A Gift Guide When Attending a Wedding for the First Time
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A Gift Guide When Attending a Wedding for the First Time

It’s wedding season and you’ve been invited! Apart from getting excited and giving the couple your best wishes, the next step will be clearing your schedule and deciding on what to wear for the event. 

Before you get too excited, ask yourself: what wedding gift will I give? Remember that the gift should be a token of appreciation for the couple. 

You don’t need to worry too much, though. To help you decide, we curated some things you can consider when choosing the best wedding gift that the newlyweds will truly treasure. 

Gift Registry

Some couples prefer having a wedding gift registry for guests to know what they exactly want to receive. This is a lucky one, because you no longer need to get worked up whether they’ll like the gift or not!

Under the gift registry are items that the couple would love to have in their home, it usually comes in various price ranges as well. You just need to look for the item that fits in your budget and you’re good to go!

Customised Gifts

This is one of the most thoughtful gestures that you could get for the couple. Choosing to give a customised or personalised gift means that you go beyond the usual expected presents. 

You can have DIY art works, digital photo frames, prints, mugs, wine bottles, and even cheese boards engraved with the couple’s name or initials on it. Perhaps you can get a home decor made especially for them too. 

Everyday Appliances

Why not choose something useful for everyday living? Instead of getting anything wedding related, simply choose appliances that the couple will definitely need in their home. 

Whether they are moving to a new house or in the moment of interior designing, this is an excellent choice!

Better yet, you can try buying only one or maybe a few. You can choose between a hefty robot vacuum, steam cleaner, air purifier and tower fan, or go for the simple standing fan, ironing board, garment steamer and regular vacuum, it’s all up to you!

Practical Cookware

For the couple who loves to cook, this gift is perfect for them! Not only is this practical, it’s also something that will last in the long run, especially once they start their own family. 

Cookware is definitely a good investment and a memorable wedding gift. You’ll have unlimited options for this one too. 

You can start by choosing if you want to buy them a coffee grinder, electric stove, BBQ grill, waffle maker, espresso machine, air fryer, stand mixers—the list just goes on! 

Multipurpose Furniture

What’s better than your regular sofa? A foldable sofa bed! If you have a higher budget, then you might want to choose this gift for a lifetime. 

If the couple has more interest when it comes to the quality, then giving a multi-purpose furniture will definitely please them. 

However, knowing how bulky and heavy a furniture is, it’s better that you choose an excellent furniture delivery service that will cater to your needs as well.

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