Best Credit Card Petrol in Singapore
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The 5 Best Credit Cards for Petrol Discount in Singapore

Living in Singapore can be extremely costly, most especially if you own a car, because petrol can take a lot from your monthly budget. But with the best credit card for petrol discount in Singapore, you can get great benefits and discounts — this is why it has become a necessity for all car owners.

There are numerous credit cards that offer impressive fuel savings. With the countless options of best credit cards for petrol to choose from, it’s not easy to find the right one that’ll fit within your means and preferences.

Therefore, we’ve done the hard task for you as we considered every card account and its perks to identify the best credit cards for petrol discount in Singapore. Take a look at our list below to know more about their offers and benefits.

1.  DBS Esso Card

DBS Esso Card's Homepage

FUEL SAVINGS Up to 21.2% | Full List
ADDRESS Locations

With DBS Esso Card, you can have an instant petrol rebate of 18% and an additional 7% if you spend a minimum of S$180 net fuel on all Esso stations.

You can also enjoy its additional perks such as rewards and cash rebates. If your current income is S$30,000 and above, then you can easily apply online and have a cost-efficient driving experience. This makes it one of the best petrol rebate credit card in Singapore for us!


  • Additional fuel savings
  • Rewards and cash rebate

Customer Reviews

Most car owners have enjoyed using their DBS petrol credit card discount because of their high rates and other benefits. That’s why they consider it to be the best petrol credit card in Singapore.

A reviewer posted this verdict:

“DBS Esso Card is well-suited for frequent drivers who prefer to fuel up at Esso, and who would like to turn their petrol purchases into rewards. Cardholders can earn up to 21.1% in fuel savings at Esso, including 17% in instant savings and a S$10 discount, after a nett fuel spend of S$200. Consumers earn up to an additional 2.2% in savings as part of their auto-enrolment into the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards Programme. With this, every 1 litre of Synergy fuel earns 1 Point, which can later be redeemed for miles, rewards, or free fuel.”

2.  UOB One Card

UOB One Card's Homepage

FUEL SAVINGS Up to 24% | Full List
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 222 2121

When it comes to credit cards for petrol, the UOB One Card is one of the best. UOB One Card  petrol discount offers a higher rate of up to 24% savings with every pump at SPC. You can also have an additional S$9 cash rebate and an S$5 SPC fuel e-coupon so you can save more and earn more in return.

It’s also a good option for Shell patrons as you can get up to 20.8% on your fuel prices at their stations. With this range of savings, it’s indeed one of the best credit card petrol in Singapore.


  • Double the rewards
  • Cash rebates
  • Other car-related expenses

Customer Reviews

Many customers shared that they’ve saved since they started using the UOB One Card. Here’s feedback from one of the reviewers:

“If you consistently spend at least S$2,000/month, there’s no better way to maximise your cashback than with UOB One Card, which offers up to 5% flat rebate, boosted to 10% on Grab & select UOB Travel and 6% on utilities. At this spend level, cardholders can earn up to S$300/quarter, or S$100/month–one of the highest potential earning rates on the market. Lower or inconsistent spenders with budgets as low as S$500/month can also earn a 3.33% cashback. Additionally, spend with popular merchants like Cold Storage and Cathay Cineplexes earns up to an additional 10% rebate, through UOB SMART$ Programme. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a convenient card that rewards stable budgets with top rates, there’s no better option than UOB One Card.”


3.  Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card's Homepage

Apply Now!

FUEL SAVINGS Up to 20.88% | Full List
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 6225 5225
OPERATING HOURS CitiPhone Agent Support: 8am to 8pm

With a Citi Cash Back Card, you can have great fuel savings at Esso and Shell. On every pump, you can save up to 20.88% on both stations!

It also has a special offer at Shell stations that means you can instantly redeem your rewards for a discount on your fuel purchase. So, for those who travel daily and have Shell stations near them, this can be the best credit card for petrol in Singapore.


  • Instant rewards

Customer Reviews

Customers said that Citi Cash Back Card has helped them maintain their monthly budget due to the high savings. A reviewer wrote this feedback:

“Citi Cash Back Card is one of the best cards on the market for spend on food and transport. With 8% cash back on groceries, dining, and petrol worldwide–plus discounts of up to 20.88% specifically at Esso & Shell–cardholders are easily rewarded for purchases that make up a significant portion of most household budgets. While there’s a S$888 minimum, average spenders meeting this mark can earn up to S$75/month–one of the higher earning potentials on the market. Ultimately, Citi Cash Back Card is the best way to earn on your food and petrol spend.”


4.  OCBC Credit Card

OCBC Credit Card's Homepage

BEST FOR  Sinopec
FUEL SAVINGS Up to 24% | Full List
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6363 3333
OPERATING HOURS Customer Hotline: 24 hours

OCBC Credit Card offers 20% off fuel at Sinopec when you use any OCBC card. This is quite a good deal compared to other banks where you need to apply for a separate card just to save more.

If you have an OCBC 365 credit card, you can save even more with up to 24%. You can also use it on other stations such as Caltex and Esso for even more fuel savings.


  • Cashbacks
  • Instant rewards
  • Accessible fuel savings

Customer Reviews

Many customers mentioned the lifestyle improvement that they had while using OCBC Credit Card, which is why the card is known to be one of the best credit cards for petrol in Singapore.

Here’s feedback from a reviewer:

“OCBC 365 Card is one of the best options on the market to maximise rebates on daily spend without having to pay an annual fee. Cardholders earn up to 6% on dining & online food delivery, 3% on groceries, transport, recurring bills & online travel bookings, and up to 23% in fuel savings–great rates if you’re looking to earn on essentials. Cardholders can also earn up to S$80/month–equal to S$960/year–and earn a fee-waiver after just S$10,000 annual spend. Ultimately, OCBC 365 Card is an excellent option if you’re looking for no-fee rewards on your daily purchases.”.


5.  HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card

HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card's Homepage

BEST FOR  Caltex
FUEL SAVINGS Up to  20.2% | Full List
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 4722 669

As soon as you start to use HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card, you can get up to 20.2% in fuel savings at all Caltex stations and an instant discount of 16% at the pump.

You can also experience an additional 5% cash rebate with a minimum of $800 total spending every month for all 3 months in a quarter. This cash rebate doesn’t only apply to fuel savings but also to groceries and other bill payments.


  • Additional cash rebate

Customer Reviews

Car owners were highly satisfied with the fuel savings and cash rebates offered by HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card. A reviewer left this feedback:

“Consumers with high consistent spend on food and petrol can maximise rewards–both in cashback and miles–with HSBC Visa Platinum Card. Consumers earn up to 5% cashback on local dining and groceries, 21% fuel savings at Caltex and Shell, and 0.4 miles per S$1 general spend (equivalent in value to 0.4% cashback). However, the card’s rebate system requires a consistent S$600+ monthly spend to access this rate, and earnings are capped at S$250/quarter. Still, consumers with about a S$2,000 budget could reasonably earn S$85–S$90 monthly in total value, making HSBC Visa Platinum Card one of the best cards on the market for average spenders.”


And that’s our list of the best credit cards for petrol in Singapore! If we missed out on other great petrol credit cards, let us know as we’d also like to explore more selections.

And if you want to learn about more credit cards with great offers, you may also find some great fuel savings in the options on our list of the best credit cards in Singapore! Check out that roundup too!

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