Best Prestigious Credit Cards
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The 5 Most Prestigious Credit Cards in Singapore

Want to know what it takes to quality for the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore? If so, you’re on the right page.

We’re here to describe the requirements for getting the best credit cards in the country. Aside from that, we’re also here to share our picks for the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore.

Before that though, we’re going to answer some questions you might have about the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore. Let’s start!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Most Prestigious Credit Cards in Singapore

You might have a lot of questions about them, but one thing’s certain: only the richest people qualify for them. They’re usually referred to as “black cards” or “platinum cards” and are treated as status symbols.

It’s worth noting that the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore are only available through invites from various banks and financial institutions.  All of them come with ridiculously high requirements that only rich people can meet, so the chances of qualifying for them is really small.

Anyway, here are some questions that will shed some light on platinum and black credit cards in Singapore.

1. How do platinum and black credit cards work?

A black credit card is the most prestigious type of credit card that exists, reserved only for millionaires and billionaires. It offers more benefits and perks than the standard, gold, or even premium credit cards.

Some of these benefits are higher credit limits, higher travel insurance coverage, special hotel upgrades, travel credits, access to airport lounges, and 24/7 concierge services, among others.

2. How much do platinum and black credit cards cost?

Obviously, black credit cards have higher annual fees compared to all the other types. Owners can expect to pay no less than S$500 per year, but there are others with almost S$3,000 in annual fees, on top of initiation fees that cost almost S$10,000.

There are even far more prestigious black cards with undisclosed annual fees: for most people, the fees for those will be anything but affordable.

3. What’s the required income to qualify for platinum and black credit cards?

Required minimum income varies depending on the bank and card, but it’s safe to assume that you need to have a net worth of either millions or billions to qualify for them.

The required monthly income usually ranges from S$300,000 up to S$600,000. We even heard the minimum income requirement for American Express black cards reaches astronomic heights, so we’ll leave it up to your imagination how much that is.

Black cards wouldn’t be marketed towards high-net-worth people if they didn’t require ridiculously high monthly income from members.

4. Is there a difference between platinum and black cards?

Yes, obviously, black cards offer more premium and exclusive benefits that don’t come with platinum credit cards. If you’re a person who loves to travel, you’re definitely going to enjoy the seemingly endless perks that come with black cards.

On top of that, the most glaring difference would have to be the requirements and each one’s target market. Both of them are perfect for the ultrarich, but black cards really are for the richest of the rich.

The Most Prestigious Credit Cards in Singapore

Now that we’ve answered some of your queries about the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore, it’s time to go over our picks!

Check them out below to know the privileges that come with each one, how you can qualify for them, and fees that need to be settled.

1. OCBC Elite World Card

OCBC Elite World Card
BEST FOR   One of the lowest annual fees for a black card
PERKSFrequent rebates, travel privileges, exclusive invites to events, preferential fees and exchange rates, and airport lounge access
ELIGIBILITYMinimum income of S$250,000 and age of 21

If you’re looking for a black credit card that can be within your reach a few years from now, then look no further than OCBC Elite World Card. It’s one of the few black cards in Singapore with annual fees that don’t go beyond S$2,000.

Another noticeable feature about the OCBC Elite World Card is its relatively low income requirement of S$250,000 compared to other top-tier black cards. When you look at it, it’s no longer impossible for a lot of people to get their hands on one of the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore.

It may have slightly lower requirements for owners than others but its privileges surely don’t disappoint. The OCBC Elite World Card is a credit card that allows users to enjoy endless benefits without feeling broke at the end of the day.

Owners who book a business class flight on any airline using the OCBC Elite World Card will receive a cash rebate worth 50% of the total purchase. It’s no surprise that a lot of jetsetters we know are rushing to get hold of this prestigious credit card.

On top of that, owners will get to enjoy at least 2 visits to more than 600 airport VIP Lounges worldwide. Some owners will also receive invites to some of the most prestigious events in Singapore and overseas!


  • Low annual rates
  • Low income requirement
  • Access to VIP lounges
  • Frequent event invites

2. American Express Centurion Black Card

American Express Centurion Black Card
BEST FOR   Travel perks and hotel upgrades
PERKSFrequent rebates, flight upgrades, access to airport lounges, 24/7 concierge services, personal shopper, and personal travel agent
PAYMENT NETWORKMastercard or Visa
ELIGIBILITYMinimum income requirement isn’t disclosed but a history of $250,000 and above in spending is required.

There’s no doubt that the American Express Centurion Black Card is considered one of the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore. It’s so exclusive that most information about it is undisclosed, including the required minimum income and penalty fees.

We were able to gather valuable information that will make more people wish it was their credit card. The American Express Centurion Black Card comes with endless exclusive travel perks that will make anyone’s trip a lot more memorable.

For one, owners are entitled to free flight upgrades, access to Centurion lounges, personal travel agents, free hotel upgrades, higher travel insurance coverage, and access to high-end gyms in the UK, US, and Canada, among others.

Another exclusive benefit that comes with the American Express Centurion Black Card is the offer of 24/7 concierge services. You will no longer have to struggle reserving front-row tickets to your favourite singer’s concert.

As expected, qualifying for the American Express Centurion Black Card isn’t going to be easy. If you don’t get an invite, you most likely don’t meet its minimum requirements, but nothing’s wrong with that.

Lastly, fun fact: the American Express Centurion Black Card is deemed one of the heaviest black cards, weighing at least 22 grams. Imagine carrying it around inside your wallet!


  • Exclusive travel perks
  • Access to Centurion lounges
  • No spending limits
  • Exclusive invitations to private events
  • Airport meet and greet services

3. DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card

DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card
BEST FOR   Contactless payment
PERKSFree air miles, cash rebates, two-night stay at luxury hotels in Asia, access to airport lounges, discounts on restaurants and hotels, and yacht access
ELIGIBILITYMinimum income of S$$500,000 or a total of $3 million in assets with DBS

If you no longer use cash for purchases, then there’s no better credit card for you than the DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card. It’s the world’s first metal credit card that makes contactless payments even more convenient through payWave.

The DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card surely looks like a sleek and elegant credit card, but, obviously, applying for it is nothing but easy. You need to have at least an annual income of S$$500,000 or total assets of $3 million under your name.

Though, once you’ve enjoyed its benefits, you will never get enough of it. Imagine receiving a total of 100,00 air miles that can be converted to multiple free flights, on top of having  unlimited access to more than a thousand airport lounges worldwide.

Owners will even receive airport speedpass access for faster immigration checks at airports in Asia. If there’s one credit card that can make your business trips easier, it’d have to be the  DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card.

Another reason we consider it one of the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore is the complimentary VIP access to luxury hotels here on the island and overseas.


  • 100,00 air miles
  • Unlimited access to airport lounges
  • Discounts on spa treatments
  • Fast tracked immigration process

4. Citi Ultima

Citi Ultima Card
BEST FOR   Access to lifestyle relationship manager
PERKSAnnual free miles, cash rebates, preferential rates, access to airport lounges, flight and hotel upgrades, complimentary hotel accommodations, and dining discounts
ELIGIBILITYMinimum income of S$500,000 and total assets of at least $5 million with Citibank

There isn’t a lot of available information about the Citi Ultima online, but what we know is that it’s one of the hardest credit cards to get in Singapore. It requires a minimum income of at least S$500,000 and total assets that amount to $5 million.

We also discovered that only a few select people with impressive net worth are given invitations to avail of the Citi Ultimate. If you’re chosen, then you’re one of the few lucky ones who will get to know its exclusive perks.

Upon accepting the invitation, you will be assigned a lifestyle relationship manager who will keep track of your expenses. If you want to purchase a pair of limited edition shoes, your manager will do everything to get your hands on that pair.

Other benefits that come with the Citi Ultima are free miles, cash rebates, access to airport lounges, priority banking, hotel and restaurant discounts, and flight upgrades. Owners will receive an all-year pass to golf courses across the Asia Pacific region.


  • Exclusive travel perks
  • Access to golf courses in the Asia Pacific

5. UOB Reserve Card

UOB Reserve Card
BEST FOR   Extravagant travel privileges
PERKSHotel discounts, flight upgrades, free air miles, access to airport lounges, hotel upgrades, and restaurant discounts
ELIGIBILITYMinimum requirements are undisclosed

There’s a rule when looking at the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore: the more elusive the information about it, the harder it is to qualify for the card.

In line with that, there’s little to no available information about the UOB Reserve Card online… which isn’t surprising because only a few have it inside their wallets. Though, according to insiders, it’s the most powerful credit card when it comes to travel perks.

Aside from the usual hotel discounts, flight upgrades, complimentary accommodations, unlimited access to airport lounges, and free air miles, we believe that the UOB Reserve Card can offer more than these.

For one, owners of the OB Reserve Card can reserve a private yacht charter for up to 14 friends and family members. Who doesn’t love private yacht parties, right?

Another thing we found out is that you can bring a special friend overseas and have your flights upgraded to business class without additional fees. If other credit cards can only cover a single person for flight upgrades, consider this one different!


  • Flight upgrades for 2 people
  • Private yacht reservations
  • Complimentary accommodation at a luxury hotel

And that’s it for our list of the most prestigious credit cards in Singapore. Did you choose one to aim for in the coming years? Tell us all about it!

Anyway, if it’s impossible for you to get your hands on these prestigious credit cards right now, you might want to try your luck with the best credit cards in Singapore. They don’t come with endless perks but it’s much easier to apply for them!