Best Food Bloggers in Singapore
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The Best Food Blogs in Singapore: The Most Trusted List! (2021)

Here because you’re looking for the best food blogs in Singapore for expanding your gastronomic knowledge?

Reading Singapore food blogs is one of the most efficient ways to explore different cuisines and find that perfect restaurant where you can indulge in a rich dining experience. The best food blogs in Singapore help you do that by providing careful, personal reviews and spanning the whole island in their exploits.

If you don’t know where to find these food bloggers in Singapore, you’re in luck. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up the top ones in Singapore for you!

So if you’re in for a virtual tour of various treats from all over the island, take a look at this list of the best food bloggers in Singapore! These are the best bloggers to follow right now in your foodie wanderings.

1. Ladyironchef

Ladyironchef's Dishes

When it comes to sg food blogs, Ladyironchef is one of the most mentioned blogs. For over a decade, it has been an outstanding food, travel, and lifestyle blog in Singapore.

It started by reviewing local eateries, and now, they also do travel reviews in which you can have honest digital reviews of all the tourist destinations and famous restaurants. Each review about a certain cuisine is enhanced by enticing photos of full course meals and sweet treats.



2. EatBook

EatBook's Dishes

If you’re looking for a Singapore food blog that is versatile and is not reliant on just one blogger, EatBook should be considered.

EatBook offers gourmet food lovers a broad range of reviews categorised into specific sections. They have food reviews, news, guides, chef interviews, and even recipes!

They truly have it all, in other words, and can be considered a one-stop blog for the tourists and locals who want to know everything about the top restaurants and the latest dining places.

Unlike with the other blogs that are written with only one person, by the way, this blog consists of a group of writers who love food and expert cooks!



3. Daniel Food Diary

Daniel Food Diary's Sweets

Daniel Food Diary is another one that’s considered to be one of the top food bloggers in Singapore. The blog has featured local and international food reviews, as well as write-ups on spots that offer different types of cuisines.

It usually features a best and recently launched restaurants post. The author also releases travel reviews and timely social commentary on occasion.

It also has helpful content such as food guides and recipes for the whole family. 



4. Sparklette

Sparklette's Dimsums

If you need a food blogger in Singapore that’s lifestyle centered and multi-faceted, Sparkette could be your bet.

Sparklette has the widest range of content of all the SG food blogs we’ve listed here, we think. Its content includes posts on food and drink, travel, lifestyle, beauty, and kids and babies.

They also post reviews about different cuisines, cities, gadgets, skincare products, and baby products. That’s because the blog is owned and written by a mother who is filled with a lot of interest in food, travel, and technology.

As the blog gained advertisements throughout the years, she has managed to offer giveaways as a way of expressing gratitude to her loyal subscribers and readers. On the whole, there are a lot of reasons to visit this blog, not least being the delightful food posts.

We can say that Sparkette is a well-loved food blog in Singapore with a loyal following.



5. Delishar

Delishar's Noodles

Delishar was started by Sharon Lim, a self-taught home cook who is pretty picky when it comes to what she puts in her food while aiming for healthier alternatives without compromising on full flavours. She also aims to create easy dishes and meals catered for busy family & individuals to cook. is where Sharon can share recipes, her cooking journey, and little snippets of her life.



 6. Sg Food on Foot

Sg Food on Foot's Breakfast

As the blog name says, the content mainly focuses on famous restaurants and eateries near the MRT station. So if you need a blog that does a wide range of food review in Singapore, SG Food on Foot is one to be considered.

SG Food on Foot helps food explorers reach the most amazing dining places at accessible locations. In each review, detailed directions are included so you can easily follow the route and visit the restaurants without getting lost.

The index of the website is even categorised based on the train lines and areas, if you’re searching for particular places. For the first-time visitors to the country and locals who are not familiar with their current area, this is the right blog to follow!



7. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow's Rice Dish

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a Singapore food blogger that also touches on travel and lifestyle, writing about the finest local restaurants and hotels to help you create the ideal itinerary.

If you’re planning to spend your weekends on an out-of-town trip, you should see their list of the best places where you can try various cuisines and have an enjoyable staycation. (Although, if you don’t mind the shameless plug, we ourselves have a list of the best places for a staycation in Singapore!)

When it comes to food, they also have posts like restaurant reviews, cooking tips, interviews, recipes, and other relevant information. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow, contrary to its name is one of the best food blogs in Singapore focusing on fine dining.



8. Camemberu

Camemberu's Entree

The best thing about Camemberu is that the blog is indexed based on dining types. If you prefer to eat according to the settings such as buffet, fine dining or basic street foods, then you will easily find them on this blog.

It also shares some healthy and fun recipes with step-by-step instructions that you can follow.



9. I Eat, I Shoot, I Post

I Eat, I Shoot, I Post's Noodles

The blog provides a uniquely informative experience for readers since the writers here share every single detail about the food and restaurant when doing reviews. And we do mean every single detail!

From the concept, history, art, and ingredients, you will learn the important details on what kind of food you are eating as well as the right way to eat and cook it.

They also have various services that include marketing strategies, and other beneficial content.



10. The Ranting Panda

The Ranting Panda's Noodles

The Ranting Panda Blog categorises the restaurants they have reviewed by cuisine, buffet, cafe, and hawker food.

They have also travelled around the globe to share their memorable experiences on many hotels and attractions. They deliver a candid review for each tour.

For the lifestyle content, they commonly give you facts and tips about a particular cafe and its services. They also provide social commentary on occasion.



11. The Halal Food Blog

The Halal Food Blog's Dishes

Unlike other food blogs, this one focuses on one specific type of cuisine, which is Halal cooking. They travel around Singapore and other countries to find the great places where you can explore the culture of the Muslim community.

This is the perfect blog for those who want to learn more about halal and the great dishes that fall within it.



12. PinkyPiggu

PinkyPiggu's Rice Dish

At the PinkyPiguu blog, innovative cooking recipes are featured often. This is great for more adventurous home chefs, as many cooking experiments can be found here.

The author of the blog shares her thoughts and experiences on each dining place that she has visited. It’s worth noting that her reviews aren’t always positive for restaurants either — which means those who want stark honesty will get it.



13. FoodGem

FoodGem's Dish

FoodGem may have started just a few years ago but it has already earned high records of shares and views from its readers. It has also been mentioned on several lists of up-and-coming Singaporean food bloggers.

With their reviews, you’ll be able to learn different cooking styles and take adventurous culinary journeys. They’re pretty practical, so you will also be informed about the road and transportation instructions for each destination.



14. Ms Skinny Fat

Ms Skinny Fat's Dish

The author of Ms Skinny Fat shares critical reviews to help readers avoid wasting money and calories on an unworthy dining place. If you’re ready to explore exotic and unique cuisines, you should try out the featured restaurants on this blog.

The photography content is also excellent here. They’re consistently stylish, appealing, and even regularly provide zoomed-up snaps to showcase food texture.



15. Mighty Foodie

Mighty Foodie's Dish

Mighty Foodie does a lot of restaurant and dish reviews. Each dish is articulately described and reviewed, too.

They also have great photos to go with their reviews. This is definitely another of the best food blogs in Singapore. 



16. The Ordinary Patrons

The Ordinary Patrons' Dishes

The Ordinary Patrons gives impartial opinions and insights about Singpaorean restaurants, cafes, and other food and beverage establishments they visit.

This Singapore food blog is about the real dining experience of ordinary Singaporeans, giving you the latest in Singaporean food, food clusters, new places, and exciting deals and news.



17. Mitsueki ♥

Mitsueki ♥'s Rice Dishes

Mitsueki started as a blog since November 2012 about random bits of musings, thoughts, ideas and rants on a HUGE variety of lifestyle topics such as food, my travels, my life, sometimes finance and so much more. With updated content almost every day, you can also take a look at Mitsueki’s take on food here:



18. The 6 and 7

The 6 and 7's Dish

The Six and Seven Blog offers a combination of food and art content.

They capture the most mesmerising food presentations with gorgeous photos. With just a glance at their Instagram feed, you will immediately notice the commitment to beautiful visuals.

Overall, if you’re a social media influencer and want to have that perfect Instagrammable food photo, you should subscribe to this blog.



19. I Eat and Eat

I Eat and Eat's Dishes

I Eat and Eat blog focuses on the food scene in Singapore. For those who are planning to have a domestic vacation and explore different kinds of cuisine, this blog has the most passionate reviews about the multi-cultural restaurants in the country.



20. Budget Pantry

Budget Pantry's Soup

Budgetpantry is a Singapore-based blog that documents family and baby food recipes. Chris started the blog in 2013 and she continues to share foodie adventures and her own budget-friendly breakthroughs through her blog.




21. Johor Kaki

Johor Kaki's Chicken

Johor Kaki is known for its authentic stories about food and dining places. This blog mostly features Asian cuisine.

The blog has been mentioned in various media outlets and renowned blog awards. These achievements, combined with the quality of its content, have gained it numerous followers on social media and on the blog itself.



22. Secret Life of Fatbacks

Secret Life of Fatbacks' Dish

This blog is full of luxurious dining, travel, and lifestyle content. If you want to tour the world with a fancy travel itinerary and treat yourself to a grand vacation, Secret Life of Fatbacks will certainly serve as a good guide.

It started as a way to share dining experiences on social media for the author. Today, it’s easily one of the best food blogs in Singapore.



23. Miss Tam Chiak

Miss Tam Chiak's Entree

Whether you want to explore different cuisines, learn more recipes, travel the whole world, or learn how to be an excellent blogger, Miss Tam Chiak can help you with it!

The blog provides reviews about food and dining places, shares cooking tips, features travel destinations, and more. It even teaches valuable workshops where you can learn more about how to do beautiful food photography.



24. Food Buddy

Food Buddy's Kitchen

With a diploma in Nutrition Science, Food Buddy is readily available to provide a few points and advice when it comes to eating healthily for a better and stronger body.

As Ironman triathletes, podium-winning cyclists and ultra-marathon runners, they know how important it is to not only exercise, but to also improve eating habits. In turn, they’ve created a blog fit for sharing ingredients and groceries, as well as putting it to use in cooking.

Check out their Instagram for more food content and their website for additional information and descriptions.



And with that, we have the best food blogs in Singapore! With these blogs, you’ll have a thumb constantly on the pulse of the island’s gastronomic scene, and be better able to plan food trips with your friends.

Our list is doesn’t just include the most famous bloggers in Singapore, but the most trusted as well so we hope this list has been helpful.

Now, we think we got all of the ones worth mentioning in this roundup. However, if you think we missed one of the best food blogs in Singapore, point us towards it so we can check if it’s worthy of being added to the list!

What’s more, don’t forget that we blog about restaurants and food ourselves. Try the posts with our Restaurants tag, for instance!