The 20 Best Payroll Services in Singapore

The 20 Best Payroll Services in Singapore

By Lindsey Tan

Starting up a business demands a lot of things and this includes managing the payroll of every employee. If you don’t have the resources to handle this task, relying on an advanced platform that offers the best payroll services in Singapore can be your ideal option!

Searching for the right one where you can fully entrust your transactions and finances is a tough job, though. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve looked through each service provider until we found the top ones that offer the best payroll services in Singapore. They’re highly competent and have accessible rates so you’ll certainly find the perfect one for you in our list below!

1. Agile Human Solutions

Agile Human Solutions' Homepage

BEST FOR  Human Resources Outsourcing
ADDRESS 120 Robinson Rd, Level 15, Singapore 068913
CONTACT DETAILS 65 3159 4151

With 25 years of experience, Agile Human Solutions should definitely be one of your top options for the best payroll services in Singapore. It has worked with small, medium-sized,  and large corporations throughout its years of operation, proving that it caters to the needs of every business type.

Some of its services include corporate immigration, professional employment organisation, talent advisory, and of course, payroll services. So, it will not only provide support for your business but ensure that your employees are taken care of as well.


  • 25 years of experience
  • positive engagement with other countries
  • Experienced HR professionals

2. SBS Consulting

SBS Consulting's Homepage

BEST FOR  Free Quotation
ADDRESS High Street Centre, #18-03, 1 North Bridge Road, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65-6536 0036 | [email protected]

SBS Consulting offers a wide array of corporate solutions such as accounting services, bookkeeping, taxation, GST reporting, and payroll services. Over its years of operation, it has managed to earn the trust of small and huge business in terms of handling some of their human resource operations.

What’s more, SBS Consulting boasts a team of professional and experienced accountants, auditors, and HR personnel who will ensure that your employees are paid on time and correctly. It also has an optimized and effective system to process a company’s payroll more efficiently.

Above all, SBS Consulting will make sure that your company continues to comply with government rules and regulations. It’s indeed the top option for the best payroll services in Singapore.


  • Free quote
  • Experienced HR personnel

3.  ActivPayroll

ActivPayroll's Homepage

BEST FOR  Global business expansion
ADDRESS 101 Thomson Road, #27-03A United Square, Singapore 307591
CONTACT DETAILS 65 6351 9620
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 10am–6pm

For an advanced payroll system that you can use for your business expansion, ActivPayroll provides global services where you can maximize the efficiency of each transaction and achieve successful expansion goals.

They’ll also take care of your employment tax and legislative requirements, which are quite complex to manage if you’re going global. They feature advanced applications that serve specific goals and with all of these combined, you can enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

With these features, they truly offer the best payroll in Singapore for international businesses.


  • International payment solutions
  • Advanced applications


4.  ADP

ADP's Homepage

BEST FOR  Multi-country payroll system
ADDRESS 78 Shenton Way, Singapore 079120
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6701 1353

Whether you have a small, mid-size, large, or even multinational business, ADP can serve you with the best payroll services in Singapore!

The most notable feature of their platform is that it can be locally managed and centrally controlled at the same time, making it an ideal choice for a multinational business.

With their cloud-based platform, you can access the system whenever and wherever you are, leaving you with secure, accurate, and timely transactions. They also have employee self-service portals for leaves, payslips, and year-end income filling forms.


  • Cloud-based platform
  • Employee self-service portal


5.  BIPO

BIPO's Homepage

BEST FOR  Flexible feature for labour and tax management
ADDRESS 230 Victoria St, #15-01/08, Singapore 188024
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6813 0610
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

The well-developed HR solutions of BIPO can be accessed through desktop and mobile platforms, making it easier, faster, and more convenient to manage tasks such as payroll management.

On their payroll solutions, they feature various practices of different industries including the labour and tax laws in each country.

With these flexible features, such adjustments will be more time-efficient, resulting in more productivity at work. They’ve served many established companies, proving that they offer the best payroll services in Singapore.


  • Desktop and mobile platforms
  • Flexible features


6.  Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  All-around platform
ADDRESS 57 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238997
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6653 7497

Elements Global Services have provided exceptional payroll solutions for businesses all over the world. They can help you manage all international employees with regional accounting and tax regulations and ensure that they’ll be paid on time with an accurate calculation.

Their payroll platforms feature specialised reports, self-management portals, tax compliance, multilingual capabilities, and more. These are the reasons they’re known to offer the best payroll services in Singapore!


  • Dynamic platform
  • 24/7 customer support

7. Singapore Payroll Outsourcing

Singapore Payroll Outsourcing's Homepage

BEST FOR  Skilled and Trained Staff
ADDRESS 151 Chin Swee Road, #14-05 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 68169888 | [email protected]

If you’re searching for a payroll service that offers a wide range of services, then Singapore Payroll Service is the perfect option for you! Some its services include contact staffing, HR outsourcing, salary processing, salary disbursement, bookkeeping, tax services, & a whole lot more.

More than this, Singapore Payroll Service can assist companies in searching for employees, as its parent company is an employment agency known all over the island.  It’s the best option for both start-up and huge companies looking to lessen the workload of its employees.

With their wide selection of services, you will be able to focus on the core of your business without getting distracted.


  • Professional staff
  • Recruitment services

8. ACE Financial Accounting

ACE Financial Accounting's Homepage



Personalised Accounting Advice
ADDRESS 20 Collyer Quay, #23-01, Singapore 049319
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6969 2085  | +65 9098 5522 | [email protected]

With over 12 years of experience, Ace Financial Accounting is definitely a payroll service to be trusted, with clients from both small and medium-sized businesses.

It knows that businesses have different needs, which is why it provides customised accounting advice to accommodate the varying needs of its clients.

What makes it an effective payroll service provider is that it draws inspiration from research and employs only experts in the industry. Some of its services include secretarial services, accounting services, tax services, & audit services, among others.


  • 12 years of experience
  • Customised solutions
  • Customer satisfaction

9. Felton Management Pte Ltd Felton Management Pte Ltd's Homepage

BEST FOR  Business and Planning
ADDRESS 135 Middle Road #02-01 Bylands Building Singapore 188975
CONTACT DETAILS +65 818-997-87 | [email protected]

Felton Management is a payroll service provider that caters to the needs of start-up companies, which range from accounting services to corporate secretarial services. Its team is composed of experienced and skilled individuals with years of experience under their belts, so rest assured that your company will be in great hands.

What’s more, its team is updated with the current tax laws to ensure that client companies comply with their tax obligations. You will be informed of your tax obligations while Felton Management is trying to find ways to cut down your overall tax liability.


  • Experienced team
  • Wide-range HR and accounting services

10. Payroll Serve

Payroll Serve's Homepage

BEST FOR  Payroll and HR system products
ADDRESS 8 Wilkie Road, #03-08 Wilkie Edge Singapore 228095
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6336 0600
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

With the payroll services of Payroll Serve, you can rest assured that the calculations are precise, employees are paid on time and all transactions are compliant with strict regulations.

This award-winning company offers a complete set of services including managed leave, claims, work pass, health check, tax filing, and more.

Aside from these, they also provide HR services that involve necessary employment documents and various templates for the company’s terms and policies.

They have a total of three payroll system products and each is designed for certain purposes such as the payroll management, HR system, and leave application approval — this is the main reason why they’re known to have the best payroll services in Singapore.

They offer their solutions to foreign and local business, startups, small and large corporations, and different industries. So regardless of the type and size of your company, you’ll be able to access their services.


  • All company types, sizes, and industries
  • Full range of payroll and HR services

11. Ideal Corpserve Pte Ltd

Ideal Corpserve Pte Ltd's Homepage

BEST FOR  Payroll & Corporate Services
ADDRESS 330 Tampines Street 32, Singapore 520330
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6650 0130 | [email protected]

Ideal Corpserve makes the workload of its clients lighter by doing many of the tasks essential to growing their business, such as payroll management, recruitment, work pass administration, accounting, filing of taxes and ad hoc HR & Admin process outsource etc.

One of its goals as company is to allow the leaders of companies to focus on the functions of their business and not worry about anything else.

Ideal Corpserve is a company worth hiring for its affordable rate, experienced professional staff, quality service and customer centric solutions.


  • Quality Service & customer-centric solutions.
  • Experienced professionals
  • Competitive rates

12. Bestar Services

Bestar Services' Homepage

BEST FOR  Holistic Approach
ADDRESS 23 New Industrial Rd, #07-04 Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6299 4730 | [email protected]

If you’re looking for corporate outsourcing company that offers an extensive array of services, then you might like Bestar Services! Some of its services include payroll managing, auditing, consulting, financial advising, HR support, and corporate taxation.

One of its services that we can firmly stand behind is payroll management. It uses a sophisticated, advanced, and cost-effective platform to ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time.

More than this, Bestar Services offers its payroll expertise at an affordable price without compromising the quality of services.


  • Competitive rates
  • Wide range of services
  • Web-based platform

13. Alchemy

Alchemy's Homepage

BEST FOR  Professional HR Practitioners
ADDRESS 2 Kallang Avenue, #08-19
CT Hub @ Kallang, Singapore 339407
CONTACT DETAILS 65 9846 9989 | [email protected]

Alchemy Private Limited has been working diligently to deliver high-quality services to all companies in Singapore. Their main aim is to take away your worries so that you can focus on your business and managing your human capital.

With the help of their payroll expertise, Alchemy strives to provide accurate and compliance payroll services at an affordable price. They offer enhanced HRM Softwares to cater to your needs and it is a cloud-based with app features such face recognition for verification, e-payroll, e- attendance, e-leave, e-claim, and more!


  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving
  • Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Enhanced Security

14. Info-Tech Systems Integrators

Info-Tech Systems Integrators' Homepage

BEST FOR  Professional HR Practitioners
ADDRESS 30 Kallang Place, #07-14, Singapore 339159
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6297 3398 | [email protected]

Info-Tech System Integrators has been helping companies manage their payroll for 21 years now, providing them with cost-effective software that makes everything easier and more convenient than it already is.

With this, for instance, your HR staff no longer have to manually keep track of your employees’ movements (from absences to leaves) because the software takes care of everything!

To make it even better, Info-Tech System Integrators offers it systematic payroll software for as low as $2 a month! Imagine having software that makes managing payroll easier without having to spend thousands of dollars. Well, you have that with Info-Tech!


  • Cost-effective software
  • Affordable software

15. JM Management & Accounting

JM Management & Accounting's Homepage

BEST FOR  Flexible Corporate Services
ADDRESS 8, #07-14 Burn Rd, Trivex, Singapore 369977
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 6900 2489
(65) 6900 3764 (sales/ inquiry)
(65) 9737 0600 (24 hours)[email protected]
[email protected]

JM Management & Accounting is one of the leading firms that offer corporate solutions to small and big companies in Singapore. Some of its services include secretarial services, virtual office address, accounting and bookkeeping services, auditing, taxation, and of course, payroll services.

It also caters to a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, insurance, media and advertising, photography and videography, travel agency, and a whole lot more.

Its also known for offering its services for a much lower price compared to its competitors. Despite this, it promises to never compromise the quality of its services.


  • Competitive rates
  • Trained team members

16. Liberte Consulting

Liberte Consulting's Homepage

BEST FOR  Efficient Services
ADDRESS 160 Robinson Road, #04-09, Singapore 068914
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6909 2084 | [email protected]

If you want to lessen the workload of your human resources team, then you’d definitely want some help from Liberte Consulting. It provides HR outsourcing services to companies in Singapore to allow their human resources team to focus on more pressing matters.

Liberte Consulting also has an efficient payroll platform that can handle HR functions more effectively, so rest assured that your money’s not going to waste. It also has a team that will keep your company up to date with the changes in tax policies and legislation to ensure your company’s compliance.


  • Affordable and flexible
  • Efficient payroll system

17. AYP Group

AYP Group's Homepage

BEST FOR  Payroll Outsourcing Management
ADDRESS 114 Lavender Street, #03-78/79, CT Hub 2
Singapore 338729
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 6284 0488

The AYP Group operates on three (3) principles: Simple, Swift, and Secure yet again. Secure stands for the group’s dedication to providing a straightforward and hassle-free service.

With that being said, AYP is known for 3 core services, two of which can help you with any and all payroll needs. These are their Payroll Outsourcing Management and JuzTalent, the latter of which is the group’s HRMS Solution option.

So, if you’re interested in a group that’s committed to not only growing continuously but helping their clients do the same, then the AYP Group should be your first pick for payroll services.


  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
  • Payroll Outsourcing Management
  • JuzTalent (HRMS solution)

18. Accounting Solutions Singapore

Accounting Solutions Singapore's Homepage

BEST FOR  Business Consultancy
ADDRESS 8 Burn Road #04-04 Trivex Building Singapore 369977.
CONTACT DETAILS Set appointment through their website

Accounting Solutions Singapore truly encompasses everything that their name stands for. Entrepreneurs who are establishing or have established a presence in the world of business will find that managing their organisations will be much easier with Accounting Solutions Singapore by their side.

This is because the company offers extensive accounting and payroll services to all of their clients, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on other parts of their business.

The payroll services that Accounting Solutions Singapore has to offer is as comprehensive as it gets, including salary items’ calculations based on company policies and Singapore statutory requirements. Aside from that, their team will make sure that every data is accurate, making for on-time filing for their clients.


  • Transparent Pricing
  • Quality and Efficient Services
  • Competent Team

19. Oaktree Cloud Solutions

Oaktree Cloud Solutions' Homepage

BEST FOR  Innovative Cloud Solutions
ADDRESS 100 Tras Street #16-01 100AM, Singapore 079027
M: 8891 7181
E: [email protected]

Formed by experienced CPA Cloud accountants, Oaktree Cloud Solutions is your best bet when it comes to payroll services.

They have already mastered the art of using technology to reduce the amount of work imparted on paper works and various manual labors. Oaktree Cloud Solutions believes that efficiency and faster methods that don’t compromise the quality of works are essential in building a business in the 21st Century world where innovation is prominent.

With Oaktree, you can never go wrong and can rest easy knowing that they can provide you the best service when it comes to numbers in business.


  • Retail and eCommerce Specialist
  • Xero Adviser Certified
  • Professional Service

20. Info Tech

Info Tech's Homepage

BEST FOR  Human Resources Management System
ADDRESS 30 Kallang Place, #07-14,
Singapore 339159
CONTACT DETAILS  +65 6297 3398
[email protected]

Info-Tech is a next-generation global technology company with over 25 years of experience in Singapore, currently operating in their offices in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & India.

The price of their award winning HR & Payroll software starts at as low as $2 a month. It is easier to use since it is readily accessible at the tip of your fingers, thanks to its first mobile app with complete HMRS & Payroll Software.

Their app features include fingerprint/face recognition for verification, e-payroll, e-project costing, and more! These are the reasons why they are awarded for their excellency in offering best payroll services in Singapore.


  • User friendly and Comprehensive HR Software
  • Dedicated & Aggressive Management
  • Well Organised Company

That’s it for our list of the best payroll services in Singapore! If you know of more options, tell us more about their services as we may also add them to our list.

To help you with managing more business operations such as monitoring negotiations and keeping track of every transaction, see our list too of the companies that do the best bookkeeping in Singapore. Some of them also provide payroll solutions, so you might also be interested in those selections.