Best Fibre Broadbands in Singapore
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The 5 Best Fibre Broadband Plans in Singapore

Nobody wants to suffer through a slow and unstable Internet connection. If you’ve been struggling with these issues lately, then you’ve come to the right place—because we’re rounding up the best fibre broadband plans in Singapore! 

Apart from that, we also have answers to some of the most common questions about the topic at the end of this article. But before any of that, let’s talk about prices first.

How Much Do Fibre Broadband Plans Cost in Singapore?

Price is a major factor when choosing a fibre broadband plan. We’ve gathered the monthly costs of each plan, plus additional fees that you can expect to pay on top of your monthly dues.

Just take note that listed costs may change without notice, and may include costs other than those listed below. Hence, we highly recommend checking in with your chosen provider for an exact estimate of total costs.

Starhub 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan  $42.90 per Month (24-Month Contract)●     $56.71 – NLT Service Activation Fee
●     $160.50 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation (High Rise – Condo or HDB)
●     $288.90 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation (Landed)
●     $12.84 – Delivery Fee
Singtel 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan$49.90 per Month (24-Month Contract)●     $128.40 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation Balance (Landed)
●     $56.71 – NLT Service Activation Charge for New Sign-ups
WhizComms 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plans$34.90 (24-Month Contract) or $40 (12-Month Contract) per Month●     $56.71 – NLT Service Activation Fee
●     $160.50 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation (High Rise – Condo or HDB)
●     $288.90 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation (Landed)
M1 gamePRO 1Gbps Plan$52 per Month (24-Month Contract)●     $58.85 – Fibre Registration
●     $160.50 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation (High Rise – Condo or HDB)
●     $288.90 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation
●     $32.10 – Transportation and Installation Cost (Weekdays before 6PM)
●     $48.15 – Transportation and Installation Cost (Weekdays after 6PM)
●     $64.20 – Transportation and Installation Cost (Weekends and Public Holidays)
MyRepublic 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan$56.99 per Month (24-Month Contract)●     $53.50 – MyRepublic Service Installation Fee (New Customers)
●     $26.75 – MyRepublic Service Installation Fee (Recontracting Customers)
●     $56.71 – NLT Service Activation Fee
●     $128.40 – Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation Balance (Landed)

The Best Fibre Broadband Deals in Singapore

Let’s proceed to our picks of the top fibre broadband deals that Singapore has to offer!

1.   Starhub

PRICE$42.90 per Month
FREE INCLUSIONS●     2-Month Subscription
●     2 Nokia WiFi Beacon 1 Mesh Routers
●     6-Month JuniorProtect Basic
●     Service Installation

If you’re looking for decent WiFi coverage that can cover a fairly wide area, you might want to consider Starhub’s 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan.

This is one of the best deals available for those with pesky dead spots around the house, since the plan comes with 2 free Nokia WiFi Beacon 1 mesh routers. Note that a single Beacon mesh router can cover up to an area of 140 square metres, depending on your house’s layout.

Apart from its free mesh routers, this plan is also a good choice if you have a child who’s learning how to use the internet for the first time. Thanks to its free 6-month JuniorProtect Basic package, you can manage your child’s time online and block certain websites.

With these free add-ons in place, we find it very useful for small families only, not so much if you live alone in an apartment. Other downsides to watch out for is that this plan is locked in for 2 years, and is only available for new sign-ups.

Still, we highly recommend giving this plan a go if you’re looking for a new broadband provider for your small family.


  • Ideal for small families
  • 2 free mesh routers
  • Free installation
  • Free 6-month JuniorProtect Basic plan
  • Free 2-month subscription


  • Requires a 2-year obligation
  • Valid for new sign-ups only
  • Additional sign-up fees may apply

Customer Reviews

Check out some good reviews by people who used this broadband plan below:

“Received a 1Gbps fiber broadband service for signing a two-year star and TV service contract. The network speed is quite stable, and the speed of downloading and uploading files is also fast and without lag. The test speedtest is also one of the best. Customer satisfaction is high and good. Good choice. Don’t hesitate to make your choice as soon as possible!” —Colin Fong F S, Seedly

“My family is using the 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plan. The connection is stable with minimal downtime. The speed is fast as well. I’ve been a customer of StarHub for several years and have not experienced any issues. That said, it’d be good to have re-contract perks. I’d recommend StarHub to anyone. :)” —Serene, Seedly

2.   Singtel

PRICE$49.90 per Month
FREE INCLUSIONS●     5-Month Subscription
●     Fibre Termination Point (FTP) and Router Installation (For High-Rise Buildings Only)
●     Wireless Dual-band AC Access Point
●     4G Mobile Broadband Plan (500MB)
●     Weekday Service Installation
●     Waived Registration Fee
●     10% Off Your Mobile Subscription

Now, this one’s for new homeowners or those moving out for the first time. You’ll find plenty of inclusions that can be useful for your new home with Singtel’s 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan.

With a decent speed of 1Gbps, you don’t have to worry about getting yourself a new router if you don’t have one yet as it’s already included in the plan.

And although the plan comes with a 2-year contract, the first 5 months of your subscription are free of charge, allowing you to save up to $250!

Other benefits that you can enjoy alongside this plan include a discount of 10% off your Singtel postpaid subscription, as well as a 4G Mobile Broadband data allowance of up to 500MB—perfect for existing Singtel customers.

But what really makes this plan unique for new homes is the option of allowing subscribers to get new appliances for low monthly interest-free payments. For instance, you can get a new Samsung 4K Smart TV for an additional monthly payment of $33 throughout the contract.

The price tag of the plan may be a drawback for some, though. Alternatively, you can also get the same speed for a lesser cost of $39.90, without the free 5-month subscription.


  • Ideal for new homeowners
  • Free 5-month subscription
  • Free monthly mobile data allowance
  • 10% off Singtel postpaid subscriptions
  • Appliances available as add-ons


  • Requires a 2-year obligation
  • Valid for new sign-ups only
  • Free installation only available in weekdays
  • Activation fees apply

Customer Reviews

Check out what clients had to say about this broadband plan:

“Recently received a call from CS to upgrade my 500Mbps to 1Gbps for the same cost. The CS are very patient in explaining and guiding through different promotions available. Easy fast pick and go the Mesh Wifi router from Orchard Central as well.” —Weebee, Seedly

“Have been a loyal customer of singtel for many years, their broadband is the most stable without much disruptions over the years. However, with only one router in the house sometimes the connection in rooms is bad. otherwise the speed is fine for a normal user ( 1 GPBS). but the only bad thing is that despite being a loyal customer, there are little to no perks a customer can enjoy, little discounts (even with bundles), no rewards. Customer service has improved, as it is brought over to whatsapp also.” —Hayley, Seedly

3.   WhizComms

PRICE$34.90 (24-Month Contract) or $40 (12-Month Contract) per Month – WhizComm runs promotion on this pricing on a month to month consistent basis.
FREE INCLUSIONS●     Onsite Wi-Fi Audit Service for all router purchases from WhizComms
●     Less Rates for Installation Service (12-Month Contract) or Free Installation Service (24-Month Contract)
CONTACT DETAILS+65 3109 0088
[email protected]

Not a fan of all the frills that come with most broadband plans these days? Then, look no further than WhizComms’ 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plans!

Apart from the usual 24-month contract, you can actually get their broadband plan for 12 months only—perfect for those who don’t want to be tied in for long periods of time.

We also like the fact that any router plan purchase from WhizComms comes with an onsite WiFi audit service. With the help of their technicians, this service will help you position your wireless router for the best coverage.

Depending on your chosen contract, you can either get less rates for installation services or you can either get installation for free. Others may find the lack of a wireless router in this plan a drawback, though.

Still, you can save quite a bit with this plan if you already have your own router. Otherwise, Whizcomms also has other fibre broadband plans that come with wireless routers—if you don’t have one yet, that is.


  • Affordable fees
  • 12-Month contract available
  • Discounted rates, delivery, and installation for 12-month contract
  • Free installation under 24-month contract
  • Include onsite Wi-Fi Audit (Router Plans Only)
  • Open to new and existing customers


  • No wireless router included
  • 1-year contract is more expensive

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a customer said about WhizComms:

“The application was easy. The network setup staff was very patient and waited for me to check the speed across different devices. The support staff were very prompt in their responses, especially on my endless queries regarding a seamless porting of my home line. They also went above and beyond their job scope when I had a problem with Netlink (they offered to make arrangements with Netlink on my behalf!). There was an email sent on the incoming referral credits (ask your friends to refer you to get $5 credit!) and the bill is very easy to understand too. I’m incredibly impressed with this ISP, after my terrible experiences with my previous ISP. I’m so glad I made the switch! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!” —MY, Seedly

4.   M1

PRICE$52 per Month
FREE INCLUSIONS●     Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router
●     4G Mobile Broadband Plan (500MB)
●     Home Fixed Voice Service
●     Less Rates for ONT Activation

Listen up, gamers, this plan’s specifically for you! M1 promises a smoother gaming experience with their gamePRO 1Gbps Plan, which comes with a neat set of perks specifically designed for professional and casual gamers.

Priced at $52 a month over a 24-month contract, it’s certainly more expensive than other options on our list. However, it’s the ideal plan to get if you want seamless and uninterrupted gameplay.

To start with, the plan includes a free Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router—a high-performance router that reduces ping spikes by up to 77%, in game speak. But in simpler terms, this router can significantly reduce lags.

Other unique features of this plan include a dedicated network, lower latency, and managed routing. These are meant to provide you with smoother gameplay, decent graphics, and of course, stable internet connection.

You can also game on the go with up to 500MB of mobile data allowance, thanks to its free 4G Mobile Broadband sim.

With these features in place, you can say goodbye to losing when you have one of the best fibre broadband plans for gaming!


  • Ideal for gamers
  • Free Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router
  • Free monthly mobile data allowance
  • Open to new and existing customers


  • Expensive monthly fees
  • Requires a 2-year obligation

Customer Reviews

Check out what some customers said about this plan:

“I’ve signup for almost two years. Generally the speet is acceptable. Just there are several major internet breakdown during COVID 19 period. Very interrupting the working efficiency. They should at least give an explanation or refund their customers for the service interrupt.” —Shuailong, Seedly

“Been using the service for the past 4 years. Would say that the down time is less than 5 times over the entire period. Ideally it is 0, but compared to overseas, this is ridiculously reliable (I’m comparing it to Japan, I used to use NTT Hikari flex for 2 years which is more expensive but slower and less reliable).” —Christopher Puan, Seedly

5.   MyRepublic

MyRepublic's Homepage
FREE INCLUSIONS●     3 Units of TP-Link Deco X60 WiFi-6 Mesh
●     Home Phone Line
●     FTP Installation
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6717 1680
Online request form here

And of course, we didn’t forget about large households, too. If you have a large home with multiple users, then you’ll likely benefit from this specific MyRepublic 1Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan.

It’s a fantastic deal if you have multiple dead spots around your large house, since it comes with 3 units of TP-Link Deco X60 WiFi-6 Mesh. Now, what makes these tiny devices powerful is that they can cover up to 650 sq. m. of space altogether.

What we like about these mesh devices is how seamless connectivity is as you move around your home. This means that your phone or device would be able to fastly connect to the nearest mesh device that has the strongest network.

Another benefit to this plan is that it comes with a free home phone line with unlimited local calls, which is very useful if you plan to set up a home office.

With a high price tag and 2-year contract period, we only recommend this plan for those with big houses. Moreover, you’d have to pay additional charges including installation and activation fees once you sign up.


  • Ideal for large houses
  • Free mesh devices
  • Free home phone line
  • Open to new and existing customers


  • Requires a 2-year obligation
  • Installation fees not included

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some customers said about this plan:

“Great CS, helped with all questions! Had an issue with fiber and they were very willing to explain to my elderly mother when I was not available.” —Aaron Chua, Seedly

“Very reliable connection! Gaming and streaming are smooth! Contacted customer service and they manage to sort out my issue quickly.” —Natasha Leng, Seedly

“I’ve been using My Republic for 6 years since I moved into my new place and happy using it. No hidden charges.” —Karen L M Leo, Seedly

FAQs about Fibre Broadband Plans

That wraps up our list of the best fibre broadband plans in Singapore! If you’ve tried any of these plans, do let us know your experience.

But if you think there are other plans that also deserve some love, you can give us a heads up, as well.

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