Best Induction Cooker in Singapore
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12 Options for the Best Induction Cooker In Singapore

The best induction cooker in Singapore are reliable alternatives to the traditional open-flame stove. They’re easier to clean, less of a fire hazard, and wonderful space-savers!

If you don’t know which induction cooker in Singapore to get, though, we’re here to help. Today, we’ll show you our list of the absolute best induction cookers in Singapore based on features, performance, build, and price!

1. Bosch PIB375FB1E

Price: $1,999.00

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Number one on our list is Bosch PIB375FB1E due to many reasons. The first one would be its 17 power levels that provides you a wide selection for your different cooking needs.

Who knew that we need 17 levels right?

Next is how it can save both your time and energy. Unlike other induction cooker on this list, this has an automatic pan recognition function that allows its induction hobs to identify the size of the pan and only heats up the base rather than the entire zone.

Another reason why we can recommend this is because of its quality ceramic top that can withstand heat up to 700°C.

Its key functions are switch off timer for every cooking zone, timer, count-up timer, automatic pan recognition sensor, power management function, safety switch-off, childproof lock, quick start function, restart function, and 2 stage residual heat indicator.

Essential Details

  • Dimensions of the product (HxWxD mm) : 51 x 306 x 527
  • Electrical connection rating: 3700 W
  • Required niche size for installation (HxWxD mm) : 51 x 270 x 490-500
  • 2 induction plates

2. Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker

Price: $99.00

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The next induction cooker we can recommedn is the Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker. Look at its price and leave it up to us to let you know why this is an amazing product.

This is another addition to the Xiaomi family of smart appliances that can make your cooking process more modern and efficient. Unlike the other ones on this list, this is the only cooker that has 99 different flame levels!

With this feature, you will be truly able to achieve accurate temperature control. Plus, this makes it possible for you to set the cooking temperature accordingly to the needs and requirements of your dish.

Aside from these, this product is equipped with a heating technology that can maintain the coil’s temperature to a constant. Do not worry about unstable temperature, and start cooking like you do on a traditional stove

Essential Details

  • 2100 watts of power
  • 5 different cooking modes
  • LED display
  • Special silicone ring on the edge and has an Anti-slip surface
  • Dimensions: 265x265x70mm

3. Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob

Price: $520.00

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No need to burn your cash because the Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob gives you induction cooking at a very affordable price. It also comes from a trusted Japanese brand, so you know it’s made with care.

Worth noting is that it has a ceramic finish that adds some style points to the kitchen!

Essential Details

  • SGD 520
  • Fast and efficient heating
  • Touch controls
  • Schott Ceran Ceramic Glass

Customer Reviews

Due to its easy controls, the Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob is a delight for customers, who also stated that the price is especially  good. Here’s a review from one owner:

“Easy to operate. And much cheaper than other induction I saw offline. Great buy!” – Chua H. via Lazada

4. Philips Sensor Touch HD4911 Induction Cooker

Price: $109.00

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Cooking time is reduced to 33% because of the Philips Sensor Touch HD4911’s efficiency. It heats fast, powered with 2100W, though the cooking limit can be adjusted from 1 to 120 minutes.

This induction cooker also has a 24-hour preset timer. It comes with a free soup pot as well. Overall, if you want a simple cooktop at home that can reduce your cooking time, the Philips Sensor Touch HD4911 is the best induction cooker in Singapore for you.

Essential Details

  • SGD 109
  • Sensor touch
  • 5 power levels for various cooking plans
  • 24-hour preset timer

5. Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Hob

Price: $818.00

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The Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Hob is temperature-resistant. Owners have complete control of the heat levels too, for precise cooking.

This induction hob has a dedicated timer as well for easy unsupervised cooking. This is the best induction cooker in Singapore for those needing to cook more than 1 dish at a time. 

Essential Details

  • SGD 759
  • Cool and touch safety
  • Temperature control
  • Timer setting based on the cooking zone

Customer Reviews

The Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Hob has met with approbation from buyers, who like the fact that its quality is high despite its affordable price. Here’s a review from one buyer:

“I’m very happy with this product. Good price with ease of operation. Highly recommended for small kitchens / not so heavy cooking.” – Saifuladzhar B. via Lazada

6. Mistral MIC2008 Induction Cooker

Price: $42.90

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Cheap and high-powered, the Mistral MIC2008 Induction Cooker has 5 cooking modes. Select from soup, fry, stir-fry, braise, and porridge to prepare food accordingly.

With 8 levels of power, this induction hob in Singapore also gives you absolute control of the temperature. It helps you with multi-tasking through the 180-minute timer setting.

Essential Details

  • SGD 42.90
  • Temperature range from 60 to 240 degrees
  • Overheat protection system
  • 3 digital panels

7. Teka iKnob IT 6450 Induction Hob

Price: $1,290.00

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The Teka iKnob IT 6450 Induction Hob is so massive that it can engage in large-scale and intense cooking.

It can automatically detect pans too. When the induction cooker identifies the pan, it optimises quickly and heats.

7400W power gives this hob ample energy for fast cooking even when using all the heating zones. This is the best induction cooker in Singapore for those who engage in heavy-duty cooking and those who like to prepare a lot of dishes at once.

Essential Details

  • Touch control iKnob
  • 4 cooking zones
  • iQuick boiling and keep-warm mode
  • Power management mode

8. Tecno 2-Burner TIH280D

Price: $848.70

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Containing 2 cooking zones, the Tecno 2-Burner uses an effective power-sharing function to make the most of its 2800 W energy on both zones.

Controlling temperature on it is carefree through the 10-level settings too. This is the best induction cooker in Singapore for those who want more than 1 cooking area or are sharing a kitchen with a flatmate. 

Essential Details

  • SGD 848
  • 3-hour timer
  • Touch control
  • Child lock
  • Overheating protection

9. PowerPac Ceramic Cooker Steamboat 

BEST FORAny kind of pots, pans and saucers
WHERE TO GET ITShopee Singapore

One of the frustrations of using an induction cooker in Singapore is looking for cooking ware that contains magnetic iron or steel. With the PowerPac Ceramic Cooker Steamboat, that dilemma is now a thing of the past.

The reason we included this in our top 10 best induction cooker in Singapore is its ability to work with any type of pan. This saves you from buying new pans or being selective about which pans to work with. That alone is a great feature for any induction cooker, but we also like its soft-touch power controls. Anyone who’s experienced working with typical induction cookers in Singapore will know all too well about the power controls needing to be pushed with great effort to work.

We also like that it is made of ceramic glass so cleaning is a breeze with this induction cooker.


  • Anti-slip feet
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Heats up to 2,000 watts
  • Singapore-made


  • Only has one-pan variation

Customer Reviews

Based on online reviews of PowerPac, it’s quite evident to us that it is a local Singaporean brand that many users trust. We were happy to see that plenty of Singaporeans are happy to support local and they’ve also been impressed with the PowerPac Ceramic Cooker Steamboat induction cooker.

Here’s a review from a verified buyer and customer with a username of Evelyneowl:

Very well-wrapped. Value for money purchase. I have used their slow cooker n rice cooker. The quality is so far so good. There is a 24-month warranty. I feel good to support local brand. This brand has been around since 1997.

10. Tecno Ultra Slim Induction Cooker TIC2100

BEST FORLightweight, minimalist design
WHERE TO GET ITLazada Singapore

Without a doubt, induction cookers have revolutionised the way we cook. It saves time, allows us to be experimental with our cooking, and overall has made our lives in the kitchen easier. But if we’re going to be really honest about induction cookers in Singapore, let’s admit that most of their designs can cramp even the chicest looking kitchens.

We finally found an induction cooker in Singapore that can fit in seamlessly because of its minimalist and lightweight design: the Tecno Ultraslim Induction Cooker TIC2100. It has 10 cooking functions with 6 preset time function like making rice, congee, steaming, etc so it’s great for busy individuals who need to multi-task while waiting for their meal to cook.

And the best thing about this induction cooker? It comes with a free stainless steel induction pot!


  • Slide-touch feature
  • Comes with a free stainless steel pot


  • Only works with metal-based pots

Customer Reviews

Reading online reviews left by users of the Tecno Ultraslim Induction Cooker TIC2100, it can be seen that many of them appreciate the timer settings and also that the induction cooker itself does not take up a lot of space.

Here’s a review left by a verified buyer named Sun S:

Delivery is fast: ordered on Sunday and delivered on Tuesday. Product works really well. The timer function is very convenient. Product manual could be improved, as there are many flexibility are available for use.

11. Sona SIC8603 Induction Cooker

BEST FORQuick cooking time
WHERE TO GET ITLazada Singapore

There are two main reasons why we picked the Sona SIC8603 Induction Cooker to be part of our top 10 best induction cookers in Singapore. First, we like that it has a wide heating surface with a large rotary magnetic stacked wire disk. Ultimately what this means for you and me is that it eliminates uneven heat distribution so food cooks evenly and faster.

Second, we like that the surface of this induction cooker has a unique splash resistance structure, so it works well for those who have kids who want to help around the kitchen. With or without little ones, it’s still a great feature to have because let’s face it, splashes from the pan happen even to the best of cooks!


  • 8 pre-programmed cook settings
  • 3-hour safety timer
  • Comes with a stainless steel pot


  • High electrical wattage

Customer Reviews

The Sona SIC8603 Induction Cooker has plenty of reviews from satisfied users online. This is one of the latest ones from a verified user and buyer named Sophiahy:

I have been using sona induction cooker for many years. It never fails me and it’s built to last. This is my 3rd buy of sona induction cooker.

12. Aerogaz Commecial Induction Cooker AZ-30IC

BEST FORFast cooking, semi-professional use
WHERE TO GET ITShopee Singapore

If you want to take your cooking skills at home to a semi-professional level, the Aerogaz Commercial Induction Cooker AZ-30IC could be the perfect induction cooker for you.

This induction cooker can be used for long hours continuously and has a high voltage of 3,000W so it’s ordinarily used by restaurants and fast cooking kitchens. But this does not mean you cannot use it at home. This induction cooker is perfect if you have plenty of dishes to make for a get together as the high wattage ensures cooking time is reduced.

This induction cooker is also made with tempered glass so you know it can take batches after batches of cooking easily.


  • Industrial-strength
  • Sturdy
  • Reduced cooking time


  • Expensive

Customer Reviews

It seems that plenty of people are happy and impressed with Aerogaz Commercial Induction Cooker AZ-30IC’s performance in their home kitchen. Here’s what customer KH S has to say about the induction cooker:

My wife loves it. We thought this was a lot more useful as the cooking can be completed in a shorter time. Would be better if we could have a longer power cord to give us more options in where we like to place it.

And with that, you have the best induction cooktops in Singapore right now! Did you find the one you want? Let us know which of these caught your eye!

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