Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore

The 6 Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore

Want to find the smartest way to invest your hard-earned savings? If so, then you may consider searching for the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore.

Opening a fixed deposit account is a low-risk investment that’ll help you grow your money with an easy, safe and secured process. You can get a higher interest rate compared to a regular savings account as well as stop yourself from spending your funds because it has a certain maturity date.

You must also be aware that the interest rates may vary based on the promotional offers. So, to save you from long hours of research, we’ve already done the hard task of identifying the leading banks that offer the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore.

See our list below to figure out which one suits you the most.

1.  DBS

DBS's Homepage

BEST FOR  Low minimum deposit
INTEREST RATES Up to 1.4% p.a. | Full List
ADDRESS Locations

DBS has just improved their deposit rates with a competitive range. You only need to put S$1,000 in your account for at least 1 year and you can earn 1.4% p.a., which is the current leading rate in the market.

If you commit to a shorter tenure, the interest rate will also slightly drop. You can also use the fixed deposit account as collateral for credit facilities.

This is the reason we think the bank has the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore.


  • Collateral for credit facilities
  • Eligible for 12 years and above


2.  Maybank

Maybank's Homepage

BEST FOR  Promotions for online deposits
INTEREST RATES Up to 1.40% p.a | iSavvy , Savings Account
ADDRESS Locations

Maybank offers two promotions: you can either make deposits through iSavvy (online) or a current savings account. Both offer different yet some of the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore, so make sure to take your time in comparing the options.

With the iSAVvy, you can earn 1.40% p.a with at least S$25,000 in 1 year. For the savings account, they have a promotion where you can earn up to 3% p.a. on the first S$50,000 in your account and by linking it to a debit card.


  • Customized saving programmes
  • Various deposit promotions


3.  ICBC

ICBC's Homepage

BEST FOR  Short tenure
INTEREST RATES Up to 1.3% p.a | Full List
ADDRESS Locations

If you opt for a short tenure, ICBC may have the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore for you. The bank lets you deposit a minimum of S$500 for 3 months, through which you can earn 1.3% p.a.

The best thing about the bank’s offered promotion is that you can earn 2% p.a. with a S$5,000 deposit and above in 1 year. This is a great deal if you want to keep well-balanced savings.


  • High promotion rate for a savings account
  • No penalty for pre-matured withdrawal of fixed deposit


4.  Hong Leong

Hong Leong's Homepage

BEST FOR  Considerate and fair conditions
INTEREST RATES Up to 1.20% p.a. | Full List
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS Customer Service: 6579 6777

Hong Leong also offers the best fixed deposit interest rates in Singapore where you can earn 1.20% p.a. with a 1-year deposit of S$20,000 and above.

Even for a 6-month tenure, you can still earn 1.0% p.a., which is a practical option for everyone. There’s also no need to pay for the interest if the fixed deposit receipt is not held until maturity.


  • No premature withdrawal penalty for 3 months’ tenure


5.  CIMB

CIMB's Homepage

BEST FOR  Same interest rates for 3 months up to 1 year
INTEREST RATES Up to 1.10% p.a. | Full List
ADDRESS Locations

CIMB makes sure to maintain good financial health with their best fixed deposit rates in Singapore, through which you can earn up to 1.10% p.a. Despite a short tenure of 3 months, you can still earn a 1.10% rate with a S$10,000 deposit.

This goes too for 6 months up to 1-year of tenure. Through online banking, you can immediately access and manage your account to enjoy this limited promotion.


  • High interest rate for a short tenure


6.  Sing Investments and Finance

Sing Investments and Finance Homepage

BEST FOR  Automatic renewals of fixed deposit upon maturity
INTEREST RATES Up to 0.35% p.a. | Full List
ADDRESS 96 Robinson Road #01-01, SIF Building Singapore 068899
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 6305 0300
Customer Service Hotline: 6438 7060
Email: [email protected]

Sing Investments and Finance is a leading investment advisor that offers multiple placements periods of your choice with attractive interest rates so you can invest better now.

They offer several features that are not seen in other banks. For example, Senior citizens can get additional 0.125% p.a above board rate for fixed deposits placed for 12 months & above.

Plus, with them, you can easily place a fixed deposit of just $500!

So if you want to be prepared for your future, maybe it is the perfect time for you to consider them as your go-to bank.


  • Incorporated in Singapore on 13 November 1964
    Rates are available on their website


There you have it! That’s our list of the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore!

Have you already decided which bank you’d like to visit? If you have, let us know why and tell us about your experience!

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