A Bridge Amongst Greenery Your Guide to Henderson Waves
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A Bridge Amongst Greenery: Your Guide to Henderson Waves

Unique bridges are a dime a dozen in Singapore, and one perfect and popular example is Henderson Waves.

At 36 meters above the ground, the Henderson Waves towers above trees and greenery, so it feels like walking above the canopy. It also boasts a stunning architectural design, making it perfect for photos!

If you want to visit the Henderson Waves, read this guide for a memorable trip. 

Things to Know

Address: Henderson Road, Singapore
Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

History and Background

The idea to create Henderson Waves arose when the Singaporean government started a broader initiative to enhance green spaces in the southern part of the island. 

It was intended to be a place where people could take a break from the urban bustle and immerse themselves in nature. 

The bridge was eventually unveiled in 2008, and since then, Henderson Waves has attracted hikers, cyclists, bird watchers, and other people who simply want a casual stroll. 

How to Get There

Bus: Since Henderson Waves is located right by Henderson Road, your best option to get there is by riding bus service 145 and alighting on Henderson Road, right beneath the bridge. 

MRT: If you prefer riding the MRT, you can disembark on either Redhill, Telok Blangah, or Harbourfront stations because they’re the closest ones to Henderson Waves. Keep in mind that no matter which station you choose, you’ll have to walk to get to the bridge.

Car: For people with cars, there are several car parks near Henderson Waves. Some of the ones you can check out are 2 Telok Blangah Way, Telok Blangah Green Carpark 2, and the multi-story car park on 70B Telok Blangah Heights. 

Best Time to Visit

Since Henderson Waves is open 24/7, you can technically visit anytime you want. I recommend visiting during early morning or late afternoon because the sun won’t be as harsh then. 

Additionally, you can watch the sunrise or sunset if you come here at the right time, so all the more reason to visit during early morning or late afternoon. 

Henderson Waves is also great to visit at night. The bridge is lit up, providing a relaxing and romantic ambiance!

What to Expect

Eye-Catching Architecture

Unsurprisingly, the main highlight of Henderson Waves is its eye-catching architecture. It boasts an undulating shape that’s curving and twisting like a wave, and it’s made of steel arches and curved slats of Balau wood. 

The design was created with meticulous mathematics. The architects had to use a complex formula to get the look of waves just right, so, in a way, you can say that the bridge is a mathematical wonder!

Aside from being pretty and unique, the wave-like structure creates hidden recesses and shell-like niches where you can take shelter from the sun and rest. The design is aesthetically pleasing and functional—the best of both worlds!

Long Distance and Tall Heights

Another impressive thing about Henderson Waves is just how long it is and how high it is from the ground. 

Firstly, the bridge covers a distance of 274 meters, making it one of the longest pedestrian bridges in Singapore. Additionally, the bridge is about 36 meters above the ground, so it’s also the nation’s highest pedestrian bridge. 

Because of this, Henderson Waves is a popular hiking trail among adventurers. 

A Sweeping Panorama of Nature

Since Henderson Waves towers above a canopy of trees, you’re in for such a beautiful treat when you stroll on this bridge. You’ll be able to enjoy a sweeping panorama of nature, which is rare to see in highly urbanized Singapore. 

Plus, a cool breeze may greet you on the bridge, so it might be a refreshing walk.

An Open-Air Spot to Relax

Aside from being a spot for hikers and cyclists, Henderson Waves also serves as an open-air spot to relax. There are many benches here, so you can take a break from walking around and rest. 

The benches are also pretty spacious, so if there aren’t many people when you visit, you can lie down for a short while. Some people even bring snacks and have a casual picnic above the trees with their loved ones!

Spotting Zones for Bird Enthusiasts

If you’re a bird enthusiast, you’ll love visiting Henderson Waves because you can find many dedicated spotting zones here. So, you might want to bring your binoculars or fancy cameras and stake your spot to see as many birds as you can. 

Some of the birds you’ll find here are Japanese sparrowhawks, white-bellied sea eagles, house crows, pacific swallows, and crested honey buzzards. 

You might also be interested in joining the Singapore Birds Project, an organization that hosts raptor watches on Henderson Waves. If you join, you’ll make a tally of the number of raptor species you’ll spot here.

Connected to the Southern Ridges

Henderson Waves is technically a standalone attraction, but did you know it’s also connected to the Southern Ridges? The Southern Ridges is made up of 10 kilometers of trails that connect three parks in the southern part of Singapore. 

Because of this, you might be interested in extending your Henderson Waves hike and including the other waypoints in your trail. Here are some of the places that you can get to when you hike the Southern Ridges.

  • Mount Faber Park. You probably know about Mount Faber Park because there’s a station for the Singapore cable car there, but it’s also home to fancy restaurants and offers spectacular sights of the harbor. 
  • Telok Blangah Hill Park. In this park, you can find an elevated walkway that’s very much like Henderson Waves. So, you’ll enjoy walking amongst the trees here as well. 
  • Alexandra Arch. Alexandra Arch is another bridge with an impressive look. It resembles a leaf that’s opening up over the road. 

It’s an easy bridge to cross, and at night, it looks so pretty with its color-changing LED lights.

  • HortPark. HortPark practically rivals the Botanic Gardens in terms of beauty. Feel free to enjoy the well-manicured lawns and the colorful displays of flowers and plants!
  • Labrador Nature Reserve. Located by the coast, this nature reserve is a historical landmark as well. Watch out for the Dragon’s Teeth Gate and Red Beacon.

Also, don’t forget to say hello to the thriving wildlife there.