A Guide to the Thrill of a Lifetime
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A Guide to the Thrill of a Lifetime: Bungee Jumping in Singapore

Bungee jumping, aka the act of jumping from a great height with a large elastic cord as the only support, is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling activities anyone can partake in. It’s also kind of risky, but then again, that’s why it’s so thrilling. 

If bungee jumping is one of the things on your bucket list, then you might want to cross it off when visiting Singapore. Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett is here, and it’s the country’s prime destination for bungee jumping. 

As it happens, we’re here to guide you through this fun-filled activity today. Read on to learn more about how to get the best experience of bungee jumping in Singapore. 

Things to Know about Bungee Jumping in Skypark Sentosa 


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Skypark by AJ Hackett is the ultimate destination for heart-racing fun activities. It has multiple locations around the world, such as Cairns (Australia), Macau (China), and Normandie (France). The one in Singapore is located on Siloso Beach in Sentosa.  

Skypark Sentosa’s bungee jumping experience involves jumping from a platform that’s 47 meters above the ground. The park offers both solo and tandem bungee jumps.  

How to Get Here

Address: 30 Siloso Bch Walk, Sentosa Island, 30, Singapore 099011

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Friday—12:30 to 7 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday—11:30 am to 7 pm

Contact Number: +6569113070

Bus: Riding the Sentosa Beach Shuttle is the best way to get to Skypark Sentosa; you only have to alight at the Mega Adventure stop and walk to the park. If you prefer the public bus, ride bus 123, alight at Beach Station, and then transfer to the shuttle. 

Sentosa Express: While there’s no MRT in Sentosa, there is Sentosa Express, a monorail that connects Sentosa and HarbourFront. If you ride this monorail, disembark at Beach Station, then transfer to Sentosa Beach Shuttle. 

Car: If you prefer to drive all the way to Sentosa, the nearest parking lot is Siloso Beach’s car park. 

Requirements for Bungee Jumping

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If you want to try bungee jumping in Skypark Sentosa, you need to meet the requirements: 

  • You must weigh between 45 kg and 150 kg. As for the height, you must be at least 120 cm tall. 
  • You should also be at least 14 years of age. For participants under 18, consent from their parents or guardians is required. 
  • You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Pregnant women are prohibited from bungee jumping for safety reasons. 
  • If you’re a foreign tourist, you need to show your passport and/or visa when you arrive at the park.  

Other Helpful Tips to Remember

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Bungee jumping is a nerve-wracking endeavor, so if you ever feel anxious and a bit scared, here are some tips that might help you calm down. 

  • Try not to overthink it. Skypark Sentosa is a reliable company that always makes sure that their equipment is up to par to keep you and other jumpers safe. Just breathe in and out and then jump—it’ll be over in no time. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing. I highly recommend avoiding skirts and dresses because you’ll be upside down. You can wear shoes, but so long as they’re closed; otherwise, you’re better off jumping barefoot. 
  • Don’t eat too much before your scheduled jump. If you do, there’s a chance you might throw up during the moment. Save the big feast for after you’ve jumped and crossed off bungee jumping from your bucket list. 

Weather Policy

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Bungee jumping will be operational during dry and light rain conditions. The only time operations will be stopped will be during inclement weather, such as high winds, lightning storms, and airborne pollution that’s greater than 300 psi.

Also, do take note that the staff can halt bungee jumping operations due to other factors, such as maintenance and safety protocols. 


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A solo bungee jump costs S$129, but if you prefer to jump with a partner, the ticket will be priced at S$229. Sometimes, Skypark Sentosa offers a discount for solo jumpers (currently, it’s S$10 off) if they purchase via the website, so don’t miss out on that. 

When you purchase bungee jumping tickets, you can also enjoy free access to Skybridge and receive a video of your jump. 

Because this is a popular activity, it’s advised to book your tickets in advance. If online sales are closed on their website, you can try calling the venue to see if there’s still an opening for you.  

Other Services Offered by Skypark Sentosa 

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Did you change your mind about bungee jumping? Or maybe you did jump, and you’re still feeling high because of all the adrenaline, so now you want to try other exciting activities. 

Whatever your scenario is, you might want to check out the other services offered by Skypark Sentosa, which are the Skybridge and the Giant Swing. 

Skypark Sentosa Skybridge

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Admission Fee: S$15 per person

If you ever need to cool down, walking on the Skypark Sentosa Skybridge should do the trick. This bridge stands 47 meters above the ground and is about 40 meters long; it also has 1.2-meter-high handrails, so you’ll feel safe when leaning on the rails. 

When you’re strolling or even just standing on the bridge, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Siloso Beach and the islands far off in the distance—you can even catch the sunset here! 

Plus, your ticket comes with a free drink (coffee or soft drinks) and ice cream (a single scoop of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry). 

Skypark Sentosa Giant Swing

Admission Fee: S$59 per person

As the name suggests, the Giant Swing will let you swing back and forth from a height of 45 meters. Plus, the swing’s speed can reach up to 120 km/h, so you’ll really feel like Superman flying in the sky!

Up to three people can be accommodated in the Giant Swing (so long as the combined weight doesn’t exceed 300 kg), so you and your loved one can take flight together!

Summerhouse Beach Club

Are you starving after your bungee jumping or Giant Swing escapade? Celebrate by dining at Summerhouse Beach Club, Skypark Sentosa’s on-site restaurant. 

This restaurant offers a wide variety of coastal cuisine, cold beers, and cocktails. Its seating options are also varied—you can choose to dine in a fully covered area, or you might want to sit on a beach daybed or an open cabana!