Best Corporate Credit Cards in Singapore
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The 7 Best Corporate Credit Cards in Singapore

If you’re looking for the best corporate credit cards in Singapore that can cover employees expenses such as hotels, plane tickets, and credits, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’re doing a rundown of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore that every business should get their hands on. Most of our picks even offer perks like access to airport lounge and frequent flyer miles.

Anyway, check out our list and read until the end to know which one’s the perfect credit card for your company!

1. YouBiz Corporate Card

YouBiz Banner

BEST FOR  Multi-currency corporate cards
PERKS Unlimited 1% cashback

0% FX fees

Unlimited virtual and physical cards

Customisable spend controls

Free local transfers

ANNUAL FEE No annual fees
ELIGIBILITY All businesses registered in Singapore

Finding the right corporate card for your business is no easy feat. After all, there are several factors to consider, so it’s not surprising that businesses around Singapore take the time before deciding on one.

If we were to talk about one, if not the best corporate card, then there is no forgetting YouBiz’s corporate credit card — a new product of YouTrip.

YouTrip is a major payment institution in Singapore. This institution is a Principal Member of Mastercard and has built up quite a reputation for features such as great exchange rates that its corporate banking tool now comes with.

For one, the YouBiz corporate card is quite simple to acquire. So long as you have a registered business in Singapore, you can apply for the YouBiz corporate card online.

In addition, the YouBiz corporate credit card comes with exciting features, one of which is the unlimited 1% cashback on all payments. The card also has 0% FX fees, meaning that you don’t need to worry about spending in other currencies.

Another feature we like about the YouBiz corporate card is its expense management. Create multiple accounts to manage project/departmental budgets all for free.

Here you can track your business’ expenses using the card, and you can even issue unlimited virtual/physical cards for your employees. All cards come with customisable spend limits so the admin user can dedicate specific budgets to keep track of corporate expenditure despite only having one account.

To top things off, you won’t need to worry about complicated bills payments, given that YouBiz makes it possible for their clients to pay easily with no hidden fees. You also get to remit overseas suppliers at competitive exchange rates.


  • No annual fees, no monthly fees, no minimum transaction volumes or minimum balance.
  • Unlimited 1% cashback and 0% FX fees on all card spend. No limitation on categories and cashback cap.
  • Create unlimited virtual and physical corporate cards to organize your expenses easily
  • Free local transfers
  • Overseas transfers at low, transparent fees and wholesale exchange rates
  • Users can create multi-currency accounts in over 9 currencies for free
  • Real-time expense tracking, custom card spend limits and multi-user permissions and approvals all on one platform
  • Access business credit easily with interest rates as low as 1.2% per month
  • Exclusive perks with YouBiz partners including Google Ads, and more

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a business owner who signed up for the YouBiz corporate card has to say about it:

“I remembered that YouTrip offered amazing exchange rates with no fees and tried to find a way to use it for my business. And that’s what YouBiz is for my business now.”

2. Aspire Corporate Card

Aspire Corporate Card

BEST FOR  Startups, SMEs, Modern & Digital Businesses
Free for new businesses. No hidden fees
Fast, 100% online application
Unlimited 1% cashback on Digital marketing and SaaS purchases. List of cashback merchants
100% free local SGD FAST transfers, with the ability to receive and send (coming soon) funds via PayNow
Send and receive USD with free domestic transfers.
Low cost SWIFT payments with a flat $8 fee.
Create unlimited cards and assign them to employees
Set card budgets to control spend
Scale your business with credit limits
Integrated with your accounting software
ANNUAL FEE No annual fees
Open to local and international businesses and can apply completely online

If there’s one corporate credit card that we couldn’t recommend enough to growing businesses, it’d have to be the Aspire Corporate Credit Card. It can be used in over 50+ currencies, with low exchange rates and best of all it has no annual fees.

In terms of perks, the Aspire Corporate Credit Card comes with everything that a modern business might need. The perks range from cashback on digital purchases, access to 51-day free credit limit, and the market’s lowest FX fees (on average 5x cheaper than banks), and access to over $50k in partner rewards.

One of the top reasons we consider it one of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore is the ease of use coupled with the best-in-class spend management features. Companies can also create a card per employee, merchant or use-case, speeding up your purchasing process while ensuring top grade security. All of your company’s transactions are seamlessly synced with your accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, and more.

Aspire is known for its dependable customer services as well, making sure that the concerns of every business owner are addressed as soon as possible. It’s indeed one of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore available today.


  • 100% free local SGD FAST transfers, with the ability to receive and send (coming soon) funds via PayNow
  • Issue unlimited virtual cards with 1% cashback on digital marketing and software subscriptions
  • Multi-currency accounts with best FX rates, up to 3x cheaper than banks
  • Enjoy low cost SWIFT payments with a flat $8 fee.
  • Send and receive USD domestic transfers for free.
  • Dedicated support and live chat
  • No annual fees or minimum spends
  • Unlimited virtual cards with fast application process
  • Cashback on digital purchases
  • Market lowest exchange rates
  • Expense management software
  • Accounting automation

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a business owner who signed up for the Aspire Corporate Card has to say about it:

“Being able to issue unlimited cards for free has really helped us optimize our expense tracking. At last count we issued 39 cards across our team of 20. Our employees move faster and feel more empowered to make purchasing decisions, and that’s had a noticeable positive effect on our company culture.”

3. Volopay


BEST FOR Startups, SME’s, & Large Enterprises
PERKS Physical and virtual Visa corporate cards

Flat 2% cashback on FX Card spends (No cap)

Credit line up to $500k with extremely fast credit scoring process within 48 hours

Money transfers with best rates

Expense management software with budgeting and approval flows

Real-time spend visibility

Integration with almost every accounting software

ANNUAL FEE No annual fees
WELCOME OFFER Get Apple AirPods once you onboard onto Volopay and reach $3k spend mark

The single corporate card that does it all. Volopay corporate cards are undoubtedly the smartest cards in the arena, built for the needs of businesses. From expense management, customizable spending rules, approval flows, credit lines to accounting automation, it does it all.
Moreover, unlike other market players, Volopay is the only expense management software to offer both physical and virtual cards for your teams.

It’s the perfect one-stop solution for every business out there who wants to streamline their business expenses plus save considerably at the end of each day.

Volopay offers flexible credit lines of up to 500K on the cards and the credit scoring process takes little to no time. Best of all, your entire card spending qualifies for cashback. Fx transactions receive 2% cashback, so does your online hosting, subscription, and overseas spending all effectively receive a 2% discount each month.

At the end of its operation cycle, it helps you to close your books faster, as all your business expenses sit directly into the accounting software you use daily.

All the features come with an extra layer of security, as you might not need all those plastic cards for your expenses, just create virtual cards on the go, set custom budgets, and you’re all set!

With Volopay, you get your personal account manager as soon as you onboard, who is always there with you, from setting up your accounts, to answering any of your queries, support is 24*7 available.


  • Cashback of 2% on Fx transactions (On all merchants – No Limitation)
  • No annual fees or minimum spend
  • Credit up to $500K
  • Unlimited virtual cards
  • Expense management software
  • Lowest FX rates
  • Budgeting & approval process (Maker-checker)
  • Real-time spend tracking
  • Accounting automation (Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, and custom integrations)
  • Partner benefits up to 35k
  • Employee reimbursement tool included

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some people have to say about them:

“We use virtual cards to manage all our marketing and SaaS spends. We now have better visibility and control, while earning 2% cashback.” — Mitul Doshi, President Finance & ops – Invideo

4.  Citi PremierMiles Card

Citi PremierMiles Banner

BEST FOR  Cashback bonuses
PERKS Travel insurance coverage, single payment solution, cashback, and corporate insurance
ELIGIBILITY Min. income S$30,000 (Singaporean/PR) or S$42,000 (Foreigner) a year

For small and medium-sized companies with employees who need to go on frequent business travel, the Citi Corporate Card might be the perfect corporate card to consolidate all your expenses. It rewards companies with an annual 0.3% cashback of all the transactions incurred.

Its single payment solution is ideal for businesses looking to streamline all expenses and be compensated for all the plane tickets, meals, and hotel accommodations when the date of payment comes.

Through its single payment method, tracking all the expenses of the previous year becomes a lot easier, as every transaction is listed in one statement.

What’s more, the Citi Corporate Card comes with generous travel insurance coverage in case something unexpected happens while employees are on a business trip. This is why we call it one of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore.

  • Simple single payment solution.
  • Complimentary travel and corporate liability waiver insurance.
  • Globally recognised and accepted.

5.  DBS World Business Card

DBS World Business Card

BEST FOR  Airport priority pass
PERKS Travel insurance coverage, cash rebate, airport lounge access, and employee misuse coverage
PAYMENT NETWORK Visa or Mastercard
ELIGIBILITY >S$80,000 per annum

The benefits that business owners and employees can get from DBS World Business Card seem endless, from cash rebates down to airport priority passes. It surely is one of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore just for these features alone.

Other perks that come with the DBS World Business Card are fuel discounts, dining discounts, travel insurance, air miles, and even shopping vouchers. It also rewards users with a 2% cashback on overseas spending, regardless if for business or not.

DBS World Business Card is also known for its wide travel insurance coverage that can go all the way up to S$1 million. Some of the items covered are flight delays, accidents, hospitalisation, and long luggage.

Business owners need not worry about unnecessary expenses because they can monitor it 24 hours a day. It’s also one of the few corporate credit cards that come with employee misuse coverage.

  • Cash rebates
  • Employee misuse coverage
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport priority passes

6.  UOB Platinum Business Card

UOB Platinum Business Card

BEST FOR  Complimentary travel insurance
PERKS Travel insurance coverage, cash rebates, improved cash flows and no annual fees
PAYMENT NETWORK Visa or Mastercard
ELIGIBILITY Check their website for requirements and eligibility

The UOB Platinum Business Card is one of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore that can give companies more flexibility when it comes to their expenses.

Each card comes with the privilege of gaining access to preferential rates and exclusive discounts that will make spending less stressful! Every transaction with the UOB Platinum Business Card entitles the user to a .30% cash rebate!

On top of that, UOB Platinum Business Card is among the few corporate credit cards that allow extended payment terms of up to 51 days.

Users can also enjoy a complimentary travel insurance protection of up to S$1 million. Some of the inconveniences covered by the insurance are flight delays, baggage delays, baggage loss, and even missed flight connections.

  • No annual fees
  • Cash rebates
  • Travel insurance coverage

7.  Maybank Business Platinum Card

Maybank Business Platinum Card

BEST FOR  2-year annual fee waiver
PERKS Travel insurance coverage, cash rebates, improved cash flows and no annual fees
ELIGIBILITY Check their website for requirements and eligibility.

Every credit card owner knows how much of a nuisance annual fees are. What if we tell you that the Maybank Business Platinum Card can waive the annual fee for the first 2 years?

As one of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore, the Maybank Business Platinum Card provides users with seemingly endless perks and benefits, from concierge services to worldwide withdrawal services.

Other perks that can be enjoyed by business owners and employees are travel insurance, cash credits, mall vouchers, and air miles from KrisFlyer and Asia!

More than that, tracking and settling payments for annual expenses will no longer turn the heads of company accountants upside down because the Maybank Business Platinum Card allows consolidated statements.

  • Complimentary travel insurance
  • Complimentary air miles
  • Mall vouchers
  • Cash credits

And that’s it for our list of the best corporate credit cards in Singapore. Have you already picked one that matches your business’s needs? Tell us all about it!

Anyway, if you’re searching for another credit card for travel purposes, we recommend checking out our list of the best miles cards in Singapore. Our list features credit cards that will make your overseas travels a lot more memorable!