A Quick Guide about Aircon Servicing in SG
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A Quick Guide about Aircon Servicing in SG

Having an aircon is a major advantage to combat the hot and humid weather of Singapore. Normally, aircons are used for 12 to 14 hours a day. 

That said, proper aircon maintenance is required to ensure that it will continue functioning for a long time. To help you, we provided the things you need to know about aircon servicing in this guide!

What is included in aircon servicing?

Aircon servicing includes a general unit check-up to detect faults or system failures for repair. Also, its parts and filters are thoroughly cleaned as well.

In fact, a well-maintained aircon functions more efficiently and effectively. So it’s advisable to get your aircon checked at least once a year for residential homes

If you own a business that uses the aircon more frequently, you should get it checked every 3 to 4 months instead. Additionally, factors such as the age of your aircon unit and type of usage should be considered too. 

To give you a solid idea, here are the two major components included in aircon servicing:


Your aircon pumps air, accumulating dust, moisture, and other particles during the process. It’s important to get your unit cleaned in order to avoid breathing in dirty air, germs, and even viruses. 

Aircon cleaning services play a major role in maintaining the quality of your unit. This can be done by washing off dirt from the filter and outer panels, enabling a much fresher and cooler air.

There should also be proper cleaning of the blower wheel, evaporator coil, and fan coil. At the same time, the compressor should be checked along with the oiling of the fan motors. 


Although cleaning is necessary to keep the unit in good condition, inspection also plays a major role on that part. A trail run is usually done to ensure that the aircon functions just right. 

By doing a general inspection, you’ll be able to check for any issues in the unit such as leaks and cooling problems. Aside from that, the unit’s noise and power consumption will be checked as well. 

A visual inspection will allow you to see any alignment or vibration issues too. If there’s a continuous rumbling sound made by the unit, don’t worry because your aircon service provider will conduct immediate troubleshooting. 

How much is aircon servicing in Singapore?

The overall price of general aircon servicing varies on your aircon type, number of coil fans, and more. You can expect to pay an average of $35 to $60 for one aircon unit. 

If you need chemical washing to eliminate clogs and wastes from your unit, expect to pay around $80 to $150. If you need a more thorough cleaning, you may need a chemical overhaul. 

This process involves reconditioning the aircon unit by cleaning the aircon pipes, which will facilitate a much cooler and better airflow. Expect to pay around $130 to $200. 

What are the benefits of aircon servicing?

Studies show that aircons lose 5% of their efficiency when not serviced yearly. Due to the aircon’s complex system, aircon servicing helps in avoiding premature failure of the unit.

If you’re still torn whether you need your aircon to be properly checked by a professional or not, the following reasons may help you come up with a decision:

  • Regular checking, cleaning, and necessary replacement of parts ensure your unit operates at its best
  • Minor or major problems diagnosed earlier will save you much money 
  • General servicing allows your aircon to be energy-efficient
  • A well-serviced aircon is most likely to have less electrical consumption
  • Greater cooling performance will be expected after service
  • It essentially prolongs the quality and life of your unit 

Technically, your aircon should be maintained properly to prevent breakdowns and exposure to health hazards. By doing so, your aircon will continue to be in a perfect working condition in the long run.

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