ViewQwest vs MyRepublic Home Fibre Broadband Plans

ViewQwest vs MyRepublic: Which Has Better Home Fibre Broadband Plans?

Are you planning to replace your old Internet service provider with a new one? Chances are you’re contemplating which to choose between ViewQwest and MyRepublic, 2 of the most popular fibre broadband providers now.

If so, you’re in luck. We’ve done the hard task for you and conducted research where you can see all of their differences. In the process, you should be able to determine which plan best suits your needs.

As most users would either prefer to have a basic or gamer plan, we’ve listed the comparisons for those types of plans in particular from the 2 providers. After that, we’ll determine which one’s better for which users!

Let’s start with a closer look at the basic plans first!

ViewQwest vs MyRepublic: Basic Plans

If you want to experience a decent Internet connection where you can simply browse, stream, and shop online, both service providers offer quality basic plans. Take a look at the comparison table below for a quick breakdown.

ViewQwest Nighthawk Max Plan  MyRepublic TP-Link EC330
Starting Monthly Price at 1Gbps $49.90 $41.99/mth
Speed Boost Up to 2Gbps (+$15/mo) 1Gbps
Contract 24 Months 24 Months
Installation Fee $50  $53.50


If you prefer a lower monthly price, MyRepublic’s basic plan is a good option for you. Even with the higher installation fee, it’s still much cheaper than the ViewQwest option at the end of the day.

Besides, the installation fee is a one-time payment. That means you can save more with the 24-month contract plan of MyRepublic.


Both offer the same speed; however, ViewQwest’s plan can be upgraded to 2Gbps if you’re willing to pay a little more. This is a better option if you mostly stay at home or perhaps work at home.

That’s because unlike with other plans, you can instantly boost the speed of this one without having to switch to another plan or install another modem. Still, the added $15 may make some think twice… though we think it’s not a huge price to pay for the boost you get.

Additional Perks

Both providers have some very nice offerings here. Which one is better depends on your needs.

ViewQwest has a trademark service called Freedom DNS that’s automatically included on all of their plans. It can reroute your connection to streaming sites of the designated country — unblocking geo-restricted content and giving you full access to your favourite movies and TV series. It can also help protect you in case you use torrents.

On the other hand, MyRepublic provides a free home phone line with unlimited calls. That can be pretty useful for some people.

User Reviews on Basic Plans

Both of these plans seem to have a lot of fans. Many users have become loyal customers of ViewQwest because of the basic plan that features a satisfying Internet connection with minimal lag. A customer wrote this feedback:

“I have been using ViewQwest for years and so far speeds are good and unthrottled. Hassle free and responsive service team who will even help you when you call at midnight. Setup is easy and I have been paying upfront annually to get a better discount.”

MyRepublic has also received a lot of positive reviews. Some of them complimented the additional home phone line services, saying that the unlimited calls were truly convenient.

Here’s a review shared by a user:

“1GB data is good enough as I mainly use home, office and public Wi-Fi. In terms of speed and connection, both are reasonably good. There’s free Caller ID, incoming calls and SMS.”


For the overall services and costs, it’d be better to have ViewQwest’s basic plan. The best thing about this plan is that you don’t have to get another upgraded plan just to boost the speed.

With MyRepublic’s offered plans, you can technically also avail of a plan with 2Gbps speed, but it comes with another installation and other charges. Moreover, they also have higher service fees on all plans compared to ViewQwest.

Therefore, it’d be wiser to invest in ViewQwest’s basic plan, for most people.

ViewQwest vs MyRepublic: Gamer Plans

Now for the gamer plans. Not all telecom companies can offer plans dedicated to gamers but both ViewQwest and MyRepublic provide gamer plans for a highly responsive and lag-free gaming experience.

Let’s check out the comparisons for these plans below.

  ViewQwest Raptor Plan MyRepublic Dual Gamer Plan
Starting Monthly Price at 1Gbps $59.90 $65.99
Speed Boost Up to 2Gbps Boost Up to 2Gbps
Contract 24 Months 24 Months
Installation Fee  $50 ($80 on weekdays) $53.50


For their gamer plans, both of these providers offer surprisingly affordable rates. Usually, higher-speed plans like these cost a lot more.

But in terms of pricing, ViewQwest’s offering is still superior, as you can see. $6 may not seem like a big difference, but that mounts up over 24 months. Just think, by the end of the plan, you’ll have paid about $144 more for the MyRepublic plan than that ViewQwest!

So, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to experience battle-tested network specs, then this plan could be a better option.


As for the speed, they’re the same. The difference is that with the MyRepublic plan, you can choose between two award-winning gaming routers.

These options will give you an ultimate gaming experience that goes beyond the matter of Internet speed — meaning that you can have a more stable and consistent connection to go with your bandwidth.

Additional Perks

As mentioned earlier, ViewQwest offers a Freedom DNS service in their plans. This is also the only freebie included in their gamer plan.

Unlike ViewQwest, MyRepublic’s gamer plan features a lot of exclusive deals such as 3 free months of subscription and a free home phone line with unlimited calls.

Again, your choice here depends on what you’d prefer. Since most gamers already have their own DNS (sometimes even a free one), though, MyRepublic’s perks may be more attractive to most.

User Reviews on Gamer Plans

Again, both plans got great reviews from the customers.

Most users were delighted with the overall features of MyRepublic’s gamer broadband plan, particularly with the custom routing feature and gamer priority hotline. One of the users left this review:

“Compared to other ISPs I have been with before I joined MyRepublic (about 7 years ago), I am very happy and satisfied to share that MyRepublic is definitely the better in terms of good, consistent internet speeds. No more lag spikes after 9pm to interrupt your gaming, very little to no downloading pauses to interrupt your streaming. Maintenance downtimes were pre-empted and set at a very off-peak timing, and have always been completed within stated times. I only had to contact their customer service once over my 7 year period with them, and it was over a billing issue (which was resolved once and for all). “

Meanwhile, users were impressed by how ViewQwest doesn’t throttle the bandwidth and provides the full access and speed that they paid for. A user gave this feedback:

“It was a little tricky deciding between the various ViewQwest 2Gbps plans, there are just so many of them. But the router that comes with it would deliver less of the boosted 2Gbps bandwidth, unlike the ViewQwest raptor plan. Arguably, the most decorated of all the ISPs in Singapore. With awards from Ookla as Singapore’s fastest fixed network 2018-2019.”


With the MyRepublic plan’s excellent speed and perks, the MyRepublic Dual Gamer Plan is a highly recommended option for amateur and professional gamers alike. It costs more, sure — but chances are, if you’re looking for a gaming plan, you can afford it!

Also, MyRepublic has been widely recognised for their broadband gaming packages. Others’ testimonials claim you’ll have a blast with the company’s gaming plans!

Overall Conclusion

There you go! Based on the comparisons stated above, each telecom company has plans worth checking out.

Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes, but on the whole, ViewQwest has a better basic plan and MyRepublic offers the better choice for gamers.

In other words, for the casual users who simply want to have an Internet connection for entertainment purposes or work tasks that don’t require ultra-fast speed, you can opt for ViewQwest’s basic plan.

However, if you’re a pro gamer or even a particularly dedicated amateur one, you can have a superior gaming experience with the gamer plan of MyRepublic. It’s also a good choice if your work demands a higher speed such as 3D rendering for graphic designers or website creation for web developers.

Now that you know the strong points of each Internet service provider, do you agree with our final verdict? Or would you like to know more about their other broadband plans? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

And if you’d like to explore more options, see our list of the best fibre broadband plans in Singapore! These selections also provide reliable and stable Internet connections at affordable costs!