Best Accounting Software in Singapore

The 14 Best Accounting Software in Singapore

Keeping track of financial records and transactions is not an easy process and as your business grows, it’ll only get more challenging. That’s why most entrepreneurs prefer to use the best accounting software in Singapore.

With automated accounting software, you can avoid calculation errors, easily determine and monitor cash flow, be updated on invoice reports, and more. All of these things help to bring out the maximum potential of a business.

That’s why we’ve done research to help you — to make sure you know where to find the best accounting software in Singapore. Here they are!

1. Highnix


New Startup, SMEs and large SMEs.


SaaS License starts from $90 per month. With inventory management starts at $120 per month.  Both come with 6 months subscription waiver.  Permanent license ERP starts from $4,040 with government’s subsidies.


Highnix offers a variety of cloud/web based, work from home ERP solutions. It simplifies business processes and improve remote co-workers’ productivities. It is a Peppol ready solution providers as verified by IMDA. It offers free Peppol ID registration, Dynamic PayNow QR Code which help businesses to shorten payment cycles. It can integrate with third party software solutions. Working from home, on the move or process business transactions is a breeze with Highnix ERP.

Highnix solutions are listed on IMDA, IRAS and Pre-approved Productivity Solution Grant’s website.

They believe that productivity tools, especially software, should be made available and affordable to all enterprises-Large or small, enabling businesses to do more with less. Their vision is to become the preferred choice of all SMEs for business solutions.


  • It is a PSG pre-approved full cloud ERP System
  • Ready for PayNow and InvoiceNow
  • Peppol E-invoice System, check and register for Peppol ID
  • Enterprise product at very affordable SME’s price

2.  Sage

Sage's Homepage

BEST FOR  Accounting solutions for small business owners
PRICING Starting from $12 per month

Sage has been recognized by many renowned entrepreneurs because of its award-winning business solutions that provide efficient management of accounting operations.

When it comes to their best accounting software in Singapore, they’ve mainly designed a platform to increase the growth of small businesses and reduce the admin workload so the team can focus on enhancing brand development.

It features a simple and easy-to-navigate interface where you can quickly make cloud invoicing & reports and manage customers, suppliers and items as well as the cash flow.


  • Practical accounting advice and insights
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Automatic backups
  • Works on any devices

Customer Reviews

Sage was able to earn the trust of many customers because of its competent capacity and affordable pricing. Here’s a review from one of its users:

“One thing we really appreciate about Sage 300cloud is that it supports a large volume of data, a factor that we anticipate for the near future, and it comes at a reasonable price too.”


3.  Xero

Xero's Homepage

BEST FOR  Accreditation from IRAS
PRICING Starting from $20 per month

With the well-designed and highly functional accounting software of Xero, all major business tasks will be automated, giving you absolute accuracy and security. This includes managing invoices where you can instantly convert quotes into invoices with just a few button taps.

To help your business have a healthy and consistent cash flow, Xero lets you connect to the invoicing network launched by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. This will make your invoicing process faster and more convenient.

The best thing about this platform is that it includes updated calculations for a hassle-free IRAS tax filing. This is why many have claimed it to be the best accounting software in Singapore.


  • Direct bank connections
  • On-the-go reports
  • Personalise contacts and other records
  • Approved and compliant with tax regulations

4. Bean Cursor

BEST FOR  Multi-entity and multi-currency integrated cloud solution
PRICING Starting from $20 per month

Bean Cursor is a multi-entity and multi-currency finance module of SmartCursors. You can use it for internal finance or provide bookkeeping services to your clients. Every application in SmartCursors can be used on its own, or integrate with Bean Cursor to improve productivity and efficiency.

Bean Cursor, with the add-on context-based analytics dashboard, your team can have access to real-time data on the customers, vendors, and bank balances and transactions. These dashboards deliver valuable insights to the finance team, enabling them to make smarter decisions.

Included in the Bean Cursor’ service, you get access to cloud storage, as well as the data protection you need. You can request for a demo to understand how it benefits your organisation. Take the first step in unifying your operation tools, to enable your business to thrive in the digital era.


  • Multi entities in a single platform
  • Interact with other SmartCursors applications seamlessly
  • Access to real-time context-based analytics
  • Modern cloud storage


5.  FreshBooks

FreshBooks' Homepage

BEST FOR  Double-entry accounting tools
PRICING Starting from $6 per month

FreshBooks offers a simple, fast, and secure platform to manage complex business transactions. It features organized reports, insightful reports, smart invoicing, various online payment options, and more.

This best accounting software in Singapore gives you a precise calculation of profits and losses.You can also organize all projects, files, and feedback in one place and sort them by schedule.


  • Time tracker
  • Error-free tax filing
  • Accountant access


6. ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB)

BEST FOR  Perpetual License
PRICING Starting from $848

ABSS (Formerly known as MYOB Singapore) MYOB is now known as ABSS Singapore, an accounting software designed ideally to help SMEs in Singapore to manage their operation and finances. ABSS made it simple and intuitive to help you feel more confident the moment you use it, leaving you more time to focus on the task at hand rather than how to use the accounting software.

ABSS Premier is an accounting and inventory management system that integrates with local bank, IRAS GST portal and PEPPOL e-invoicing network. The accounting software simplifies complex inventory issues, has full multi-currency capabilities, departmental accounting, support multi-locations and able to generate financial analysis reports.

ABSS has been the best choices of accounting software in SMEs and across different industries. It is so versatile that no matter whether you are an SMEs, business owner, accountant, sales manager or freelancer, you’ll find what you need right in ABSS.


  • No recurring fees
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real time accounting


7. Edulabs

BEST FOR  Invoicing and Accounts

Edulabs is a management system established for Singapore’s up and coming schools and tutorial centres. It is an innovative web-based software designed to fit the accounting needs of any education institution, may it be for music, physical education, art, or other categories.

With their accounting software specifications, you can easily keep track of expenses– from outstanding invoices and late payments to incoming cash. It allows you to manage invoices, class lists, and payrolls quickly. It can also help auto calculate Teacher payrolls based on different rates per hour and handle customised special payment scenarios.

All in all, Edulabs is a great all-rounder when it comes to different areas of accounting. You can get high quality assistance at affordable rates; right now, they’re also eligible for 90% defrayal. Grow your business smarter– make sure to partner up with Edulab.


  • Better Planning
  • Easy to use interface
  • Reduces 80% of admin work


8. Autocount Accounting

BEST FOR  Business Solutions
PRICING Contact for more information

Autocount Accounting delivers quality business software services to their clients, having understood the market’s various needs. Some of the services they offer include business solutions for SMEs.

They empower customers to achieve their business objectives by turning wasteful business processes into efficient business software systems. It can be done by reducing manpower, or providing accurate data to help their clients make smart business decisions.

They continue to uphold their reputation by remaining a step ahead of their competitors when it comes to providing the best business solutions for their customers.


  • Accounting, inventory control, Invoicing, and POS System
  • Peppol E-invoice System
  • Online & onsite Software Training and support


9. GnuCash

GnuCash's Homepage

BEST FOR  Checkbook-style register

GnuCash features a user-friendly interface designed with flexible features where you can keep track of business expenses, stocks, income, and bank accounts.

It’ll also be easy for you to get accustomed to the settings as it’s made with a checkbook-style register, a familiar interface for managing financial transactions. You can split transactions, view multiple accounts in a single register window, manage multiple currencies, and more.

Being one of the best accounting software in Singapore, it’s accessible through all desktop operating systems and even on older versions of the Windows OS such as Windows XP/Vista and 7.


  • Schedule transactions
  • Manage stock/bond/mutual fund accounts
  • Check printing

10. Quickbooks

Quickbooks' Homepage

BEST FOR  All business scales
PRICING Starting from $11 per month

Quickbooks can help you manage all financial transactions in one platform. This includes tracking expenses, customising invoices, monitoring reports, and many more!

You can immediately find the transaction records you’ve been looking for because it features organised categories. As every expense is stored on its cloud accounting database, you can easily claim every entitlement.

Whether you’re a startup owner or you want to expand your business, there’s a certain business plan for you with Quickbooks — one of the many reasons why it’s known to be the best accounting software in Singapore.


  • Sync bank information and favourite apps
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Secured online database


11. Bevootech

BEST FOR  Business Software
PRICING $3509.35

Bevootech helps organisations improve with the power of CRM solutions and customised business software. Their team is composed of business software experts that have extensive experience with traditional and modern business software.

When you choose Bevootech for your organisation, you don’t just get the product– you’re also getting their commitment towards improving your business. They’re devoted to keeping their customers satisfied, after all.

They especially focus in SME Business Productivity, offering a wide selection of services to choose form. Each of their services are designed for the specific needs of every client, so you don’t have to worry about anything lacking.


  • Software Consulting
  • Implementation and Support
  • Training


12. Chronos Agency

BEST FOR  E-mail Marketing
PRICING Depends on the Service

Unlike most email marketing teams, Chronos Agency employs an outside-in approach for their services. Their team of strategists, tech experts, creatives, and copywriters are well versed when it comes to email marketing– they specialise in driving sustainable growth for eCommerce brands.

If you avail of their services, they will start by getting to know you. This allows them to identify what you need and create a plan that addresses your issues. Their aim is to be a natural extension of your business, to be the email marketing team you can rely on when it comes to proactive decision making and responsive customer support.


  • Weekly Campaigns
  • Monthly Reportings
  • Access to new email flows and upgrades
  • Testing and Optimization
  • Email List Maintenance
  • Personalize Support
  • Audience Segmentation and Targeting


13. Autocount

BEST FOR  E-invoicing

Autocount provides anything you need to know about growing and handling a business, helping you welcome digitalisation with high productivity. They know how to work around numbers and software, so they’re your best bet when it comes to procuring easier ways in handling accounting services that is both fast and efficient.

They offer three major accounting services: AutoCount Cloud Payroll, AutoCount Accounting, and AutoCount Point of Sale. The cloud payroll includes modules on e-Leave, e-Claim, Empoyees Portal, and more. It’s suitable for any company, no matter the size, and is simply one of the cheapest cloud-based payrolls you can find in Singapore.

Their accounting is the best seller product of AutoCount. It’s the whole package of accounting, inventory, billing, and other 30 modules, all in one! The Point of Sale on the other hand, features a rich POS system for both retail and F&B operations that you can access both online and offline.

Simply put, you can find whatever you might need for an accounting software with Autocount. They offer the best deals, both in quality and rates, so you get the best services at an affordable price.


  • 25 years software development experience
  • Multi-award winning company
  • High quality accounting and payroll services

Customer Reviews

Check out what a previous customer had to say about Autocount’s incomparable quality of service:

“Am very happy with my service and installtion today it only take me one hours by walk. Thanks too Juline hope I spell her name right she deserve bonus! she explain everything clearly and easy.”


14. SkyBiz Financial

BEST FOR  Bookkeeping

SkyBiz Financial (one of SkyBiz solutions) provides an accounting information system that is simple to use, yet giving you the ability to scale modularly. With SkyBiz Financial, you can quickly learn and focus on what you want to do without struggling with complicated software and spending unnecessary time on too much learning. SkyBiz Financial Version 10 is one of the software listed in IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (“ASR”).

SkyBiz solutions also available in cloud version.


  • Sales Journal
  • Accounts Receivable
  •  Purchase Journal
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Singapore GST Compliance
  • Project Accounting
  • Department Accounting
  • Branch Accounting
  • Revaluation of Foreign Currency
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Schedule Auto Backup


And that’s the end of our list of the best accounting software in Singapore! If you’d like to suggest more options, share them with us as we’d like to know more about their features as well!

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