How much do common plumbing services in Singapore cost
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How much do common plumbing services in Singapore cost?  

Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, dealing with plumbing issues on your own can be a bit overwhelming. Most of the time, these issues need the intervention of a certified plumber

If you’re wondering how much common plumbing services in Singapore cost, this handy guide is for you. Bear in mind that the overall costs can still depend on a variety of factors, so it’s still best to get a quote from the plumber you’re planning to hire. 

Bathroom Plumbing Issues 

No matter the size or scope of a bathroom renovation or repair project, if the plumbing system will be affected, working with a renovation contractor, interior designer, and a plumber is best. 

Since the plumbing system in your bathroom is complex, taking the DIY route or hiring a handyman may not be the best course of action. 

To give you an overview, here are the common bathroom plumbing services and their usual starting rates in SGD. 

Clearing Clogged Toilet BowlStarts at $60
Supply and Installation of Toilet BowlStarts at $200
Shower Set ReplacementStarts at $140
Sink’s Bottle Trap ReplacementStarts at $50
Supply and Installation of Water Closet Flush SystemStarts at $140
Replacing New SiphonStarts at $100
Water Heater Installation and RepairStarts at $80

Kitchen Plumbing Issues 

Whether you’re planning to have a kitchen renovation, need to install a ceiling fan, or want to get your oven or stove repaired, hiring an expert is always a good way to ensure that you’ll achieve the results you want. 

This is also true when it comes to kitchen plumbing issues. You see, even a small leak in your kitchen’s faucet can lead to bigger problems if not addressed properly. 

Before you decide to handle these issues by yourself, here are the usual rates for the most common kitchen plumbing problems.

Kitchen Faucet/Sink/Basin/Tap ReplacementStarts at $60
Supply and Installation of Kitchen Sink/BasinStarts at $150
Supply and Replacement of Bottle Trap for Kitchen SinkStarts at $50
Sink/Basin/Cistern Flexible Hose ReplacementStarts at $30

Water Leakage Detection 

Water is not free, and the price may still go up in the future, so ensuring that the water supply you’re paying for will not be wasted is a must. 

Since hidden leaks are mainly situated on water and drain lines installed underground or within walls, hiring a professional team that can offer you the diagnosis and immediate repair services you require is ideal. 

Water leakage detection is part of the regular maintenance services that plumbers provide. That’s why if you want to avoid the risk of extensive indoor or outdoor leaks, you can give this plumbing service a try.  

Water Leakage Detection of Concealed Pipes in HDBs and CondominiumsStarts at $120
Water Leakage Detection of Concealed Pipes and Underground in a Landed PropertyStarts at $250