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9 Best Tweezers in Singapore for Perfect Eyebrows

As most ladies would always say, as long as we have the perfect eyebrows, we’re ready to go. To achieve “eyebrows on fleek”, though, you need to have the best tweezers in Singapore.

Whether you want a Cara Delevingne brow or a slightly thinner line, you must look for a tweezer that is easy to control, firm, comfortable to use, and precise.

If it’s taking you a long time to find the right one, no worries! We have your back with this list of the best tweezers in Singapore.

1. Tweezerman Mini Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer

Best for Durability


Price: $30.68

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Tweezerman Singapore does not need any introduction. It’s one of the most trusted brands worldwide for tweezers so there’s a reason why it’s first on our list. Just from a glance at its design, you immediately know that the Tweezerman Mini Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer is special. This gold-coated tweezer is coated with a rust-resistant material for high durability.

The ultra-thin angled edges and slanted tips can help you pluck even from the trickiest angles so it’s definitely one of the best tweezers for eyebrows in Singapore. It’ll also remove the hair from its root, for a long-lasting effect. 


  • Durable coating
  • Slanted tips for precision
  • Calibrated tension for comfort and control 

Customer Reviews

Customers admired the Tweezerman Mini Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer because of its lightweight and compact design. This is why many of them considered it one of the best tweezers in Singapore.

An Amazon customer wrote this feedback:

“This is the only tweezer that gets EVERY little tiny hair and on the first try. I’m tired of buying tweezers that you have to pluck the same hair 15 times to get it. Tweezerman comes out the first time and gets even the tiniest little hair. I love it and will only buy this brand every again.”


2. TweezerGuru Mini Slant Tip Tweezer

Best for Travel Use

Price: $41.08

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If you want to be able to use your eyebrow tweezers anytime, anywhere for those necessary touch-ups, this one’s for you. The TweezerGuru Mini Slant Tip Tweezer is the ultimate travel buddy you can ever have! It even comes with a mini pouch so you can easily slip it in and out of your purse.

With its aligned tips and calibrated tension, you’ll certainly get your dreamed-of precise eyebrows without a struggle.

The stainless steel slant tip design is highly durable and easy to clean. Due to its design and functionality, it truly deserves a spot on our list of the best tweezers in Singapore.


  • Additional travel pouch
  • Aligned tips
  • Easy to clean


3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer

Best for High-quality Brow Hair Removal


Price: $50.00

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The Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer takes pride in its durable and sharp tapered blade that can remove even the shortest single brow hairs. It’s said to be a salon-quality hair removal tool, which means it’s a great choice for everyone!

If features all the essentials of a tweezer such as a slant tip and excellent tension for precision and expert brow grooming. Paired with Anastasia eyebrow kits (pomade, powder, pencil, etc), this is absolutely one of the best tweezers for eyebrows on fleek! 


  • Durable and sharp blade
  • Slant tips for precision
  • Tension for better control

Customer Reviews

Most consumers who have tried using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer praised the long-lasting build and sharpness of the blade, as well as its ability to pluck out the tiniest hairs. Yet, they also said that it’s very easy and safe to use.

These notes show why it’s one of the best tweezers in Singapore. Therefore, an Amazon customer shared this delightful experience:

“They do exactly what tweezers are expected to do. They easily grab even the smallest of hairs and hold them tightly so they can be removed from whatever pesky place they have invaded. These tweezers make the work of staying smooth and well-groomed almost effortless”


4. Benefits Cosmetics Brow Grooming Tweezer & Brush

Best for Grooming


Price: $48.81

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You’ll definitely be amazed by the duality of the Benefits Cosmetics Brow Grooming Tweezer & Brush. It features a custom-blended bristle brush that you can use to spot unruly brow areas and groom right after you’re done plucking.

This tweezer is also designed with diamond dust so you can have a firm grasp while pulling out the smallest hairs.

With its slanted tweezers that cater to ultimate precision and brow brush that aims for a nice final touch-up, it stands as the best tweezer in Singapore for many.


  • Accurate eyebrow alignment
  • Grooming brow brush

Customer Reviews

Though some customers say that the brush is a little hard, it still shapes the brow very nicely. A buyer from Sephora gave this review:

“The product is nice and i like it. It really grip to every hair and the brush on it also helps me to shape my brows well. The quality is nice and seem it will last long, i hope it does. Gonna recommend this product to my friends. Its worth the prize!!”


5. Coco’s Closet Tweezers

Best for Multi-purpose Use


Price: $13.88

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Coco’s Closet Tweezers serves a lot of uses. Aside from its angled tip that provides precision and strong hair removal, it can also be used to remove unwanted facial hair.

Another feature of this durable tweezer is that it can remove splinters safely, making it a nice choice for anyone’s medicine and beauty cabinet.

Unlike previous options, it has silicon rubber grip too that gives you a steady hold and control on the tweezer. This is one of the main reasons it’s among the best tweezers in Singapore. 


  • Strong grip
  • Splinter removal
  • Unwanted facial hair removal

Customer Reviews

Coco’s Closet Tweezers is well-loved by many customers because of its excellent accuracy and firm yet comfortable grip.

An Amazon customer recommended this product and wrote this feedback:

“I LOVE these tweezers! They are precise and very sharp. It took me no time to tweezecmy eyebrows and keeping the shape. But i must warn you they are very sharp! When i accidently tweezed my skin while i was getting a hair i could feel how sharp they are! And that is awsome because it tks nothing to tweeze the hairs out! Highly recommend!” 


6. Revlon Expert Slant Tip Tweezer

Best for Makeup Companion

Price: $9.73

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For those who prefer a simple tweezer that does its job, you might love the Revlon Expert Slant Tip Tweezer. It has everything you’ve been looking for in an eyebrow tweezer.

Besides producing great cosmetic products, the brand also excels in making a quality tweezer. It’s built with aligned slant tips for accurate plucking and a superior tension for stable control.

The durable design features a matte finish for a strong grip as you pluck your brow hairs perfectly. With these features, it’s easily a candidate for the title of best tweezer in Singapore.


  • Aligned slant tips
  • Superior tension for control
  • Matte finish for a non-slip grip

Customer Reviews

Most customers were very satisfied with their purchase of the Revlon Expert Slant Tip Tweezer. They said it might be slightly difficult to remove stubborn hair with it at first, but it still works nicely on the eyebrows.

A customer from Amazon shared this review:

“Nice tweezers. They work well and are easy to handle. I needed a good pair of tweezers for some stubborn face/chin hair as well as eyebrows. They work wonderful on my eyebrows. The thicker more stubborn face hair is a little more difficult still. They do a decent job but still occasionally cut the hair I’m trying to tweeze instead of pulling it out. Overall though I’d recommend them.”


7. Sally Hansen Eazy Tweezy

Best for Affordability


Price: $15.87

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Aside from being an award-winning nail care brand, Sally Hansen also impresses their followers with the Sally Hansen Eazy Tweezy. It features slanted sharp tips for precise brow hair removal and it can be used to remove other unwanted facial hair.

It’s very similar in design to Coco’s Closet Tweezers, with its padded grip for great control and comfort. Whether it’s for beauty or personal care, it can be the best tweezer Singapore for you!


  • Padded grip for secure control
  • Can be used for unwanted facial hair

8. Etude House My Beauty Tool Tweezers

Best for Beauty Care



Price: $3.14

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With the high-quality Etude House My Beauty Tool Tweezers, you’ll absolutely have your eyebrows trimmed in no time! The angle of the tip is also mainly designed to easily pick up small items.

Some tweezers are too sharp to be used for placing fake eyelashes. However, the Etude House My Beauty Tool Tweezers can help you complete your stylish look by applying fake eyelashes and putting on nail decorations.


  • Can be used for applying fake eyelashes
  • Aesthetic design

Customer Reviews

Many consumers complimented the cute and efficient design of the Etude House My Beauty Tool Tweezers. They’ve claimed it as possibly the best tweezers in Singapore if you need tweezers that can also help with other parts of your makeup process.

A customer posted this review on the brand’s official website:

“I am so glad I bought these tweezers They work very well I really appreciate that each edge of the tip is flush against each other so that it grabs the hair correctly Plus they are a cute pink color If you need tweezers I would get these”


9. Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers

Best for Ingrown Hair Removal


Price: $40.18

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It’s not quite easy to find a pair of tweezers that can pluck out your ingrown hair. But with the needlepoint precision and ultra-strong grip of the Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers, you’ll no longer be bothered by your tiniest eyebrow hairs!

It can also remove splinters, leaving you with smoother and clearer skin. This could be the best tweezer in Singapore for those who are looking for a versatile, pinpoint-precision option.


  • Long-pointed tip
  • Strong grip
  • Splinter removal

Customer Reviews

Most buyers said that despite being a bit overpriced, the Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers is still worth it because it can properly and fully remove the most stubborn hair.

An Amazon customer wrote: 

“I’ve been looking for a good pair of tweezers for months because since I lost my favorite ones that I’ve purchased at least 10 different pairs that never quite worked as well as my old ones. I have finally found a pair that really work and I mean REALLY WORK! The kind that will pinch your skin or poke you if you’re not really paying attention or you’re in a hurry and not being careful. The stainless steel is nice and thin, they are easy to handle, they are the right size, they are perfect. I’m definitely going to buy another pair to keep for backup. Thank you and happy plucking!”


 That concludes our list of the best tweezers in Singapore. From the design up to the features, make sure to consider them all and let us know about your experience with your favourite pick!

And, after you’ve achieved your desired eyebrows, don’t forget to enhance it with some gorgeous eye makeup. Take a look at these best eyeliners in Singapore and you might even find a new holy grail to add on your makeup essentials!