A Guide to the Pasir Panjang Power Station
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Electrifying: A Guide to the Pasir Panjang Power Station

Singapore has its fair share of historical attractions, and one of the most underrated has to be the Pasir Panjang Power Station. 

Built after the war, this power station once powered the nation, but it has since been decommissioned. Now, it’s a sight for architectural lovers and concertgoers (yes, it’s now a venue for concerts and other cool events)!

If you ever want to visit Pasir Panjang Power Station—whether to admire the architecture or attend a concert or a festival—here’s a handy-dandy guide to prepare you.

Things to Know

Address: 27 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 117537

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Contact Number: +6563239829

History and Background

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Pasir Panjang Power Station was borne out of necessity. At the time, Singapore had just suffered major damages from World War II, so it was important to improve the nation’s economy post-war.

To do that, there had to be a power station, and one of the nation’s prominent power sources at the time, St. James Power Station, was badly damaged. So, Pasir Panjang Power Station was built to replace it. 

Immediately after its construction, Pasir Panjang Power Station became an important icon for post-war Singapore. It had more power than its predecessor; it could generate enough electricity and then some for both residents and businesses alike.

At the time, the economy was on the rise, and the power station was credited as one of the factors for that. In fact, the city council president claimed the power station marked Singapore’s “emergence from the dark ages into the dawn of industrial development.”

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However, as more power stations are built in Singapore, many surpass the now-old power station and are more advanced and eco-friendly. Because of this, Pasir Panjang Power Station was decommissioned in the 1980s and 90s. 

Now, it’s gazetted as part of the Greater Southern Waterfront by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. There have also been talks about renovating the space, but so far, the power station maintains its historical look.

How to Get There

Bus: Riding the bus is the best method to get to Pasir Panjang Power Station. You just have to ride any of the following services: 10, 30, 30e, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188, or 188e. Then, disembark at the power station.

MRT: If you prefer riding the MRT, take the train and alight at Labrador Park MRT Station. Then, take Exit A and walk to the power station.

Car: There’s no parking lot at the power station. So, if you’d like to drive, be sure to park in the nearby car parks, such as the ones at Mapletree Business City and Alexandra Retail Center. 

Best Time to Visit

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Though the power station is open 24/7, the best time to visit is still during the day. This is especially true for people who just want to admire the building; it’s much easier to enjoy the architectural details when it’s sunny. 

Additionally, if you want to enjoy the architecture, I recommend avoiding days when there are events held in the power station. This is because there will definitely be a crowd, making it harder to explore. 

What to Do

Admire the architecture

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At first glance, the power station’s architecture may not seem like much. After all, it’s just like any other post-war building with its straightforward, square-ish appearance and red-brick facade. 

But you can find several cool details in its architectural design if you look closely. For example, the facade has square windows wrapped with precast concrete trimmings, which make the red surface pop out. 

Another cool design detail is the soaring glazed windows that are lined with concrete vertical fins. These vertical fins help minimize the sunlight glare filtering inside, making the interior bright but not too much. 

Of course, the interior is worth noting as well. The turbine hall is spacious and cavernous, with high ceilings and steelwork everywhere; it really gives a glimpse of the power station’s past. 

Attend concerts, festivals, and other community activities

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Even though Pasir Panjang Power Station is no longer a power station, it’s far from being nonfunctional because it’s now transformed into a mixed-use entertainment space. 

In other words, concerts, festivals, and other community events are regularly held here. So, if you want to experience the lively side of the power station, you might want to attend one or two of the events hosted. 

Personally, I attended a Laufey concert and the Alex Blake Charlie Sessions. Other cool events hosted in the power station are Seasons in Sessions (a musical performance themed around the seasons) and dog competitions. 

Host celebrations

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Are you planning to host your own celebration, like a birthday, a gathering of loved ones, or a corporate party? If so, then you might want to consider booking Pasir Panjang Power Station for your event!

The power station actually has several rooms that you can rent, and they all vary in size and atmosphere. So, you’ll undoubtedly find a space that works best for your planned event. 

The next section has more information about this. 

24OWLS: The Event Management of Pasir Panjang Power Station

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Contact: [email protected]


24OWLS is the organization that manages the events held in Pasir Panjang Power Station. So, if you’re interested in attending a concert or any other event, you should check out their website. 

Just keep in mind that sometimes, events like concerts are organized by third parties, so you might have to buy your tickets somewhere else. 

If you want to host an event inside the power station, you’ll also have to consult 24OWLS first. You’ll have to fill up a booking request form, where you’ll specify the kind of event you’re hosting and which space you’d like to rent out.

Here are the different rental spaces available inside the power station.

Turbine Hall A

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Usable Area: 3,660 square meters

Seating Capacity: 2,500 (standing), 1,500 (seated)

Turbine Hall A is the biggest rental space inside the power station, making it the perfect venue for big events like music concerts, fashion shows, product launches, and galas. 

Aside from its size, another striking thing about Turbine Hall A is that it has big windows, a skylight, and solid steel beams. So, when sunlight streams inside and hits the steel beams, it makes for a dramatic atmosphere. 

Boiler Hall B

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Usable Area: 3,350 square meters

Seating Capacity: 1,800 (standing), 1,000 (seated)

Boiler Hall B almost looks identical to Turbine Hall A, albeit a bit smaller. Just like Turbine Hall A, Boiler Hall B features big windows and vertical and horizontal beams interlacing with each other. 

Because of this, Boiler Hall B is a great choice for concerts and galas. It also works well for mid-sized events that need partitioning, like food festivals, art installations, and film shoots. 

The Nest 

Usable Area: 396 square meters

Seating Capacity: 300 (standing), 200 (seated)

The Nest is tucked away at the side of Turbine Hall A, and with an area of 396 square meters, it’s a cozy space meant for intimate get-togethers. 

The Nest also sports paint-chipped walls and charming furniture, so it feels like you’re hanging out in your own home. Because of its warm, laid-back vibes, this space is perfect for art workshops and acoustic shows. 

Green Room

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Usable Area: 672 square meters

Seating Capacity: 350 (standing), 150 (seated)

Another rental space that’s perfect for small, intimate events is the Green Room. This one is adorned with both modern and vintage furnishings, so it gives off a charming, almost hippy feel. 

Because the Green Room is small, it’s the ideal choice for a family gathering. It’s also the rental of choice for people who want to host an event or session for digital content creation and art workshops.