Top 25 Hidden Parks in Singapore
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The Road Less Traveled By: Top 25 Hidden Parks in Singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore is fond of public parks, and many of these parks are so grand and majestic that they’ve become tourist destinations themselves. Two great examples of this are Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Botanic Gardens.

However, even though there are several parks that are popular among locals and tourists, there are still others that fall under the radar. These hidden parks in Singapore offer just as much serenity and natural beauty, so they’re still worth checking out. 

Intrigued? Good, because I’m here to show you some of my favorite hidden parks in Singapore today! 

Singapore’s Best Hidden Parks to Visit and Unwind In 

Tampines Eco Green

— From: grace.zyj

Address: Tampines Ave 9, Singapore 520491 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—7:30 am to 7:30 pm

Tampines Eco Green may seem unassuming at first. After all, it doesn’t have any designated entrance gates. But the moment you step inside and the more you traverse the land in this park, you’ll realize that this park is something special. 

This park boasts 36.5 hectares of sprawling land made up of open grasslands, a secondary rainforest, and freshwater wetlands. Truly a green paradise on its own!

Plus, all the man-made items you can find in the park—such as the information panels and even the toilets—are made from recyclable goods. A beautiful and eco-friendly park? Sign me up!

Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden

— From: caveman_sean

Address: Tampines St. 11, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden is a perfect example of a hidden gem. It’s located behind a residential block, so passersby tend to overlook it.

But don’t overlook it! Even though this garden is relatively small, it features up to 50 butterflies of seven different species—being surrounded by these colorful insects makes you feel like you’re in a magical land. 

Additionally, you can find vibrant swings and unique terraced benches if you want to simply chill and enjoy the vibe. 

Hampstead Wetlands Park

— From: davidchiaff

Address: 1 Baker St, Singapore 799977

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Hampstead Wetlands Park is a 3.23-hectare green sanctuary right in the middle of an industrial area. In this park, you can find an impressive variety of plants, birds, and wild animals that thrive in freshwater ecosystems. 

To ensure that you’ll get a great view of the wetlands, station yourself in any of the observatory decks. There are also a few hiking trails if you’re in the mood for some exercise around the park. 

Sembawang Park

— From: neosionglee

Address: Sembawang Rd, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Located all the way in the north, Sembawang Park is an underrated destination with a beach, several playgrounds, and hiking trails. It’s also noted for its rich history—the Seletar Pier has been around since the 1920s, and the jetty since World War II. 

This park is also where you can find The Beaulieu House, a cozy and nostalgic-themed restaurant that’s located on top of the hill. If your seat is by the window, you can enjoy the scenery of the blue waters while dining here. 

Jurong Eco-Garden

— From: the.breakfast.pup

Address: Cleantech Loop, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Part of the CleanTech Park, Jurong Eco-Garden is nestled away at the edge of Nanyang Technological University. For this reason, it’s an ideal place to go if you just want to take a break from the bustling nature of the city. 

What I love about this park is that it has various thematic zones. My favorite zone is the Wildlife Corridor because I love the vibe of the wild, but I also really like the Swamp Forest, Summit Forest, and the Freshwater Swamp Forest. 

Keep an eye out for migratory birds that roam around the park. There are plenty of them! 

Thompson Nature Park

— From: ruthhughes6889944

Address: Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—7 am to 7 pm

Thompson Nature Park is located near the more popular Central Nature Reserve, which is why it’s often overlooked by people. But it’s definitely a gem in its own right, so don’t miss out on this park. 

Hikers, in particular, will love this place because it has five trails that span 3.8 km! Wildlife photographers will also have a fun time here because you can spot all sorts of animals, including critically endangered species like the Raffles’ Banded Langur. 

Kranji Marshes

— From: celzhmar

Address: 11 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718814

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—7 am to 7 pm

Contact Number: +6567941401

When you set foot in the Kranji Marshes, you’ll forget that you’re in an urbanized country. The landscape looks like it’s taken straight from a fairy tale book or a dystopian movie—all greenery as far as the eye can see. 

The Kranji Marshes is one of the largest freshwater marshes in Singapore, and it’s also home to a rich array of wildlife and wild plants. To be more specific, there are 170 species of birds, 54 species of butterflies, and 33 species of dragonflies here.

The best way to check out Kranji Marshes is by exploring the area on foot. But if you’re tired, you can just head to the on-site observation deck, where you can sit down and enjoy the gorgeous view. 

Zhenghua Nature Park

— From: labarintowynci

Address: 466 Segar Rd, Singapore 670466

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Zhenghua Nature Park is another park located near the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and it’s meant to act as a green buffer for the reserve. But more than that, it’s also a great place for families to spend some quality time with each other. 

Adults can go hiking, jogging, or cycling in any of the tracks, while the little ones can play in the playgrounds. They might also entertain themselves by spotting as many animals as they can.  

Clementi Forest

— From: acidghost80

Clementi Forest is best known among hikers for being part of the Rail Corridor trail, but even if you’re not into hiking, you can still visit this place just to enjoy the environment. 

This forest is a reminder that Singapore was once an island overrun by forests, and fortunately, it’s been untouched, so you can enjoy it in its fullest glory. 

When you come here, don’t hesitate to have a mini photoshoot. The green backdrop will look so good in your photos, trust me. 

Telok Ayer Green

— From: jumble_house

Address: Telok Ayer St, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Telok Ayer Green is located amidst shophouses, so it can go unnoticed at times. But when you visit it, you’ll see what a charming little spot it is. 

What I love about this park, in particular, is how it honors the historical background of the neighborhood it’s in. In the past, Telok Ayer used to be the residence of Malay fishermen, but when the British came, it became an area for the Chinese. 

The community’s diversity is ever-present in Telok Ayer Green—you can find sculptures of Malays and Chinese in the past. These sculptures depict all sorts of mundane, everyday activities, such as fishing and selling their catch to other people. 

Telok Ayer Park

— From: kaymeramen

Address: Telok Ayer St, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Many people confuse Telok Ayer Park with Telok Ayer Green simply because they’re both located along Telok Ayer Street, but they’re actually different from each other. 

Telok Ayer Park doesn’t have the sculptures that Telok Ayer Green has, but it does have many cozy nooks and swings. It also has several trees, so you can cool down in the shade if need be.  

Additionally, the park is conveniently situated in the Central Area, making it a perfect respite for many people in the city. 

Ann Siang Hill Park

— From: krouchend

Address: 78 Club St, Singapore 069447

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Chinatown is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Singapore, but luckily, it still has a few quiet enclaves if you want to take a break from the crowd. One perfect example of this is Ann Siang Hill Park. 

What I love about this park is that it’s located on a hill, so you have to climb up to reach the top. This lets you exercise, which is always a good thing, and once you reach the top, you’ll be able to enjoy a stunning view of the neighborhood. 

Take photos when you can! You’ll want to remember the scenery when you go back home.

Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Boardwalk

— From: maleehospitality

Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497 

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Pasir Ris Town Park may seem charming and underrated, but it’s popular among certain kinds of visitors—families because of its sprawling playgrounds and angler hobbyists because of its fishing spot.

Personally, I think the best part of the park is its mangrove boardwalk. The mangrove forest is huge and walking on the boardwalk lets you see all the native animals with ease.   

For a superior view, head to the three-story bird-watching tower, which is located within the mangrove forest. You might also want to bring binoculars and try your luck spotting any flying creatures. 

Yishun Pond Park

— From: _karelbr

Address: Yishun Central, Singapore 760323

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Understandably, the main highlight of Yishun Pond Park is its sizable pond. Sitting on the lawn facing the pond promises a tranquil time… and if you want an even more fun time, you can consider having a picnic here. 

For nature lovers, there are several information boards within the premises, and you can learn more about the native flora and fauna by reading them. You might also be interested in heading to the spiral tower—the view there is amazing!

Pearl’s Hill City Park

— From: ng5ghsh1

Address: Chin Swee Road & Pearl’s Hill Rd, Singapore 169879

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—7 am to 7 pm

Pearl’s Hill City Park is a hidden oasis located in Outram Park. Built around a reservoir on top of a hill, it boasts clusters of Tembusu trees, allowing you to cool down and relax.

To make things better, the pond looks gorgeous and colorful when lotus plants are in bloom. If you happen to visit when lotus plants are in season, be sure to sit by the bench and enjoy the view. 

Orchard Central Roof Garden

— From: ______eric._

Address: Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895 

Orchard Central is one of the most well-known shopping malls on Orchard Road, but did you know it also has a rooftop garden on its topmost floor? 

This rooftop garden is a laid-back area with greenery and waterfalls, so you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise even though the scenery of the city is right in front of you. 

It also has a playground, which is perfect if you’re bringing your little ones. 

Duxton Plain Park

— From: sightsichancedupon

Address: New Bridge Rd, Singapore 089140

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

What makes Duxton Plain Park unique is that it’s linear in shape. Because of this, it’s ideal for hikers who want to go from Yan Kit Road to New Bridge Road without any problem. 

This park also has an interesting backstory. Back in the day, it used to be land that was reserved for a railway leading to Pulau Saigon; it was part of the Tank Road–Bukit Timah line, which was opened back in 1907. 

In terms of sights to see, don’t miss out on the large Indian Rubber tree, which is located right by Yan Kit Road. You’ll also pass by several restaurants, so it’s easy to grab a bite if you’re hungry. 

Woodlands Waterfront Park

— From: ins__tiger

Address: Admiralty Rd W, Singapore 759956

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

If you want to enjoy a relaxing day by the coast, Woodlands Waterfront Park might pique your interest. This one boasts a 1.5 km-long waterfront, so you can take a fun stroll and cherish the cool breeze and a panoramic view of the Johor Straits.

Though hiking is the most popular thing to do here, you can try cycling or skating instead. If you’re bringing children, they’ll love playing on the on-site playground.  

Woodlands Botanical Garden

— From: touristinmyownland

Address: 134 Marsiling Rd, Singapore 730134

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours


Woodlands Botanical Garden has to be one of my favorite underrated parks in Singapore. It’s a community garden that began as a ground-up initiative, and now, it spans over 2,500 square meters and has nine stories of plants from 200 varieties!

Aside from plants, this garden is home to an impressive array of butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and other insects. It really is a haven for people who love learning more about nature and wildlife. 

Bukit Batok Town Park

— From: wanderjhun

Address: Bukit Batok Street 52, Singapore

Bukit Batok Town Park is also called Little Guilin or Xiao Guilin by the locals because it has granite rock formations that look like the ones present in Guilin, China. 

Aside from the rock formations, the park has a tranquil lake. The best way to spend time in this park is by relaxing in any of the dome-shaped shelters and enjoying the view of the lake and towering cliffs. 

Because of its beautiful scenery, this park is a go-to wedding destination for many people. 

Sengkang Riverside Park

— From: cavachon.bella

Address: Anchorvale Street, Singapore 544834

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Sengkang Riverside Park features the largest man-made wetland in Singapore, which means that it’s rich in terms of biodiversity. Aside from the various aquatic plants and animals, you can also find all sorts of edible fruit such as starfruit and dragonfruit.

This park is part of the North Eastern Riverine Loop of the Park Connector Network, so if you want to explore more, you can check out the connected parks like Rower’s Bay, Paris Park, and East Coast Park.  

Chestnut Nature Park

— From: saung_hnin_myu94

Address: Chestnut Ave, Singapore 679514

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday—7 am to 7 pm

Boasting an area of 81 hectares, Chestnut Nature Park is the perfect place to go if you want to spend the whole day hiking and exploring. There are so many trails available here, so whether you’re a newbie or a professional, you’ll find that works for you.

Aside from hiking trails, this park also has several mountain biking tracks and loops so that you can practice and improve your skills even further. 

Hindhede Nature Park

— From: shuutravels

Address: Hindhede Dr, Singapore

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Saturday—7 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday—7 am to 7:30 pm

Hindhede Nature Park is the underrated neighbor of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and it’s an excellent spot if you love hiking and bird-watching. The trails here are mostly easy and accessible, making them perfect for beginners and families.

The park’s main highlight has to be the Hindhede Quarry, which is located right at the end. It boasts a clear view of the still waters and the towering cliffs at the back. 

Kent Ridge Park

— From: monk3yseendo

Address: Vigilante Dr, Singapore 118176

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Kent Ridge Park is one that I’m sure will appear to history lovers. This park was where one of the last battles for Singapore during World War II was fought, and the government has really made an effort to honor that.

At Carpark B, you’ll find a commemoration plaque placed to mark the 50th anniversary of the war’s end. Additionally, you should visit Reflections at Bukit Chandu, an on-site museum where you can learn more about this historic battle. 

For fitness enthusiasts, there are several stations around the park where you can exercise. You might also be interested in hiking or jogging on any of the tracks. 

Berlayer Creek

— From: lily_fang_93

Address: Labrador Park MRT Station, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Berlayer Creek is home to one of the remaining mangroves in Singapore, which is why it’s highly protected. Aside from mangroves, you can also expect to find rocky shore habitats and mudflats here. 

Though Berlayer Creek is not as popular on its own, it’s pretty well-known among experienced hikers because it’s part of a trail that goes through Labrador Nature Reserve and the Southern Ridges. 

If you pass by this creek, take a moment to enjoy the blue waters and the thriving mangroves.