Best Kitchen Scales in Singapore
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The 6 Best Kitchen Scales in Singapore

If there’s an essential kitchen tool for everyone who loves cooking and baking, it’d have to be a kitchen scale. It’s capable of providing accurate ingredient measurements for any recipe.

Using the best kitchen scales in Singapore, in particular, can be hugely beneficial to cooks and bakers. They offer features like portability, accuracy, and more.

In a nutshell, the best digital kitchen scales in Singapore can make your life in the kitchen so much easier that you’ll wonder how you survived without one before!

For today’s article, we’re taking a look at the best kitchen scales in Singapore, as well as the features that are important to consider when purchasing one. Since these scales come with multiple benefits, we’ll share some of those as well!

How to Pick the Best Kitchen Scales in Singapore

If you know nothing about the best weighing scales for food in Singapore, there’s nothing to worry about because we’re here to help.

Basically, you have to keep in mind some factors to ensure that you’re taking home the one that meets your needs in the kitchen.

Here are some of them:

1. Accuracy

Accuracy comes as a priority when looking for the best food scales in Singapore as it makes or breaks the product. It’s always ideal to go with a kitchen scale that offers a high level of accuracy, but sometimes, you need to consider the food you’re going to prepare.

For example, baking demands precise and correct measurements because going under or over can ruin the texture and taste of a pastry.

Some kitchen scales have an exceptionally high level of accuracy, measuring 0.1 gram increments, but those with 1 gram gradients will often suffice.

2. Platform

It’s never a bad idea to go with a kitchen scale with a wide platform to have more room when weighing ingredients. Some kitchen scales come with a container that holds everything together, including dry and wet ingredients.

Another advantage of wider platforms is that you’ll be able to measure more foods and ingredients, including large ones such as fruits, vegetables, and more.

3. Display

Nobody wants a display screen so illegible that you have to squint in order to read the measurements. The display screen should be huge enough, use large digits, come with sharp colour contrast, and a backlight option.

Look for kitchen scales with displays that don’t get obscured when you cover them with ingredients and items to weigh.

4. Capacity

Capacity in kitchen scales means minimum and maximum weight. Some of the best digital kitchen scales in Singapore will have a capacity of 5 kilograms or 10 kilograms, which should be enough when measuring food and ingredients.

It’s quite rare for a kitchen scale to have a capacity above 10 kilograms because it becomes a completely different tool then, by the way.

If you’re planning to use a kitchen scale for brewing coffee, then consider the minimum weight as well. You need precise measurements when weighing small ingredients such as beans, sugar, or even spices.

5. Speed of measurement

It may not be as important as the previous factors, but speed of measurement is something that most people consider as well. Some kitchen scales take less than a second to provide an accurate measurement, but some machines tend to be slower.

As long as an accurate reading doesn’t take more than five seconds to appear, then you’re good to do. Anything longer than that can already be an issue of accuracy.

6. Unit change

Unless all recipes use the same standard measures, it’s equally important to get a kitchen scale that can change the unit of measurement in one press of a button. One that can switch between imperial and metric measures quickly will save you from continuously doing manual conversions.

The Best Kitchen Scales in Singapore

Here, we’ll reveal our picks for the best kitchen scales in Singapore. We scouted the entire island and rounded up the most recommended models in the market, perfect for cooks and bakers of all levels of experience.

1.   Endo Digital Kitchen Scale E-DKS2160

Endo Digital Kitchen Scale E-DKS2160
BEST FEATUREMultifunctional but low-cost
ACCURACY1 gram or 0.1 ounces
MEASUREMENTSGrams and ounces
CAPACITY5 kilograms


Let’s start our list with one of the cheapest digital kitchen scales on the island: the Endo Digital Kitchen Scale E-DKS2160. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t disappoint in terms of durability.

It comes with a container that holds both dry and wet ingredients in place without blocking the display screen. Its container is deep and wide enough that it can double as a bowl for mixing baking ingredients.

Like most kitchen scales, it weighs in 1-gram or 0.1-ounce increments. It has an impressive level of accuracy too because of the high-precision strain gauge sensor, so no worries about messing measurements while baking.

As with most digital kitchen scales, it features a tare function, a capacity of 5 kilograms, and a large LCD display with reverse white backlight. You won’t have a hard time finding storage for it because of its compact and lightweight build.

It doesn’t have other special features, but that’s forgivable, given that it’s a low-cost digital kitchen scale. It’s a great choice as a multifunctional kitchen scale that won’t hurt anyone’s budget.


  • Wide platform
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes with a container
  • Clear and large LCD display


  • Not ideal for measuring small amounts
  • Cleaning can become an issue

2.   ENDO E-DKS1747 Digital Kitchen Scale

ENDO E-DKS1747 Digital Kitchen Scale
BEST FEATURENo battery required
MEASUREMENTSGrams, ounces, pounds, and mililitres
CAPACITY5 kilograms


Since we couldn’t get enough of ENDO digital kitchen scales, we decided to include another one in our list. What makes this one different from other options is that it doesn’t require batteries to work.

It’s one of the few battery-less digital kitchen scales sold on the island, so it’s an environmentally friendly option as well. If that’s something you’re looking for in most products, then you won’t be disappointed with the ENDO E-DKS1747.

In terms of lifespan,  the ENDO E-DKS1747 is built to outlive even the most durable battery-powered digital kitchen scale. Its durability has been tested for more than 50,000 operations.

If the previous option can only measure through grams and ounces, the ENDO E-DKS1747 can switch from grams to pounds to ounces and even to millilitres.  It’s designed with a high-precision strain gauge sensor for a higher level of accuracy.

IT comes with a high-resolution LCD display, but there’s no backlight unlike our previous pick. Unless you work in the dark, though, it’s not a huge issue.


  • Environmentally friendly model
  • Battery-less unit
  • Displays 4 units of measurement


  • No backlight for the display

3.   ADE KE Digital Kitchen Scale

ADE KE Digital Kitchen Scale
BEST FEATUREExtra flat and compact design
MEASUREMENTSGrams, mililitres, fluid ounces, and pounds.
CAPACITY5 kilograms


If you’re looking for a digital kitchen scale that isn’t bulky and hard to store, then look no further than the ADE KE Digital Kitchen Scale. It’s a compact kitchen scale with a sleek and modern design accentuated by its extra-slim build.

It’s the perfect option for those who have limited countertop space. It may not look like a heavy-duty kitchen scale on the surface, but it has the features of one.

It features a bright and large LCD display, a weighing surface made of hygienische, and a battery level indicator. It even comes with an overload indicator that notifies users when the measurement has gone beyond its limit.

Another feature of the ADE KE Digital Kitchen Scale is that it displays measurements in fluid ounces, perfect for those who regularly measure all sorts of liquids. Other measurements include grams, mililitres, and pounds.


  • Easy to clean
  • Slim and compact design
  • Can switch to fluid ounces
  • A surface made out of polished stainless steel


  • Slightly more expensive than the previous picks
  • Not that accurate for low weights

4.   KitchenAid Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale

KitchenAid Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale
BEST FEATURERotating knob design
ACCURACY0. 1 ounces and 5000 grams
MEASUREMENTSGrams, mililitres, liquid ounce, and pounds
CAPACITY5 kilograms


The KitchenAid Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale has to be one of the classiest and most elegant kitchen scales out in the market. It comes with a sleek tempered glass surface, stainless steel accent trim, and an oversized knob.

It’s a high-end digital kitchen scale that goes well with all types of interiors, even the simplest ones. It’s forgivable that it’s one of the most expensive kitchen scales in our list, given its build and features.

One of its unique features is the oversized rotating knob used to turn on the power and switch from one measurement to another. Its modern and elegant design calls for no buttons because everything is controlled through the knob.

Lastly, the KitchenAid Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale has a large screen display that shows measurements clearly and legibly, so no need to squint trying to decipher what’s written on the screen.

It helps users save batteries as well by automatically turning off after three minutes of no change in weight on the platform.


  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-off feature
  • Tempered glass surface
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Expensive

5.  KitchenAid KQ909

BEST FEATUREDual platforms
ACCURACY0.01 grams
MEASUREMENTSGrams, ounces, and pounds
CAPACITY5 kilograms

In terms of accuracy, the KitchenAid KQ909 takes the top spot in our list, boasting 0.01g accuracy. We know it’s a lot more expensive compared to the previous picks, but higher accuracy usually comes with heavier price tags.

Another feature that makes it stand out from other digital kitchen scales is its dual platform, allowing users to measure two items at once. Its platforms have a combined limit of five kilograms, though, which is the capacity of most digital kitchen scales.

On top of that, the KitchenAid KQ909 comes with a two-line backlit LCD display that reads out calculations of both platforms at the same time, which is an incredible feature if you’re trying to rush things in the kitchen.

Despite having two platforms, cleaning the KitchenAid KQ909 isn’t hard because of its stainless-steel build. You can clean it through a single wipe of  a wet towel, which already removes all food stains and odour.


  • Easy to clean
  • Double platforms
  • High accuracy level
  • Reads out measurements of both platforms at the same time


  • Expensive
  • Durability is questionable

6. GMM Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

GMM Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale
BEST FEATUREHigh Weight Capacity
MEASUREMENTSGram, ounces, pounds, kilogram
CAPACITY30 kilograms

If you’re looking for a lightweight digital kitchen weighing scale that has a high weight capacity, then the Digital Electronic Postal Food Kitchen Weighing Scale might be what your kitchen needs.

This weighing scale has increments per gram and can cater to a maximum weight capacity of 30kg. It also has a simple operation system that has an easy-to-read digital display with its backlit LCD.

You may think that this product is bulky, but despite its large stainless steel weighing platform, this weighing scale is also portable, easy to carry and store.

The best part of this scale is that it has low power consumption and high accuracies. Energy is also conserved with its auto power off function if idle for more than 5 minutes.

Overall, you can get a good value for your money with the Postal Food Kitchen Weighing Scale.


  • High weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Low power consumption
  • Affordable


  • Inaccurate for low weights

FAQS about the Best Kitchen Scales in Singapore

And with that, we conclude our list of the best kitchen scales in Singapore. If you’ve used any of these kitchen scales in the past, don’t hesitate to share with us how it helped your adventures in the kitchen.

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