5 Electrical Upgrades You Can Try for Your Home
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5 Electrical Upgrades You Can Try for Your Home

Home upgrades are not just about upscaling the aesthetic appeal of your space. These projects can also deal with various repairs to increase the functionality of your home. 

One of the best ways to do this is to upgrade your electrical system. To give you an idea as to what project to work on next, check out some of the electrical upgrades you can try for your home. 

Rewiring and Rerouting 

Large-scale renovations and overhauls include moving things around. Suppose the kitchen renovation service or toilet renovation service you hired suggests changes to the space’s layout. 

In that case, aside from changing the fixtures and design of your kitchen or bathroom, you might also need to upgrade or adjust your electrical system to accommodate the changes. 

In addition to that, if you plan to renovate a dated structure, it’s best to note that old wiring is a huge safety hazard. 

A renovation project is the best time to address this issue because the walls of your home are likely to be open so the electrician can easily rewire or reroute your home’s electrical system. 

Outlets and Receptacles 

If you bought an old house and plan to renovate it, note that this structure is very likely to have outlets and receptacles that are outdated or worse, lack the proper ground wire you require. 

These electrical system features may look small and harmless but it’s still best to upgrade them during a renovation to lessen the risk of power surges and electrical fires. 

Smart Home Features 

When it comes to renovations, one of the most sought-after choices is smart home innovations. Many homeowners prefer this upgrade because their home’s lights, televisions, speakers, security cameras, doorbell cameras, digital locks, and more can be connected into one system. 

Although this upgrade can be costly, it can offer you the convenience of automating your home and you can do this through the use of a smartphone or tablet

Besides that, you can also increase your home’s safety because through the smart security system’s interconnectivity, you can remotely monitor your house and receive real-time alerts in case there are incidents. 

Electrical Panels 

An electrical panel can function properly for around 20 to 30 years. However, since appliances nowadays require more power than older models, blackouts or flickering lights can become a regular occurrence in your house if you don’t upgrade your electrical panel. 

Hiring a power trip repair service every time this happens can be troublesome so it might be best to consult with your renovation contractor and consider upgrading your panels to accommodate your new appliances. 

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GCFIs)

GCFI is basically a fast-acting circuit breaker that can shut off electric power in case there’s a ground fault. This upgrade can be a good way to prevent electrical issues and accidents because it can trip off the electric power in as fast as 1/40 of a second. 

If you have any electrical outlet that is positioned near a water source in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or outdoor space, most handymen or electricians will require you to have a GCFI installed.