Why is My Cat Drinking a Lot of Water
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Why is My Cat Drinking a Lot of Water?

Making sure your feline friends have plenty of clean and fresh water to drink is one of the basics of cat care.

But what about when they start drinking too much? Is it something to be alarmed about?

This post aims to shed light on some possible reasons why a cat can start drinking a lot of water than it normally does.

You’re feeding it a high-sodium diet

You’re feeding it a high-sodium diet

If your cat weighs more or less ten pounds, you can expect it to drink around 3/4 to a cup of water a day. Of course, your cat’s diet can affect how much it drinks on a daily basis.

Observe how long and when your cat has started drinking water more than usual. Did it begin when you switched the diet to something else?

If you suspect that it’s dietary-related, take a good look at the ingredients of the new cat food. See how much sodium is added to the food and ask your vet if it’s too much.

The great news is that a lot of pet stores carry low-sodium cat food, so they aren’t hard to come by. Always remember that a healthy diet and enough water are good foundations for a cat to live its best life.

Your cat might have a kidney condition

Your cat might have a kidney condition

Cats and dogs need routine health care checks at every phase of their lives. This is so that vet clinics can keep track of your furbabies’ health and make sure all parts are in good working order.

If you notice a sudden uptick in drinking water, there’s a big chance that your cat could have a kidney or thyroid-related ailment. This is especially true of senior cats and those who’ve mostly had dry food or kibble as their daily diet.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and hyperthyroidism are fairly common among older cats, so they’re likely the ones to exhibit excessive thirst compared to younger cats. Before this happens to your beloved felines, make sure to get them the best pet insurance to cover all possible treatments and medications for these diseases.

It’s summertime and your cat is feeling hot

It’s summertime and your cat is feeling hot

The answer to our cat’s sudden obsession with lapping up water could be as simple as living in a tropical country during summer. If this is the case, then it’s perfectly fine to let it drink as much as it wants to combat the heat.

If your cat prefers drinking cold water, you can keep a dedicated water bottle for it in the fridge to top up its drinking bowl as needed.

It’s also a pet owner’s responsibility to keep a furbaby from getting overheated. So if a good bathing and cat grooming session will make it feel better, go ahead and schedule them.

Your cat is hyperactive

Your cat is hyperactive

Kittens and juvenile cats can have the zoomies, jump up on things, climb trees or furniture, and just generally be hyperactive. Even human kids get thirsty after doing a fraction of those things!

Your cat’s age may have a lot to do with how much water they drink. Because kittens are still growing, they can down as much as 80m of water for every pound of their body weight.

You can have a happy and healthy pet by allowing them to do all sorts of active cat things while making sure they’re properly hydrated (and fed).

And should your feline need to stay in a cat boarding place for a few days, make sure they also have access to fresh drinking water all the time.