5 Simple Ways to Avoid Home Renovation Mistakes
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5 Simple Ways to Avoid Home Renovation Mistakes 

A home improvement project can be a tedious and complicated process. In addition to that, there can be instances where tricky and costly mistakes happen along the way. 

Even if some of these mishaps can be unexpected, there can still be a chance to prevent them from happening to steer clear of any major hiccups. 

Before starting your home improvement project, check out these simple ways to avoid home renovation mistakes.  

Create a budget that will work for you. 

Before you start anything, make sure that you have allotted a budget for the renovation project you have in mind. If you don’t carefully plan your budget, you may run short of cash in the middle of the renovation, or you’ll end up paying more because you bought the wrong materials or fixtures. 

You may see various online sales but remember that you should not buy any materials until the project is planned and all measurements are taken.

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to budgeting for home renovation, most contractors would recommend that you add an extra 10% to 20% more to your initial budget estimate. If you need more cash, you can also get a housing loan or renovation loan from major banks in Singapore. 

Look into various contractors. 

Getting the help of a professional company or team is a must, especially if it’s a major renovation project. If you need suggestions on professional services that may be of help to you for your home renovation plans, you can check out some of our listicles: 

Note that you should get written estimates from various contractors before you decide to hire the right one for your project. Through this, you can get a view of the competitive rates for a particular service, and you can compare the pros and cons of your top choices. 

Focus on projects that can give you a good return on investment. 

If you’re thinking of selling your home after a few years, investing in renovation projects that can improve your property’s market value is best. This is to ensure that you can get a good return on your money.

Nonetheless, whatever the purpose of your home renovation, consider getting the help of a real estate agent or property agent in your area to understand what upgrades or modifications can significantly upscale the value of your home. 

Get all necessary home renovation permits. 

Before starting any renovation project in Singapore, homeowners must apply for a renovation permit. 

For example, if you live in an HDB flat, you’ll need a renovation permit from the Housing Development Board (HDB). On the other hand, if you live in a detached house or other private properties, you’ll have to get a permit from the Building Construction Authority (BCA). 

Remember that the permits needed for a renovation project in Singapore can greatly vary based on several factors, so we suggest that you find a reliable contractor who can handle this process for you. 

In addition to that, specialized projects such as electrical work and plumbing require certain permits and the aid of a licensed electrician or plumber.

Don’t skimp on materials and quality. 

A handyman can handle simple projects or fix-up tasks. However, when it comes to large-scale renovations, you’ll definitely need a professional team to ensure the safety and quality of materials, tools, and equipment that will be used. 

We understand that renovation projects can be costly, but if you want to save money in the long run, don’t cut corners and use cheap and low-quality materials. Discuss some options with your contractor so you can choose the best quality materials that will fit your budget.