The Singaporean’s Guide to Grief Counselling
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The Singaporean’s Guide to Grief Counselling 

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is undoubtedly one of the things we all dread to happen one day. One way that can help you manage the grieving process is by going to therapy.

Unfortunately, the concept of grief counselling is fairly uncommon in Singapore. Whether or not you’re coping with the loss of a loved one at the moment, this guide aims to simplify grief counselling for you, and why you should consider attending one eventually. 

What’s grief counseling?

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, people experience grieving in different ways and in different durations. Some resort to anger, shock, and overwhelming guilt while others feel deep sadness.

Simply put, the role of grief counseling is to help people cope with the loss of a loved one in healthy ways. Grief counseling can guide people in exploring and processing their feelings about the loss of a loved one. 

Why should I go to grief counseling?

Being surrounded by family and friends during a difficult time plays a huge role in helping you with the grieving process. However, it may not always be enough, considering that some of your loved ones are grieving themselves too.

If feelings get overwhelming to the point that it affects your everyday life, it’s best to seek grief counseling. Your therapist can develop methods and strategies that will make coping with loss a little easier until you feel better.

Apart from death, grief counseling also helps individuals who have experienced loss in one way or another. This includes broken relationships or marriages, or cutting ties with very important people in your life. 

Who should I approach for grief counseling?

There are different types of mental health professionals that offer grief counseling services, the most common ones being psychotherapists and psychiatrists for those who may experience severe forms of anxiety, depression, or trauma.

You can start by checking out psychotherapy clinics in Singapore. Because there are so many of them, you can narrow your choices down by checking out online reviews, for instance. 

Some psychotherapy clinics also have sub-specialties such as child bereavement support. Hence, the best one will boil down to your needs.

On the other hand, you may also approach friends or family for recommendations. 

There are also some life coaches who also specialise in grief coaching, which mostly involves setting goals so you can combat feelings of loneliness or sadness.

What can I expect during a grief counseling session?

During the initial sessions, your therapist will ask you questions about how you feel. It will also involve talking about the person you lost, your relationship with them, how they passed away, and how it has impacted you.

As mentioned, your therapist will also teach you strategies that will help you cope with loss. This may include visiting your loved one’s final resting place (like gravesites or columbariums), looking at pictures of your loved one, or writing about them in a journal. 

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