Top Fried Chicken in Singapore
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The Top Fried Chicken in Singapore Locals Love

Spicy cravings run deep in Singapore, especially when it comes to fried chicken. Plenty of joints here spice up their chicken game, jazzing it up with local spices or fiery chilli sauces for that extra oomph.

Whether you like it classic or fist-eatingly fiery, we’re here to recommend the best fried chicken in Singapore we reckon you should try soon!

Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Address: 810 Geylang Rd, #02-99 City Plaza, Singapore 409286 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6567462372

Hours: Daily, 11 AM – 10 PM

Price: $


For over three decades, Arnold’s Fried Chicken has been serving up fried chicken at wallet-friendly prices. Its halal-certified menu includes tender whole spring chicken, crispy marinated delights, juicy chicken popcorn, and more.

We love that the restaurant provides gloves and a handy sink for post-meal handwashing. Oh, and AFC also serves fresh coleslaw (just like the international fried chicken chain sharing similar-sounding initials!).

Pro-tip: Expect a 15 to 20-minute wait during peak hours (lunch and dinner), but it’s worth it.

Waker Chicken

Address: 478 Tampines Street 44, Singapore 520478 (Google Maps)

Contact: 6591721509

Hours: Daily, 11 AM – 9 PM

Price: $$


Waker Chicken has become popular for its authentic fried chicken recipe. Aside from its signature fried chicken, the restaurant offers rice sets, chicken cutlets, and a variety of sides.

We especially love its sweet and spicy offering with its balanced flavours and a truly finger-licking sauce.

Waker currently has eight outlets all over Singapore even though it’s a Korean creation.

Pro-tip: Like your chicken sweet? Try the honey better flavour with chicken pieces coated in buttermilk dust.

Oven & Fried Chicken

Address: 182 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068630  

Contact: +6562225959

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11.30 AM – 2.30 PM and 5.30 PM – 12 AM; Saturdays, 4 PM-midnight

Price: $$


Oven & Fried Chicken (that’s OFC to you!) is a Korean chicken bistro that’s a collaboration between the Okkudak and Ssaldak chicken franchises. It presents both guilt-free and indulgent fried chicken options.

The Okkudak’s oven-baked Crunch Chicken costs S$20 for half and S$37 for whole if you prefer it to be less greasy yet still moist. On the other hand, Ssaldak’s Fried Chicken (from S$20 for half, S$37 for whole) is coated in rice flour for extra crispiness.

Pro-tip: Try the yangnyeom (sweet and spicy) chicken, which is coated in flavourful sauces such as garlic and soy.

Kko Kko Na Ra

Address: 68 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088489 (Google Maps) 

Contact: +6562259282

Hours: Daily, noon-1 AM

Price: $$


Kko Kko Na Ra serves up authentic Korean fried chicken flavours and recipes. Its signature is the crispy soy garlic chicken available in several options.

We love the Maneul (soy sauce) Ganjang (garlic) Chicken, which features crushed garlic for an extra punch. But if you’re a certified chilli-head, don’t miss out on the restaurant’s Spicy Maneul Ganjang Chicken which gives a satisfying heat.

Pro-tip: Beyond chicken, the menu offers beloved Korean dishes like kimchi jjigae (pickled cabbage and pork) and seafood pancakes (another must-try!).

Chix Hot Chicken

Address: 1 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199069 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6588937031

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, noon-9 PM; Friday to Saturday, noon-10.30 PM

Price: $$5


Savour top-rated Nashville fried chicken delights at Chix Hot Chicken. It offers crispy hot chicken tenders, wings, dirty taters, and loaded sandwiches featuring hot chicken pairings.

Our favourite is The Pepperjack with boneless chicken thigh, cheese, pickles, and yuzu (Asian citrus fruit) sauce. Its hot wings are also worth trying with golden brown crispness.

Pro-tip: You can opt for juicy chicken thigh burgers like the breakfast slider with cheddar, scrambled eggs, and a Thousand Island-like sauce.


Address: 17 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199149 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6597886856

Hours: Daily, 9 AM – 5 PM

Price: $$


Earlybird’s chicken and waffles boast a flavourful seasoning reminiscent of KFC’s original recipe but with a more refined taste. We’re amazed at how the crispy skin seals in the juicy, moist meat.

Meanwhile, its Secret Breakfast offers a trio of cornflakes-coated French toast, thick bacon slices, and a sprinkle of fruits and nuts. Thumbs up for the dish balancing mild sweetness with savoury bacon.

Pro-tip: The restaurant is conducive for breakfast dates thanks to its light decor, a balanced mix of communal and smaller seating, and smooth ambient music.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Address: 2 Bayfront Ave, # B1 – 07, Singapore 018972 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6566889959

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11.30 AM – 11 PM; Saturdays, 10 AM-midnight

Price: $$$


Indulge in iconic fried chicken at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, overlooking Marina Bay‘s waterfront. It’s ideal for group dining and after-work gatherings.

Prepared with a 100-year-old family recipe, Yardbird’s chicken boasts the perfect balance of crispiness and juiciness. But there are also unique items like the  Fried Chicken ‘N Watermelon ‘N Waffles, with the herby watermelon adding a piquant flavour to the dish. 

Pro-tip: Ask to be seated next to the open kitchen if you’re curious about how your food is prepared.

Swee Choon Tim Sum

Address: 183/185/187/189, Jln Besar, 191/193, Singapore 208882 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562257788

Hours: Daily (except Tuesdays), 7 AM – 4 AM

Price: $$


Established in 1962, Swee Choon Tim Sum is one of Singapore’s oldest dim sum restaurants. It offers affordable homemade dim sum with a wide variety of menu items and often has a queue at lunchtime. 

Don’t miss out on its deep-fried shrimp paste chicken wings. The dish is uniquely seasoned with prawn paste and best paired with shrimp fried chicken for a tasty experience.

Pro-tip: Bring cash, as the restaurant doesn’t accept card payments yet.

No. 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar

Address: 5 Emerald Hill Rd, Singapore 229289 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6567320818

Hours: Daily, noon-2 AM

Price: $$


No. 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar boasts a cool interior with red lanterns hanging above the bar. It’s best known for its unique cocktails and cold beer, but it’s also becoming popular for serving up some pretty tasty chicken wings.

The wings are marinated in shrimp paste and Chinese wine and come as half a dozen drumlets or full wing portions. They also have the potential to be paired with so many great beers, cocktails, and martinis that you’ll feel spoilt for choice. 

Pro-tip: If you like people-watching while munching on your chicken wings, ask for al fresco seating.


Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity #02-120, Singapore 098585 (Google Maps)

Contact: 6384 0471 

Hours: Daily, 11 AM – 10 PM

Price: $$


At 4Fingers, Korean fried chicken is double-fried for extra crunch and slathered with special sauces, making it tasty and juicy whether it’s drumsticks, wings, drumettes, or wingettes. Its popularity often results in long lines at outlets. 

The Jawbreaker chicken burgers are also excellent for protein-packed snacks. The well-brined chicken guarantees deliciousness with every bite and the buns are soft and pillowy. 

Pro-tip: With plenty of tables and seats, 4Fingers is kid-friendly and perfect for large families.

Jinjja Chicken

Address: Floor B1, Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., #B1 – 247, Singapore 819666 (Google Maps)

Contact: [email protected]  

Hours: Daily, 11 AM – 9.30 PM

Price: $$


The Korean fried chicken at Jinjja Chicken meets all our expectations of this fried chicken type: it’s juicy and moist inside while having a crispy coating, and it comes in a variety of flavours.

And if you like your chicken spicy, prepare to blow a gasket at the yangnyeom or monster sauce (careful, it’s really hot!).

Pro-tip: Rice bowl lovers will find the drumstick bap delightful with its blend of fluffy rice and crispy chicken. 

Shake Shake In a Tub

Address: Floor B1 Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-K6, Singapore 038983 (Google Maps)

Contact: [email protected]  

Hours: Daily, 10.30 AM – 9.30 PM

Price: $$


Shake Shake In a Tub’s 32-seater space boasts a vibrant, futuristic design with colourful tunnels blending yellows, pinks, and greens—an Instagram-worthy eatery.

This halal-certified eatery specialises in fast food bites, particularly its tasty fried chicken, popcorn chicken, and fries. Don’t miss the Korean fried chicken Set featuring seaweed fries, crispy spicy chicken, and kimchi for a zesty lunch.

Pro-tip: The chicken here is best enjoyed dining in or consuming immediately to savour the crispy, piping-hot goodness.