Best Electric Drum Sets in Singapore

5 Best Electric Drum Sets in Singapore Reviewed

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old electric drum set, then worry no more because we have you covered. Today, we’re making a rundown of the best electric drum sets in Singapore for casual players and professional musicians.

Looking for the best electric drum sets in Singapore is not an easy task. We know this for a fact because we went looking for them ourselves!

But we’re here to make everything a whole lot easier for you. For one thing, we’ll show you our picks for the best electric drum sets in Singapore.

Before we reveal our picks, though, we’ll share a few important tips that will help players choose the right electric drum set for them. If you already know about these things, feel free to jump right ahead to our list.

Let’s begin!

How to Pick the Best Electric Drum Sets in Singapore

Drummers know too well that shopping for the best electric drum sets in Singapore is not easy and eats up a lot of time. You’re going to have to invest some time and money if you want an electronic drum set that can cater to your needs as a musician.

In line with that, one of the first things drummers look for in an electric drum set is its playability and expression as it determines the quality of the sound produced.

After that, checking a drum set’s quiet pad performance, stand, and connectivity will lead towards the perfect drum set for your needs.

Let’s go over each of these points below.

1. Playability and Expression

Your first criterion when looking for an electric drum set should be its tone and feel because it’ll be hard to play one that isn’t capable of producing the nuanced sound you’re after.

So, make sure to strike each drum pad and cymbal yourself to get a feel and hear the quality of its tone.

Try to hit them multiple times and from different angles since this is the only way to know if its hardware can produce nuanced, expressive, and authentic sounds.

2. Quiet Pad Performance

Since it’s the pads that are going to create most of the sound, make sure to get a set whose pads are made with high-quality materials.  Most pads today are made from either rubber or mesh heads, both of which are good but differ in the quality of sound produced and price.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, go for rubber pads. They’re affordable because they’ve been used in almost every electronic drum set that’s ever been created.

Rubber pads are also the most consistent option in terms of sound as they have identical response and rebound from one pad to another.

Meanwhile, mesh heads are perfect for emulating the sound of the traditional drum set, including its feel and rebound.

Mesh heads can also offer a wide range of sounds depending on where you hit the pad and how hard it is hit.

3. Stand

One thing that most musicians tend to overlook when shopping for the best electric drum sets in Singapore is the stand.

It’s important to get a drum set that supports your preferred playing position to ensure that you’re comfortable while playing. It also helps prevent foot and leg injuries after long hours of playing.

More than that, make sure to check if the stand is adjustable, sturdy, durable, and portable enough.

While there are a few drum sets that don’t come with a stand, it’s worth noting that a good stand can improve one’s music sessions.

4. Connectivity

Lastly, connectivity is important if you want to take your music sessions to the next level. You might want to look for a drum set that allows backing songs and phase loops.

What’s more, some electric drum sets even allow users to import their favourite songs as playback tracks while playing.

The 5 Best Electric Drum Sets in Singapore

Now that you know the things to keep in mind before purchasing an electric drum set, it’s time to jump right ahead to our list of the best portable electronic drum sets in Singapore. 

Anyway, here’s are our picks:

1.   Portable Electronic Digital Drum Set

Best for Beginners

Portable Electronic Digital Drum Set

Price: $58.62

Check It Out on Shopee

If you’re a beginner looking the best electronic drum set for the money, then you might want to check out the Portable Electronic Digital Drum Set. It’s one of the cheapest options out there, priced for no more than $60.

Despite its low price, the Portable Electronic Digital Drum Set performs its job quite well, if not better than most professional-grade sets. It even comes with 5 drum set tones, 8 demo songs, and 3 types of rhythm to help beginners practice.

In terms of sound, it comes with 7 rubber pads that create stable, nuanced, and excellent sounds and beats. Beginners will definitely have an exciting time learning how to play drums.

Even if rubber isn’t the ideal material for pads sound-wise, we still consider it one of the best electric drum sets in Singapore given its price and features.


  • Affordable price
  • Portable
  • With headphone jack


  • Rubber pads

2.   Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Best for Additional Features

Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $467.00

Check It Out on Amazon

Considered one of the best electronic drums in Singapore, the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit comes with various features that aren’t found in other electronic drum sets.

For one, every purchase of the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit includes 7 drum pads, a kick bass drum, a digital pedal controller, a snare, a crash, and a ride cymbal, all of which are needed by both beginner and professional players.

What’s more, it’s packed with 55 presets, 10 custom preloaded drum kits, and 300 cymbal sounds to guide beginners on their first days of practice.

So, if you haven’t touched an electronic drum set before, the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit will offer everything that you need in order to learn quickly and effectively.

It’s also one of the few electric drum sets that can be connected to both PC and Mac for backing audio while playing: you can edit and record the sound too.


  • Works for Mac and PC
  • Compact and portable
  • With built-in songs


  • Heavy price tag

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a customers have to say after trying out the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit:

“I bought this on a whim. The only drums I’ve ever played was Rock Band. I really enjoyed that game, but the drum kit didn’t last. I was going through a stressful period in my life and was thinking back to those fun times with Rock Band. I decided to buy this set just for fun. I gotta tell you….it’s been a blast. There are so many great functions on it that I don’t even bother with (even tools to learn) because I’m too busy having fun just listening to music and banging along with it. I’ve also figured out that I can look up old Rock Band drum songs on youtube and follow along with these drums! Yowza! Definitely a stress buster and a whole lot of fun, even if you’re feeling too old to start something new.”


3.   Carlsbro CSD130

Best for Recording Songs

Carlsbro CSD130

Price: $1,070.00

Check It Out on Amazon

If you’re looking for an electronic drum set in Singapore that can serve actual musicians recording songs, then look no further than the Carlsbro CSD310, deemed one of the best electric drum sets in Singapore for its innovative technology.

Engineers behind Carlsbro listened to the opinions of drummers all over the world and designed the CSD310 according to their suggestions, so rest assured that it will cater to your needs as a professional musician.

What’s more, the pads used were designed and reviewed by engineers to provide increased sensitivity and balanced rebound. The set offers easy access to an extensive list of world-class percussion sounds as well.

On top of that, the Carlsbro CSD310 has been used by a lot of on-the-road musicians for some time now. It’s lightweight and portable, and features an easy set-up for added convenience.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Reviewed by engineers
  • 8-piece drum set


  • Advanced features that may intimidate beginners


Best for All Types of Players


Price: 1,747.66

Check It Out on Amazon

If there’s an electronic drum set that could adjust to the skill level of different players, it would have to be the Roland TD-1DMK. It’s the ideal drum set for both beginners and professional players.

What’s more, Roland is one of the most trusted names in musical instruments, so you don’t need to worry about the overall quality of their products. It’s always been topnotch, and that you won’t be disappointed.

One reason we consider their offering here one of the best electronic drum sets in Singapore is that it’s carefully designed by professional musicians and expert engineers. It’s compact, portable, and easy to navigate for beginners.

More than that, it comes with features that would impress even the most experienced musicians — such as dual mesh pads, durable drum sticks, metronome, and many more. You can even plug in your headphones if you don’t want to disturb your neighbours while playing.

However, you might have to save quite a bit of money before deciding to purchase it because it’s going to make your pockets hurt.


  • For beginners and bros
  • Complete drum set
  • With metronome


  • Expensive
  • Gets sold out fast

5.   Roland V-Compact TD-17KV-S

Best for Professional Players

Roland V-Compact TD-17KV-S

Price: $4,139.43

Check It Out on Amazon

If you’re a professional player and can shell out extra money for a high-end electric drum set, then the Roland V-Compact TD-17KV-S would be a perfect match for you. Given its price, though, we can only recommend it to experienced musicians who are serious about honing their craft and creating music.

One reason we call it one of the best electric drum sets in Singapore is that it adjusts to the user’s technique. It’s even equipped with a few training tools that will push and motivate musicians further.

What’s more, it features the flagship TD-50-class sound engine that’s never been used in previous models of electronic drum sets. With this feature alone, there’s no denying that it’s one of the best electronic drum sets in Singapore.

Above all, it helps professional musicians improve by tracking their progress, allowing them to see the little improvements they’re accomplishing every single day of practice. This is another feature we loved!


  • Advanced features
  • TD-50-class sound engine
  • Tracks user’s progress


  • Heavy price tag


And with that, we conclude our list of the best electric drum sets in Singapore. We hope you were able to pick at least one that you think can accommodate your needs as a novice or professional player.

If you know other electric drum sets on the island, share them with us and we’ll check it we can add them to our list. Only the best ones can make it to this roundup!

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