5 Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Venue
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5 Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Venue 

Now that you’ve finally said yes to your partner, the next step is to have the wedding talk. From finding the perfect wedding dress to your wedding venue, planning for your big day in Singapore can be overwhelming, so it’s best to start early.

Venues in particular can take up a huge part of your budget. So, we took the time and came up with 5 tips on how to choose the best wedding venue in Singapore just for you!


So you have your dream wedding in mind along with the perfect backdrop, but you can’t seem to decide what style you really want. 

We recommend curating a Pinterest board featuring all of the things you want for your wedding. Better yet, print-out photos and paste it on an actual mood board in your room. 

Before anything else, be sure to have a certain peg in mind. Do you want to have a rustic beach wedding? Or maybe a more luxurious one? It all comes down to personal preference.

So you better make a list of interests that you and your partner have, in order to come up with a unified style on your wedding day that you’ll both love!


Nothing beats the perfect location, and one way to do that is by checking the venue’s accessibility. Ask yourself, can you and your guests easily get to the location of the wedding? 

If that’s a yes, then it’s a good sign. The next thing that you need to remember is how the transportation process works. 

Will your guests bring their own cars? Or will you provide the transportation service yourself? 

Also, it’s always a plus to have a breathtaking view on your wedding day. You can choose a venue that offers a stunning oceanfront or perhaps a skyline scenery.

However, if there’s no view in sight, you can make the venue stand out by the decorations of your choice! Add artworks, floral pieces, vintage furnitures, crystal chandeliers, and more—details always make the place extra stunning!

Space and Capacity

A venue’s capacity can make or break your decision. You can’t cram hundreds of guests in a dainty banquet hall, so you might consider choosing a grand ballroom or an outdoor space if you have a large number of attendees. 

But keep in mind that if you want an intimate wedding, then you should opt for a smaller venue as well. This is to ensure that you don’t go way beyond your budget just to fill the space.  

If you’re holding the ceremony and reception in one place, make sure to inspect the area to avoid any blockages. You can also do a contingency plan by checking the venue when it’s all set-up.


You have a lot of thinking to do on this part, setting your wedding budget is definitely an important decision. You need to compute all of your expenses, from the cheapest to the most expensive purchases.

Also, you must have a concrete idea of how much you’re willing to spend, and if you have the financial capacity for it. But the great news is, you don’t really need to spend a fortune to turn your dream wedding into reality!

The expenses really depend on the venue of your choice and number of guests. So talk with your partner, lay out your plans and thoroughly list down the details of your wedding.

Wedding Packages

With wedding packages, you can easily get an all-inclusive bundle on your big day. Some offer full services—catering, bar, photography, set-up and clean-up, car rental and more!

One advantageous thing is that they also provide the wedding planner for you, making your wedding planning process less stressful.

However, if your venue provides most of the work, expect to allot almost 40% to 50% of your budget for their services.

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