Spraying vs. Rolling Paint Which One’s Better
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Spraying vs. Rolling Paint: Which One’s Better?

To spray or to roll, that is the question — for this post, that is!

The paint roller has become the default tool of many house painters for a variety of practical reasons. However, spray-painting also offers some benefits if you prefer DIY and simple home renovation projects.

So if you’re wondering whether painting your walls require spraying or rolling, this article might be of some help. 

Are you painting just your walls?

Are you painting just your walls

It’s always a practical move to go for tools and techniques that you’ve already had prior experience with. So if you aren’t familiar with how to handle a spray paint can yet, then a paint roller is the wiser choice in the meantime.

Paint rollers are typically the most-utilized tools of professional painting services because they’re simpler to use and don’t require a lot of masking tapes and drop cloths in preparation.

It’s also the better tool if you’re only painting walls and not your ceiling or other nooks and crannies of your home. Rollers cover more vertical surfaces faster than spray paint so you’ll be able to finish painting your walls a lot quicker.

Is your paint surface resistant to deep cleaning?

Is your paint surface resistant to deep cleaning

Your choice of painting tool will depend on the material of your wall or surface that needs painting, as well. Some walls that are made of brick or stone tiles can have uneven textures and might be resistant to even the most professional deep cleaning services in Singapore.

You’ll still need to clean the entire surface before painting, mind. But after wiping the walls down with a disinfectant cloth and letting them dry, you can then load your paint roller with your paint colour of choice.

This allows you to apply paint in thicker coats and cover up the grime or stains that you can’t clean up. On the other hand, spray paint droplets won’t do a satisfactory job of bonding to a not-so-clean surface and will take more time to accomplish.

So if you don’t want your wall to end up like the result of an art jamming session or a hodgepodge of tags from street artists, it might be a good idea to set aside the spray paint for now.

Are you aiming for a mural-like effect?

Are you aiming for a mural-like effect

If you want something dramatic without breaking the bank, an accent wall might fill the bill. You can achieve this with spray paint if you don’t want to spring for expensive wallpaper or wall carpets that are difficult to clean.

A mural is a great home decor idea because you can make it as customised as you wish. In fact, interior designers often reach out to skilled artists to execute their client’s visions using spray paint.

Some paint rollers can accomplish textures that could make a blank wall look more interesting. But for murals that have figurative art involved, spray paint will be more ideal because it can cover small spots and details better than a paint roller can.

What is your painting budget like?

What is your painting budget like

As with most renovation or decorating plans, a lot will depend on your budget. The good news is that if you simply want to refresh your walls or ceiling with paint, you won’t need to take out a renovation loan for it.

Painting your wall with a light or bright colour is actually a good energy-saving tip because it can help reflect both natural and artificial light around the room. So you’ll really have to consider all the costs and savings that will come with your DIY painting project.

It’s also good to visit several paint supply shops and hardware stores in Singapore to get an idea of how well-stocked they are and if they offer competitive rates.