Best Nato Straps in Singapore
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The 10 Best NATO Straps in Singapore Reviewed

Looking for a watch strap that doesn’t stick on sweaty skin? With the best NATO strap in Singapore, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing your favourite watch even during the summer season!

The best NATO straps are designed with nylon material that absorbs the moisture from the skin, providing absolute comfort. A NATO strap can also prevent the skin from having direct contact with the metal watch case, reducing the risk of metal allergy.

Though all can offer certain comfort, they still vary. Since watch straps aren’t something that we buy regularly, most of us may not know how to choose the right one.

And so, to help you find the one that best suits your needs, we’ve listed some of the key factors to look out for. This way, you’ll know how to pick one from our list of the best NATO straps in Singapore.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a NATO Strap

The most obvious area of variation for NATO straps in Singapore is design, of course. Different straps have different colors, prints, and patterns.

But there are actually other aspects in which NATO straps differ from each other. Let’s go over them here to help you select a strap from our list of the best ones:

1. Width<

For NATO straps, it’s important to find the right width for your choice of watch. In doing so, you need to measure the distance from lug to lug.

The 18-22 millimetre wide band is the common size for most watches. You need to make sure that the given width fits with your watch’s lugs.

2. Thickness

Having a thicker strap can fully secure your beloved watch. You can also rest assured that the watch head will not fall even when doing outdoor sports or any physical activities.

The usual minimum is 1.5mm. However, most advise looking for straps that are about 2mm.

This may be dependent on the size of your wrist and watch too, though, so take those into account.

3. Buckle and Keepers

Low-quality buckles will easily become loose, causing your watch head to possibly fall when you’re using it. Most especially when doing physical activities, there’s a high tendency of detaching itself from the Nylon band.

This is also true for the keepers. Therefore, you should look for a durable and quality stainless steel material for buckles and keepers that’s rust-resistant and non-corrosive — so you can avoid additional costs for repair and replacement.

Both buckles and keepers must be strong and thick enough to withstand heavy-duty use as well.

Best NATO Straps in Singapore

If you’ve already decided which style you like the most, let’s now see which brands offer the best NATO strap Singapore! We’ve listed the ones that feature excellent quality and affordable prices as well!

1.   Breitling NATO Strap

Best for Simple yet Stylish Look


Breitling NATO Strap

Price: $16.00

Shop Now on Lazada

The Breitling NATO Strap is designed with a matte hardware and canvas material. So, if you prefer a sporty style, this can be the best NATO strap in Singapore for you!

The buckles and keepers are built with high precision steel that’ll certainly last for a long time. It’s also available in various colours for a more stylish look.

This is the best NATO strap in Singapore for the minimalist.


  • 20-26 mm width
  • Moderate thickness
  • High-quality steel material
  • Canvas strap

2.   IWC NATO Strap

Best for Light and Flexible Design, Casual Look



Price: $55.10

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The IWC NATO Strap is another canvas strap; however, this one comes with stripes. It also features a thinner band so it’s more suitable to wear with a casual office look.

When it comes to the buckle style, it has a wider and thicker design, so despite the thin band, it can still secure your favourite watch. With its light yet flexible design, it’s truly one of the best NATO straps in Singapore!


  • 20-22 mm width
  • Thin band
  • Thick steel buckle and keepers
  • Ultra-flexible carbon material

3.   Tudor NATO Strap

Best for Durability


Tudor NATO Strap

Price: $38.54

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The Tudor NATO Strap is similar to the previous option but its design includes more variation in the stripes.

It also features a thicker band with a slightly thinner buckle and keepers. However, both features are made with high-grade steel, so there’s no need to worry about loose straps.

Due to the combination of tough band design and quality material, many have considered the watch band to be the best NATO strap in Singapore.


  • 20-22 mm width
  • 304L stainless steel quality
  • Double layer thickness

4.   Langley NATO Strap

Best for Smart Look


Langley NATO Strap

Price: $7.77

Shop Now on Lazada

For those who are aiming for a smart and classic style, you should try the Langley NATO Strap. It’s designed with genuine leather material, perfect for formal or casual attire.

It also has thick and round buckles and keepers, ensuring a perfect fit on your wrist. It’s easy to attach to the watch head, making it one of the best NATO straps in Singapore!


  • 18-22 mm width
  • Genuine leather material
  • Moderate thickness

5.   Cozy Classic II Vintage 406 Nato Strap

Best for Handmade Leather Material


Cozy Classic II Vintage 406 Nato Strap

Price: $52.00

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The Cozy Classic II Vintage 406 Nato Strap features an Italian veg-tanned leather with a natural texture, giving your watch a timeless look. The best thing about this one is that’ll get even better with time so you can still wear it for several years and it’ll still be stylish!

The keeper is also made of leather while the buckle is made of a brushed steel ladder. Since the leather strap is handmade, there’ll be slight variations across units, as there are no two pieces of leather that look identical — this is the main reason why it’s known to be one of the best nato straps in Singapore.


  • 8 – 2.0 mm thickness
  • 280mm length
  • Italian veg-tanned leather

6.   Vario Escher Crates Nato Strap

Best for 2-piece Design


Vario Escher Crates Nato Strap

Price: $37.00

Shop Now on Vario

Unlike other options, the Vario Escher Crates Nato Strap is a 2-piece watch band that’s designed with stylish graphics. If you want to add more character to your OOTDs, this can be the best NATO strap in Singapore to complete your look!

It features different printed graphic designs for a unique style. It’s also the ideal strap for smartwatches!


  • 18-22 mm width
  • Machine-washable strap
  • Vegan friendly

7.   Sky Watches 20ASBNATOH7 Nato Strap

Best for Vibrant Strap Design


Sky Watches 20ASBNATOH7 Nato Strap

Price: $20.00

Shop Now on Sky Watches

If you’d like a strap with a more vibrant look, the Sky Watches 20ASBNATOH7 Nato Strap is a great option for you! It has a double-strap with a combination of lively colours.

It also has a stainless steel buckle that’s nickel-free to avoid skin irritation. The band contains a total of 12 holes, so it can fit into any wrist size.


  • 20 mm width
  • Nickel-free buckle

8.   22mm Black Leather Watch Strap

Best for Simple Leather


22mm Black Leather Watch Strap

Price: $49.00

Shop Now on Coup D Coeur

Everyone has a certain style when it comes to buying watches. It can be based on one’s personality, favorite color, or the activities one does in their daily routine.

Now, if you’re an avid collector of watches, their straps can also be a huge factor when buying specific watches. A watch must have the perfect strap, to finish the final look with a sophisticated touch.

Luckily, Coup D’Coeur is there to supply all of your demands when it comes to watches. Their Black Leather Watch Strap is made with genuine leather, which will not only snugly fit your wrist, but also complement your overall style at the same time.


  • Genuine Leather Watch Strap with White Stitches
  • Length is 115/75mm
  • 22/20mm width
  • 2.5mm-4mm thick

9.   Apple Watch Nylon Zulu Strap

Best for Apple Watches


Apple Watch Nylon Zulu Strap

Price: $20.00

Shop Now on Nomad Watchworks

If you’re looking for a reliable and minimalistic strap for your Apple Watch, try out Nomad Watchworks’ Nylon Zulu Strap. This strap is made from tight weave nylon, which makes it sturdy and comfortable to wear.

Nomad Watchworks also offers other colors and styles on their website. Make sure to check it out!


  • Stitched construction
  • High-quality stainless steel hardware

10. Bond Nato Strap

Best for Classic Design


Bond Nato Strap

Price: $40.00

Shop now on Phenomenato

Next on the list of NATO to consider is Phenomenato’s Bond NATO Strap. It offers a sleek look with stripes design in black and grey and a study solid steel keeper and buckle.

These NATOs have three widths available, 18mm, 20mm, and 22 mm. At the same time, there are two variations of finish to choose from, one being polished and the other being brushed.

Rest assured that whatever specifics you decide on, Phenomenato’s Bond NATO Strap will be valuable and worth the price.

All straps are made to order and may take a week or two to finish, so take a look at it on the website today and order yours soon!


  • Offers the best comfort
  • Smooth webbing
  • Fine woven
  • Stainless steel

And that’s our list of the best NATO straps in Singapore! If you’ve got more options in mind, you may also share them with us!

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