Getting Around the City The Best Taxi Services in Singapore
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Getting Around the City: The Best Taxi Services in Singapore

It’s no surprise that Singapore has a great public transportation system. The MRT is incredibly efficient, and the bus services also take you to your destinations without any problem at all.

But sometimes, we’re not in the mood to line up to ride public transit. Maybe we’re in a rush or just want to be away from the crowds. 

Whenever we’re in this scenario, our best option is to hail a taxi. Luckily, Singapore has many taxi services and ride-hailing apps!

To prepare you for your vacation here, refer to this list of the best taxi services in Singapore—as well as a few other alternatives.

The Top Taxi Services in Singapore

ComfortDelGro Taxi

Address: 383 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575717


Download the App: App Store | Google Play

ComfortDelGro Taxi is the largest taxi operator in Singapore. The great thing about the app is that it’s reliable even when you’re booking a taxi during rush hour or rainy days. 

It’s very user-friendly too. You’ll be able to bookmark up to 20 addresses for pick-up, and once you’ve booked a taxi, you can track its route on the screen.

Premier Taxi

— From: taxispotter

Address: 23 Changi South Ave 2, Singapore 486443

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday — 8:30 am to 6 pm

Contact Number: +65 6363 6888


Premier Taxi is most commonly known for its car rental services, but in 2004, it launched SilverCabs. Since then, the company has garnered a strong reputation due to the stellar service of its taxi drivers.

To book a taxi with Premier Taxi, you just have to call their contact number. Their booking hotline is open 24 hours, so you can still book a taxi even when it’s late at night. 


— From: explorer_nv 

Address: 2 Ang Mo Kio Street 63, Singapore 569111

Contact Number: +65 6555 3333


Trans-Cab offers a wide variety of services, including towing and recovery, advertising, and credit finance. Their taxi services are also well-received by their customers, which is why I recommend them to tourists. 

Trans-Cab taxis operate like your usual taxis: they have a metered fare, and it changes depending on the vehicle you book. Here’s a breakdown of the rates:

  • If you’re booking a Toyota Prius or Renault Latitude:
    • Metered fare for the first 1 km or less: S$4.10
    • For every 400 m after (up to 10 km), every 350 m or less after 10 km, every 45 seconds of waiting or less: S$0.24
  • If you’re booking a Toyota Alphard:
    • Metered fare for the first 1 km or less: S$5
    • For every 400 m after (up to 10 km), every 350 m or less after 10 km, every 45 seconds of waiting or less: S$0.35
  • If you’re booking a Mercedes Benz:
    • Metered fare for the first 1 km or less: S$4.50
    • For every 400 m after (up to 10 km), every 350 m or less after 10 km, every 45 seconds of waiting or less: S$0.35

Take note that there might be other additional charges when you book with Trans-Cab. These surcharges can be due to rush hour or a specific location (for example, if you’re coming from Resorts World Sentosa or Gardens by the Bay).

To book a ride with Trans-Cab, you just have to call the number indicated above.

Strides Mobility

— From: zaobaosg

Contact Number: +65 6555 8888


Strides Mobility is a company under the SMRT corporation, and they offer various services, including transport services. 

What makes this company great is that it offers many transit options. Taxis are the most popular, but they also have limousines and buses. 

They even have vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs, making them perfect for people with disabilities.

If you’re planning to book a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, just make sure to call and book your ride at least two working days in advance. 

Prime Taxi

Prime Taxi

Address: 5 Benoi Place, Singapore 629926

Contact Number: +65 6778 0808 


Prime Taxi has earned the trust of many people because of its commitment to providing one of the most efficient taxi services on the market. 

Their taxi fares are also relatively affordable. Glag-down fares start at S$4.10, while the distance rates are either S$0.25 or S$0.36. 

That said, you might have to pay a surcharge depending on when or where you book, so just keep that in mind. 

Aside from taxi services, Prime Taxi also has limousine services, so if you want to travel somewhere in style, you might want to consider this too. 

Ride-Hailing Apps and Other Transport Services


— From: sheenamanoharan 


Download the app: App Store | Google Play

Grab is an app that’s widely used all over Southeast Asia. On the app, you can book a ride and order food and groceries.

As a ride-hailing app, Grab is the most popular in Singapore, which is why I tell tourists to download the app before coming here. 

Taxi companies also use this app, so instead of calling a taxi provider to book a ride, you can just do so via Grab.



Download the app: App Store | Google Play

Another popular ride-hailing app in Singapore is Gojek, and the great thing about it is that it has many ride options. There’s GoTaxi if you want a typical taxi service, but you can also choose GoCar if you want more privacy or Go Car XL if you’re with a group.  

There’s even a ride option if you have kids, especially the young ones who need booster seats.



Download the app: App Store | Google Play 

What makes Ryde different from the other ride-hailing apps in Singapore is the fact that it actually specializes in carpooling services. In other words, you won’t be able to book a private car ride with just you. 

This may sound off-putting at first, especially if you’re an introvert who likes to be alone, but there are definitely benefits to sharing a ride. For one thing, you get to split the cost, allowing you to save money, and for another, you get to make new friends. 



Download the app: App Store | Google Play

Are you worried about having to pay expensive rates when riding a taxi in Singapore? With Tada, the fees are always reasonable, and the drivers aren’t charged commissions. 

The service area is also pretty incredible. Wherever you are in Singapore, even in places you think aren’t accessible for taxis, you can still book a ride via Tada.

Singapore Maxicabs

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Contact Number: +65 8785 8522, +65 8855 2121


If you’re traveling with a group of people, then you might want to use the services offered by Singapore Maxicabs. Maxicabs are vehicles that come with seven or more seats. 

Because of this, up to 13 passengers can be accommodated, making this company perfect for large groups vacationing in Singapore. 

You can even book a city tour with them. That way, you won’t have to make preparations yourself. 

You can call them via phone or WhatsApp to book a maxicab for your group. You can also do it by filling up the online booking form on their website. 

Prime Aces Limousine

Address: 65 Chulia Street, OCBC Center, Singapore 049513

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—9 am to 9 pm

Contact Number: +65 6100 5959


If you’d like to upgrade your travel experience in Singapore, you might want to consider booking a limousine at Prime Aces Limousine. 

This company uses the sleek and elegant Tesla Model Y, which is the latest Tesla limousine. 

Another great thing about Prime Aces Limousine is that they offer airport transfer services. And if you also get the VIP Meet and Greet service, you’ll get expedited clearance for immigration. 

Prestige Limo

Address: 10 Anson Road, #10-11 International Plaza, Singapore

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—open 24 hours

Contact Number: +65 9655 0807


If prestige is what you want, then Prestige Limo is a transport service worth looking into. 

This company really goes all out with its services. Not only will you get an elegant limousine to ride on, but your chauffeur will also be uniformed, so your experience will truly be first-class. 

Just like Prime Aces Limousine, Prestige Limo offers airport transfer services. Even if your flight runs later than usual, your chauffeur will still be waiting for you at the arrival hall, so there’s no need to worry about rebooking.



Download the app: App Store | Google Play

Blacklane is a limousine service that’s well-known in other parts of the world—specifically in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London. Now that this service is in Singapore, you might be interested in trying them out. 

With Blacklane, you can book a service for a simple transfer, or you can choose a “by the hour” approach. In other words, you can arrange to be dropped off in one location and have the chauffeur pick you up later.