEST FOR  Bespoke bicycle designs
ADDRESS 54 Siglap Dr, Singapore 456176
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6681 6681
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

Given the many international branches of Coast Cycles, they’ve proven that they’re indeed one of the best bicycle shops in Singapore! They feature award-winning and originally designed bicycles with ergonomic structures and stylish looks.

Their one-of-a-kind designs have gained recognition from local and global customers. Whether it’s for adventurous and long rides or a simple trip around the neighbourhood, you can find the right one that best suits your needs.


  • Original and ergonomic designs
  • For all uses

Customer Reviews

Coast Cycles has been earning a lot of good feedback from customers who’ve experienced great service due to their knowledgeable staff and specific designs. A customer from Google Reviews wrote:

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The bikes are designed for cyclists by cyclists. Really fun to ride. Lots of options to change / upgrade. So glad I found these people.”


3.  Rodalink

Rodalink's Store
Image Source: Togoparts
BEST FOR  Wide range of high quality bikes and cycling needs
PRICING Click Here
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6242 8330 (East Coast)
+65 6795 4320 (Jurong East)

Rodalink is known to be the official distributor for its own brand (Polygon bikes and Marin bikes) that also has a wide range of cycling necessities selections from renowned brands. Ease your worry, Rodalink offers a one-stop experience for all your cycling needs. Find all kinds of bikes only at Rodalink, from mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, folding bikes, touring bikes, city bikes, kids bikes, and others.

Get special offers by registering as part of the Rodalink community and gain benefits such as special deals, events, and member points that can be redeemed into online and offline shopping vouchers. Not only that, Rodalink got a professional team that will gladly assist you not only to get a perfect fitting on the bike but also assists you to find the best bike for you.


  • Wide range of quality bikes & everything cyclist needs
  • Bike maintenance service
  • Free delivery program
  • Rodalink community program
  • Offer some promotions
  • 0% Installment and Buy Now Pay Later available

Customer Reviews

Most customers said that they keep coming back to Rodalink because of the accommodating staff and excellent repair services. That’s why many locals and international customers consider them the best bicycle shop in Singapore.

A customer shared this experience on Google Reviews:

“Very friendly and helpful. Provide great advice and generally a good selection of bicycle essentials. I had my rear tyre replaced and all done quickly and without any issue. Shall be going back”


4.  Treknology 3

Treknology 3's Store
Image Source: Treknology 3
BEST FOR  Heavy use, Professional cyclists
ADDRESS Locations

For a strong and durable bike that you can ride on through rough roads, Treknology 3 is the ideal shop for you! They have a whole set of bikes that are mainly designed for heavy use and this includes road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, triathlon bikes, cyclocross, and many more!

They also have a kids’ collection if you want to teach your kids how to ride a bike. They also offer certain accessories for professional cyclists, which is why they’re known to be one of the best bicycle shops in Singapore!


  • Additional accessories for professional cyclists
  • Accessible locations

Customer Reviews

Customers were very impressed with the broad range of bikes at Treknology 3. They said that the staff were very detailed when it came to discussing features, letting them fully understand each function.

A customer left this post on Google Reviews:

“Great selection of bikes, from the very basic to the most advanced. Excellent service from Seng Teong right from the start. A very knowledgeable person. Understood what my husband and I were looking for. Very cool calm and collected at explaining the features of the bikes we tried out. No hard selling which we very much appreciated. Purchased 2 bikes, and can’t wait for them to be delivered! Thanks so much Treknology for such a pleasant bike shopping day”


5. Happy Owl Cycle

BEST FOR  Folding bikes and small wheels
ADDRESS 482 Changi Rd, Singapore 419895
EMAIL : [email protected]

1130 to 1830 (Monday to Friday)
1130 to 1830 (Saturday)

Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

Happy Owl Cycle is a bike distributor for various quality brands. They have been serving their customers for more than 5 years.

Bikes are their main products, but they also sell bike components and accessories for those who need them. They’re well-known for distributing top-notch brands such as Brompton Bicycle.

At its core, Happy Owl Cycle is focused on their customer’s needs. You can rest assured that you will be able to find the perfect bike for you there, no matter the model or make.


  • Quality bike distributor
  • Sells bikes of various brands
  • Authorised dealer for Brompton Bicycle
  • Carries bike accessories as well


6.  Mr Bicycles

Mr Bicycles' Bike
Image Source: Mr Bicycles 
BEST FOR  Road bikes and racing bikes
ADDRESS 37 Keppel rd , Tanjong pagar distripark, Singapore 089064
CONTACT DETAILS 65 8533 3908
Sat: 9 AM-1 PM | Closed on Sundays

Mr Bicycles mostly features compact and durable designs that can travel through narrow and rough roads as well as last for a very long time. They have track bikes, performance road bikes, and racing bikes, which is why they’re the best bicycle shops in Singapore for professional cyclists or travellers.

A complete set of spare bike parts are also included in their collections, so if you need to do a repair or an upgrade, you can find the necessary parts in this shop. They also provide some cyclist accessories such as clothing, helmets, and gloves. 


  • Famous frameset brands
  • Spare parts and accessories

7.  Dcbikes

Dcbikes' Bike
Image Source: Dcbikes 
BEST FOR  Restoration works
ADDRESS Blk 415 Eunos Road 5 Singapore 400415
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 86858855

DCbikes is a family-owned company that’s also known for being a one-stop-shop as they feature a whole range of bikes and components as well as repair services. Their bike collections consist of top brands, so if you’re looking for a certain bike model, it might be included in one of their collections.

For those who are in need of a repair or an upgrade, they also have a competitive range of quality components such as wheels, frames, and more spare items.


  • Bike ambulance
  • Collections from top brands

Customer Reviews

Customers shared a lot of wonderful experiences from the services of DCbikes, particularly with their excellent restoration works. A customer from Google Reviews posted this feedback:

“Stumbled across these guys online, so glad I did. They picked up my mountain bike from home, tore it down, cleaned it and then rebuilt. Provided photos along the way so I knew what they were doing. Really affordable. Great service, timely. Bike has not been this good since new”


8.  Bike Mart SG

Bike Mart SG's Bike
Image Source: Bike Mart SG 
BEST FOR  Road bikes, Consignment service
ADDRESS 140 Sims Ave, Singapore 387462
CONTACT DETAILS 88061843 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays and Saturday: 12–7:30pm

For secondhand yet high-quality bicycle collections, Bikemart SG is the place to be! They mostly feature road bikes and TT-bikes, perfect selections for adventurers and travellers!

The best thing about them is that they cater to custom orders for any model that’s not in their catalogue. This is an ideal option for those who are seeking a rare bicycle model.

Also, if you’re planning to sell your old bike to buy a new one, you can also sell it at this shop and have the option to quote your own price with their consignment service.


  • Wide range of bikes
  • Trade-in of used bicycles

Customer Reviews

Many customers said that they were very impressed with the trade-in services of Bike Mart SG as they complimented the reasonable prices, quality bikes, and friendly staff. A customer recommended the shop on Google Reviews and wrote:

“I got to know Bike Mart SG from Carousel. I was attracted by a bike frame on offer. Went down to take a look and was greeted by friendly staff. Comfortable with it and ordered straight away. Great and professional service from Jiayu and Woody. Built my bike up within 2 days. Traded my old bike in as well with reasonable price as I have no time to sell myself. Overall, highly recommended and trustworthy people!”


9.  My Bike Shop SG

My Bike Shop SG's Bike
Image Source: My Bike Shop SG
BEST FOR  Compact and lightweight folding bikes
ADDRESS 213 Henderson Road #01-06 Singapore, Singapore 159553
CONTACT DETAILS 6274 396 , 6694 1750
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays and Saturday: 12–7pm

For those who are going on an out-of-town trip and plan to explore the scenic neighborhood, you should see the collections of My Bike Shop SG as they feature compact and well-designed foldable bikes.

This type of bike comes in handy during travel as they’re space-efficient when placed inside the car and convenient to carry around. Their offered designs are also lightweight, strong, and durable, so you can have a hassle-free ride while going on a tour.

What’s great about them is that all of their products come from leading brands, giving you innovative bicycle structures tailored to your needs and preferences. Some of the brands are TIME France, EDCO Swiss, DAHON USA, Tern Bicycles Taiwan, and so much more.

Aside from this, we love how they offer two types of bike service plans, Drop-Off Half Service and Drop-Off Full Service.

The first one is a service on the transmission areas but excludes the cleaning/re-lube of wheel hubs and bottom bracket. While the latter one is a full service where bearings are removed and necessary cables adjustments are attended to.

Throughout the years, they’ve begun to extend their selections and included Minivelos, Framesets, Kick Scooters, and Children’s bike.

With this range of quality products, they’re indeed one of the best bicycle shops in Singapore!


  • Regular maintenance service
  • Bicycle and cyclist accessories
  • Special programs
  • Membership perks

Customer Reviews

My Bike Shop SG has the approbation of many customers, who say that they were very impressed with the knowledgeable staff and bike collections. A customer from Google Reviews wrote this review:

“I wanted to buy a folding bike and Dominic was very helpful in helping me to choose which bike i needed. I was given very valuable advice regarding the bikes i selected and gave me good recommendations on which bike is more suitable for me.”



Image Source: BYX PTE LTD
BEST FOR  Racers bikes and customised frames
ADDRESS 403 River Valley Rd, 248301
OPERATING HOURS Daily, 11:00 am – 7:15 pm


Sat 10:00 am – 7:15 pm.

Closed Sunday

Byx (pronounced Bikes) is a unique bike shop at the heart of Singapore that offers not only the most amazing Italian bike brands but also caters for cycling enthusiasts, culture and tradition. It celebrates the excellence of Italian road bikes, representing leading brands; Bianchi, Basso, Wilier Triestina and Officina Battaglin and leading US mountain bike brand, Niner.

Byx aspires to provide the best bike servicing and customer service in Singapore which certainly shows in their phenomenal customers’ reviews and growing number of followers. Byx organises weekly rides and has a growing loyal riders club of over 200 Italian road bike owners and riders.

Whether you need a bike for casual or professional use, you’ll surely find the one that best suits your needs and taste. Byx is an official support center and direct reseller of Shimano and supply other common and exclusive bike parts. Byx have excellent maintenance services for all brands. The workshop is one of the few that provides suspension services for all common brands by a certified and well trained mechanic.


  • Awesome Italian bikes
  • Supporting cycling culture, weekly rides open to the public.
  • Unmatched maintenance and suspension servicing
  • Centrally located

Customer Reviews

Due to their complete set of products and services, many have claimed them to be the best bicycle shop in Singapore. Here’s a review from one of their customers: 

“Been using BYX for mountain and road bikes. Service is first class. Had a problem with a bike and owner and the manager both wanted to run through and sort so I was happy and problem addressed. Amazing to get that commitment. A bike shop owned and run by cyclists. Can recommend enough!”


11.  Pro Cycle Bikes

Pro Cycle Bikes
Image Source: Pro Cycle Bikes
BEST FOR  Bike Fitting Services
ADDRESS Blk 11, Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4446, Singapore 150011
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9072 3533 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 11am–7pm


Saturday: 12–5pm; Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

If you’re planning to go on an extreme bike adventure, whether it’s Road Biking around the Island, conquering the Bukit Timah trails or Training for your first Ironman then you might want to check the range of specially selected bikes from Pro Cycle Bikes. The shop features different bike types such as Road Bike, Triathlon Bike, Mountain Bike and even Hybrid Bike – all which are specially selected to bring the best for your cycling needs.

They promise high performance and reliable products from the quality brands they carry that includes Cervelo, Argon 18, Voodoo, and many others! You can also find very interesting performance driven bike components and accessories like Zipps, Favero and the latest Wahoo craze of smart trainer in their store.


  • Road and Triathlon bikes
  • Road and Triathlon Bike and Cleat Fitting Services

Customer Reviews

Many customers were highly satisfied with their bike selection and generally warm customer service at Pro Cycle Bikes. A customer gave this review:

“Had an amazing experience purchasing a new bicycle from Pro Cycle. Darren took the time to recommend a bike that was suitable for me, after talking through my needs and went above and beyond to make sure the bike fit properly. It felt like visiting old friends when talking to him and his wife and would definitely recommend to Pro Cycles for anyone looking to purchase!”


12. Cycle Project Store

BEST FOR  Quality parts for different bike types
ADDRESS 57 Hoon Street Unit 1-80, Singapore 160057
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +65 9457 6343
OPERATING HOURS By appointment only – Office hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12PM-9PM, Sunday 12PM-5PM

Cycle Project Store has everything a cycle-enthusiast needs. From accessories to bicycle parts, this shop can give you anything you want and need. They’re an expert in redesigning bicycles and providing you with parts that can help you customize your ride.

They will turn your bicycle into something that you’ll be proud to carry around aside from being durable and maintainable.


  • Worldwide shipping

Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews left by satisfied customers of the shop:

“Was there to replace my brake cables recently. Not only they checked both my brakes , that need not replacing but readjusted it. They even discovered and fix my loose stem which I didn’t know was about it. Best off all their charges were extremely reasonable plus great advise coming from these chaps! Kudos to both of them, as they knew what client service of the highest standards are ! I return anytime for servicing!”

“Great service by Sherwin and crew. They helped me settle a HED warranty issue and built up the wheel flawlessly. The team went out of the way to make it convenient and fuss free.”

“My all time favourite store in Singapore. Excellent service and knowledge staff. Hidden gem in a traditional shop house. Worth dropping in just to say hi and have a chat and browse their very cool stock of anything Cycling related!”




BEST FOR  Electric Scooter and Bike Retail, Parts, Accessories
ADDRESS 11 Woodlands Close #03-05, Singapore 737853
CONTACT DETAILS WhatsApp/Call: +65 8207 8225 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday: 11AM-8AM Saturday-Sunday: 1-8 PM

Minimotors creates machines that will bring you to places as safely as possible while giving you maximum comfort and satisfaction. They continue to build stronger and faster vehicles that aims to go further.

Their eScooter models are the hottest products on the market in 8 different countries. You can even personalise them with accessories of your choice. Minimotors has the longest warranty period with its 12 months of extended warranty.


  • Long warranty period
  • Many different accessories available for personalisation
  • Carbon Fiber Frame

Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews left by satisfied customers of the shop:

“Bicycle runs like a deer. I have dress it up with a mirror, speed/cadence computer, two bottle saddle. it shifts very smoothly, the combination of carbon fiber and 1.75 tires makes it ride very smoothly, good for long trips, I love it.”

“Just got this bike – value for money and a nice road bike for enthusiasts and looking to indulge in exercise during this circuit breaker! Also thanks to Minimotors for servicing my order, appreciate the good service – thank you. Please call their sales team for a great buying experience.”

“Highly recommended to those who need a long distance and durable scooter. I bought two scooters from Maxtech and two of them are under Minimotors products. So far so good. However, I had a controller problem on my Speedway III. I waited for almost one week to get my scooter fixed. Good service from them.”


14. Bikes N Bites

BEST FOR  Bike retail and rental
ADDRESS 100G Pasir Panjang Road #01-11 Interlocal Centre Singapore 118523
CONTACT DETAILS 64699964 | [email protected]

When starting on a hobby or an interest, going to the right people to learn is the key to the best growth you’d ever have. The initial stages are the most crucial so it’s best to go to trusted individuals on said field. Bikes N Bites is the one for you if you’re ever thinking of trying out cycling. They’re known to be patient with every customer and an expert guide when it comes to what best fits you as a biker. They believe in nourishing the love every client has for cycling instead of just trying to up their sales which honestly, sets them apart from any other bicycle shops.

Established in 2010 by a group of sportsmen, they wanted to create a place where people could come get premium quality bicycle equipment that can be supported by a rally of professional advice.

Be ensured by the best, be ensured by Bikes n Bites.


  • Personable service
  • Congregation of bicycle professionals
  • Experienced sellers

Customer Reviews

The overall service given by Bikes N Bites is astounding, leaving every customer satisfied as they leave the establishment. A couple have left their reviews on the site:

“Service is impeccable. Staff are knowledgeable & friendly. I love the shop layout. Paul & his team understand their customers. I enjoyed every single moment from walking into bringing my bike out of the shop.”

“Walked in with my 4 yr old Focus Cayo (to fix a loose headset) and ended up walking out with a Izalco Max! Great that there was a sale on the 2018 Max frame and I just couldn’t resist upgrading. The guys did a great job swapping the groupset over and within just a few days. Quite pleased with their attention to detail and they would message u first about any issue during the buildup. Thanks Bikes n Bites!”

“A great shop with an even better team of experts which will always give solid advices and customer services. A to-go shop regardless of those getting just starting to get into the sport or the enthusiast/ future professionals racers.”

15. TWD Bicycle

BEST FOR  Premium Power Assisted Bicycles
ADDRESS 194 Pandan Loop. #05-07 Pantech Business Hub. Singapore 128383
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9738 9114
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Saturday 11am to 5pm

These days, electronic bicycles are all the rage. If you to guarantee that the selection you choose from is of the highest quality — in terms of durability, comfort, and performance — then TWD Bicycle is the perfect shop to purchase from.

Every single E-bike on their catalogue is considered premium. The batteries are reliable and known to last longer than most competition, a result of the low resistance in all of their bike models.

The icing on the cake? TWD Bicycle is a business committed to providing great customer service to all of their clients, so you can expect their staff to be helpful without being pushy nor invasive when making your purchases.


  • The best PAB distributor in Singapore
  • Comfortable, Effortless cycling
  • Top notch safety and quality
  • Repair services
  • International Shopping

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews left by satisfied clients of the business:

“Great seller who takes the time to setup your bike and make sure it is right for your needs. Fantastic product as well and have been enjoying my bicycle ever since I purchased it!”

“My wife and I purchased two E bikes of TWD about 6 months ago. I got the Mars and she got the fold-able Smart S. We have been riding them to work and back most week days. The service over the purchase and delivery was very good. Since then the bikes have operated flawlessly. Our commute includes a reasonably serious hill and these bikes glide up it without us raising sweat which is saying something in Singapore. These bikes are really high quality, well designed and made. I have no hesitation in recommending them at TWD Bicycle.”

“This electric bicycle shop delivers quality in their bicycles and loyalty in their service. The bike purchase is not the only interaction you’ll have at the store. For all the repairs and tuning you’ll eventually encounter, TWD will ensure that your bike runs as smooth as possible when you bring it back to the store.”


16. Fishtail Cyclery

BEST FOR  Custom-Build Bicycles, Indie Brand Bicycle Framesets, Gravel and Road Bikes.
PRICING Refer to website
ADDRESS 801 French Rd #02-49, Singapore 200801
CONTACT DETAILS +65 86876686
OPERATING HOURS By appointment
Located in CBD’s fringe at Lavender, Fishtail Cyclery specializes in the top indie brand names in the bicycle industry.
Hailing from roots in urban fixed gear cycling, this quaint, cozy store tucked away in a second floor unit on French Road boasts iconic yet niche brands from both abroad and around the world like Cinelli, Ingria, Liberty Bikes, Constantine and local startup Ascent Bikes.


Custom-build a Russian-made Ingria track frame to zip through the streets like a New York City bike messenger, or a Singaporean-designed Ascent Bikes mini velo for cruising our extensive network of Park Connectors.
Perhaps adventure runs in your blood? An Italian Cinelli gravel bike to ride the roads less travelled. For the speed demons, a sleek, starship-esque road bike, offered by the same connoisseurs of two-wheeled pedal bikes.

They do maintenance and overhaul services too, so bring your old bike to them and let the magic unfold.

No matter your riding style, Fishtail Cyclery just may have something that will whet your fancy.

Book an appointment to check out their range of bikes and have a chat over coffee with their friendly staff!


  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality bikes

17. Tokyo Bike

Tokyo Bike's Bike
Image Source: Weekender Singapore
BEST FOR  Simple yet functional
ADDRESS 38 Haji Ln, Singapore 189231
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6299 5048
OPERATING HOURS Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays
Tuesdays to Fridays: 1 – 8pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 12noon – 8pm

For a variety of mountain bike selections, Tokyo Bike can be the best bicycle shop in Singapore! Most of their products feature simple yet functional design, bringing you extreme lightness and comfort as you explore the beautiful sceneries of your city.

Their compact bikes are built with a durable design and are available in different colours for a vibrant look. Additional accessories to enhance the style or upgrade the functions of your bike are also part of their products.


  • Light and compact design
  • Accessories to beauty or upgrade



BEST FOR  Personal Mobility Devices

MOBOT – 62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 2, #03-23, Singapore 408734

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (WEST) – 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA Plaza, #03-16, Singapore 

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (CENTRAL) – 5 Coleman Street, Excelsior Shopping Center, #B1-08, Singapore 179805

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (NORTH) – 11 Woodlands Close, Woodlands 11, #07-21, Singapore 737853


Email: [email protected]
Tel: +65 6538 2816

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (WEST) – +65 8826 9010

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (CENTRAL) – +65 8921 1538

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (NORTH) – +65 8860 3009


MOBOT – 24/7

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (WEST) – Monday – Sunday: 10.30 am to 7 pm

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (CENTRAL) – Monday – Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm

CAMP BICYCLE by MOBOT (NORTH) – Monday – Sunday: 10.30 am to 7 pm

MOBOT is one of the leading distribution channels for e-Mobility devices. It was founded on the aspiration to enhance and improve the efficiency of day-to-day life.

What started as a humble business grew into something more. With three retail stores (and counting!) plus an easy-to-navigate website, MOBOT has made personal mobility devices (PMD) highly accessible for the residents of Singapore.

The MOBOT team works closely with manufacturers, ensuring both the quality of materials and the end products themselves. The watchfulness doesn’t stop with the creation process, no, but extends to retailing as well, with every retail location having an in-house service centre staffed with trained technicians that specialise in the field.

Aside from the promise of quality, MOBOT also offers a wide variety of e-Mobility devices. They have regular bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and accessories to accompany these devices. 


  • Winner of SPBA 2017 – Singapore Promising Brands Award
  • Has three retail locations 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Features bike accessories in their catalogue


19. Scooterkidz

BEST FOR  Accessibility and quick orders
PRICING E-bikes Catalogue

39 Woodlands Close #03-56, MEGA Woodland, Singapore 737856


Email: [email protected]

Wechat: scooterkidz


Daily, 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM

When it comes to functional and aesthetically pleasing e-bikes and scooters, Scooterkidz is a name that cannot be missed.

Scooterkidz is an online-based shop that offers a wide range of bicycles, electric bikes, electric scooters, kick scooters, kid scooters, unicycles, hoverboards, and accessories. The products they carry aren’t the only reasons why we strongly recommend this shop, though.

We also commend Scooterkidz’s dedication to providing quality items alongside an unforgettably positive customer-centric experience.

See, every item on Scooterkidz’s catalogue is guaranteed to have excellent build and make. This is because the store goes out of its way to learn more about the products before putting it out.

Another thing to note if that Scooterkidz endeavours to achieve 100% satisfaction rate each time, which is why they have a dedicated team who excels in customer service, takes care of the items in packing, and even offers free shipping for orders over $500.

So, if you’re looking for your next bike or scooter, you may want to check out Scooterkidz’s catalogue. 


  • Free shipping for orders over $500
  • Open daily
  • Wide range of bikes, scooters, and accessories
  • Excellent customer service


20. Integrated Riding

Integrated Riding

BEST FOR  One-stop solution for all of your biking needs

92 Koon Seng Road Singapore 427033


Tel: (65) 6346 0448
Email: [email protected]


Weekdays: 1200 -2000
Saturdays: 1200 – 1700
Close on Sundays & Public Holidays

If you are looking for a shop where you can buy good bikes, you may be interested in searching through Integrated Riding. What’s great about them is that they do not only offer bikes but also bike accessories and even apparel.

They are even a distributor for POC, a premium bicycle helmet brand from Sweden!

Unlike other shops, they are one of the official distributors of the brands BMC, Saracen, Ridgeback, Genesis, Enigma, and more. From urban cycling to professional road racing, they are ready to gear you up.

This makes them stand out from their competitors because this allows them to cater to more buyers who prefer the brands of bicycles they offer.

Now if your kid is the one interested in having a new hobby, they got your back. With their kiddie bikes and protective gear, your child will enjoy cycling in no time!

As a one-stop shop for all your biking needs, you may want to start considering them as your go-to bike store.


  • Sells famous brands of bikes
  • Open from Monday to Saturdays
  • Offers a wide range of products


And that’s a wrap for our list of the best bicycle shops in Singapore! Have you already visited a store from our list? If so, then share with us your experience as we’d love to hear your story!

By the way, if you’re looking at bikes for your kids, you may also want to take a look at these best e-scooters in Singapore! The stores mentioned on the list feature kid’s scooters that are designed with absolute safety!