Take Your Sweet Time at the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore
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Take Your Sweet Time at the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

    Singapore has no shortage of amazing museums, and some of them follow a unique theme, like the Vintage Camera Museum.

    Another great example of a themed museum is the Museum of Ice Cream. Decked in all shades of pink, this museum celebrates one of the best desserts; you can learn all about the different forms of ice cream and even eat some of them here! 

    Visit the Museum of Ice Cream and take your sweet time there. Here’s an article that you can use as your guide. 

    Things to Know

    Address: 100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837

    Operating Hours

    • Monday and Wednesday—10 am to 6 pm
    • Thursday to Sunday—10 am to 9 pm
    • Closed on Tuesday


    Do take note that the last ticketed entry is an hour before closing. 


    — From: tanvi.dogra

      The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) originated in the United States and was founded by Maryellis Bunn, who was once the head of Forecasting and Innovation at Time, Inc. 

      She wanted to reimagine American retail stores and traditional museums and create something that’s like a playground but with no age limits. That’s why she chose ice cream as the museum’s theme: to invoke the visitor’s inner child.

      MOIC was a huge success when its first location in San Francisco was opened in 2017. Because of this success, more permanent locations within the U.S. were established (New York, Chicago, Austin, and Miami).

      Additionally, MOIC has expanded outside the U.S., with the first international locations in China and Singapore.  

      How to Get There

      Car: Since there’s no MRT station near the Museum of Ice Cream, the best way to get there is to drive. You can find parking lots next to Alfresco Bar & Cafe and in Dempsey Hill, which are both near the museum. 

      Taxi or Ride-Hailing App: If you don’t have a car, riding a taxi or booking a ride from a ride-hailing app is your next best bet.

      Bus: If you’d really like to use public transportation, you can ride the bus. Your options are bus services 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, and 174; the bus stop closest to MOIC is CSC Dempsey Clubhouse (it’s a 10-minute walk to the museum).

      Admission Fee

      — From: ningpanita and niron_panirin

        General admission to MOIC costs S$36 per person on weekdays and S$42 per person on weekends, eve of public holidays, and school holidays. General admission tickets already include unlimited ice cream at each of the five stations.

        You can also purchase a premium ticket at S$46 per person, which lets you enjoy unlimited ice cream and an exclusive ice cream flavor. You’ll also receive a complimentary beverage at Scream’s Diner.

        If you want the flexibility to choose when to visit, purchase the Anytime Ticket, which costs S$70 per person. 

        If you don’t want to worry about tickets selling out before you can buy one, you can reserve tickets via the MOIC’s website. But just take note that doing so will add a S$4 charge per ticket.   

        Best Time to Visit

        — From: ankitsmistry63

          To ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable time at MOIC, you should avoid visiting during peak periods, which are the weekends, holidays, and school breaks. Instead, come by during weekdays if you can.

          Many people visit during peak days, so it would be tricky to explore the museum thoroughly. Additionally, when you visit during off-peak days, you can also enjoy relative quiet in the museum. 

          How Long to Spend Inside

          — From: mmynx

            You can spend as long as you want inside MOIC, but most people take only about 60 to 90 minutes to explore this place. That’s more than enough time to see all the exhibits and attend any events that are being held here. 

            When you’re done exploring, you can spend more time at the Dessert Bar, simply relaxing and enjoying a sweet treat.

            What to Expect

            Playspace—A Pink-Themed Unicorn Playground

            — From: curly.tales

              Playspace is most probably the first exhibit you’ll come across in MOIC, and it really is a wonderful place to start. It’s the colorful playground of your dreams and has a gigantic unicorn structure right in the center!

              The moment you step inside this playground, you’ll feel like a kid again. There are basketball hoops if you’d like to practice your dunking skills, and if you just want to relax, feel free to swing on the cherry and banana swings.

              Also, don’t miss out on playing with the unicorn structure. You can climb on what looks like a spine (a colorful one at that), and by the end of it, you get to slide down the adorable unicorn head. 

              Inflatable—Vibrantly Pink Bouncy Castle

              — From: brownie.hawa

                Want to have more fun? Another place where you can play inside MOIC is Inflatable. 

                As you can guess from its name, it’s a giant bounce house (in neon pink)!

                It’s so fun to let loose and bounce to my heart’s desire here. It brings me back to my childhood days! 

                Banana Split—The Pink and Yellow Banana Jungle

                — From: foodilicious_diva

                  Another Instagram-worthy place inside MOIC is Banana Split, which is a long archway lined with squishy red, yellow, and pink bananas that are arranged like Neapolitan ice cream. 

                  This part of the museum is aesthetically pleasing, and running your hands through the thousands of bananas is quite an interesting sensory experience. Definitely a must-visit!

                  Scream’s Diner—a Retro-Themed Dining Spot

                  — From: oil_fashionzbox

                    Exploring the museum takes a lot of energy, so if you’re feeling tired or a bit hungry, stop by Scream’s Diner. 

                    Just like any other area within MOIC, it’s a delight to the eyes. Aside from being unabashedly pink, this diner is retro-themed, complete with a jukebox, so you’ll feel like you’re inside an ’80s diner. 

                    As for the snacks you can get, there’s a good array of drinks (ranging from coffee and tea to cocktails and spirits), milkshakes, and, of course, ice cream. Sprinkle Pool Sundae is sure to satisfy your sugary cravings. 

                    California Dreamin’—A Pretty Pink Beach 

                    — From: ankitamassey058

                      Have you ever wondered what a beach would look like if it were pink? If so, you can now see it in reality because of California Dreamin’!

                      Inspired by the laid-back beaches of the West Coast, it features pink palm trees and walls in an ombre color scheme of blues, pinks, and oranges, mimicking a sunset. There’s also a pretty beach house with a little sandcastle inside. 

                      But the best part of this section is that you get to eat ice cream, so treat yourself to any of the following flavors: Belgian chocolate, mango sorbet, and pina colada. Do keep in mind that the last one has alcohol, so keep it out of your little ones. 

                      Melted Infinity—A Glowing Ice Cream Maze

                      — From: tam.alawa

                        If you’re up for something trippy, then Melted Infinity has the perfect challenge for you. It’s a maze with walls of mirrors and big ice cream cones that light up. 

                        It’s so pretty to look at, but more than that, it also smells so good! I have no idea what they did to make the whole place smell like the sweet scent of ice cream, but they did a really good job. 

                        It isn’t too hard to navigate, but with the mirrors making the whole maze look bigger than it is, you might get confused. You might also get distracted because you’ll want to take mirror selfies here. 

                        Potong—A Giant Potong Ice Cream

                        — From: ttsirinn

                          Ah, yes, potong—the classic Singaporean snack. This rectangular popsicle is what children clamor for during hot days, and for the elderly, it brings back fond memories of their childhood.

                          Since potong is such a significant icon in Singaporean culture, it only makes sense that MOIC honors it with this giant potong exhibit. In it, you can find potong structures in various colors. 

                          Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy yet another round of ice cream! The flavor is pulut hitam, a black glutinous rice sweet soup, and it’s so delectable. 

                          MOIC Sprinkle Pool—Ball Pit But with Sprinkles

                          — From: passorn_w

                            Have you ever tried jumping into a ball pit? Well, you might want to try something that’s just like that but even better: jumping into the MOIC Sprinkle Pool, the largest sprinkle pool in the world!

                            It has pool steps and a diving board, so you’ll totally feel like you’re driving into an actual pool. Diving in is quite exhilarating! 

                            Fun Events

                            — From: khhunmay

                              In addition to the various colorful exhibits, MOIC holds exciting events from time to time. 

                              One perfect example is the Singapore Dessert Festival, which features a diverse menu from the five winners of the nationwide Sweet Spots competition. 

                              During this festival, you’ll get a taste of unique desserts as well as the museum’s unlimited ice cream!

                              The date of the festival changes every year, but usually, it falls in October, so keep an eye out for that. 

                              If you want to attend more events in the future, be sure to check the website for news. 

                              FAQs about the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore