The 15 Best Career Coaches in Singapore

Best Career Coaches in Singapore

By Colin Ng

Do you feel like your career isn’t moving forward like you’ve expected? Seeking help from the best career coaches in Singapore can change your personal and professional outlook and can help you achieve the promotion or job that you’ve been dreaming of.

Everyone goes through the feeling of being lost and unmotivated in their professional life. That’s why the best career coaches in Singapore are there to offer substantial advice that can help your professional progress.

However, searching for the right career coach in Singapore can get a bit difficult because most people don’t know which ones are worth hiring. Worry no more because we’re here to guide you with our list of the best career coaches in Singapore.

1. The Happy Mondays Co 

BEST FOR Individual & Organisations who want to reach their full potential
SERVICES Coaching for individuals and support for organisations in 5 key areas: career, empowerment, happiness & well-being, diversity & inclusion and entrepreneurship
ADDRESS 14 Robinson Road #08-01A Singapore 048545 
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 3138 2584

Since The Happy Mondays Co started in 2016, they have empowered over 700 people to reach their true potential spreading Happy Mondays across the Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

For Individuals: The Happy Mondays Co offers several highly personalised career development & coaching programmes, designed to support exploration, personal and professional development. The Happy Mondays Co programs are all 1:1, and provide the skills, tools and support needed to achieve your Happy Mondays!

For Organizations: The Happy Mondays Co regularly partners with organisations to educate, up-skill and empower individuals, groups and audiences through HR Services, Speaking & Events. Specialist in creating bespoke, impactful interventions which are highly personalized, and aligned with the unique needs of your business and audience.


  • Complimentary first session with the founder of the company
  • Highly experienced HR team and certified coaches
  • Dedicated to creating greater inclusion (4% of their time is dedicated to pro-bono activities)

Customer Reviews

“The Happy Mondays Co’s intervention was excellent! Their incredible positive attitude was, contagious and all the participants greatly appreciated the session. It was energizing and refreshing and yet extremely useful and relevant. I would definitely recommend their services!”

2.  Sandbox Advisors

Sandbox Advisors' Homepage

BEST FOR  Career Counseling
SERVICES Career Coaching, Interview Trainings, and Work Productivity
ADDRESS Singapore

Established in 2008, Sandbox Advisors has been helping fresh graduates and working professionals find better opportunities through career coaching and training since then.

Its team is made up of experienced writers, consultants, and associates who can provide help for your career advancement.

One of the unique things about Sandbox Advisors’ career coaches is their approach, which is based heavily on academic research and their own professional experience. On top of this, they will also create a detailed action plan that will help you achieve all you need to do.

These reasons are what convinced us to consider it one of the best career coaches in Singapore.


  • Experienced consultant
  • Academic-based approach


3.  Aventis Learning Group

Aventis Learning Group's Homepage

BEST FOR  Corporate Career Coaching
SERVICES Career Coaching for Organizations and Individuals and Career Training
ADDRESS 100 Orchard Road, #04-100 Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Aventis Learning has been offering career coaching services for more than a decade now with clients from both commercial and government sectors. It specialises in companies in the Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource industry, so if your company falls in these sectors, Aventis is the perfect option for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a corporate worker in need of professional advice, Aventis also has you covered. Signing up for its services means that you’ll get to talk with a professional career coach who can help you plan out your career for the next few years.

Lastly, its career coaches will guide you towards your next steps. Whether it’s to leave your current job to find a better one or to stay and ask for a more significant role, Aventis will help you weigh your options.


  • Multi-awarded company
  • Free complimentary session
  • Experienced career advisors


4. Avodah People Solutions

BEST FOR One on one coaching
SERVICES Career Direction, Job Search Skills, Interview Skills, Personal Branding
ADDRESS 193 Jln Besar, #02-01, Singapore 208883
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 10am-6pm

Avodah People Solutions provide one to one and group career workshops conducted by locally and internationally trained and accredited Career Coaches.

Their past clientele includes fresh graduates seeking direction on their first job and mid career professional seeking to transition to new opportunities.

Avodah’s coaches will take you through a carefully developed process of understanding your needs and guiding you through self discovery and equipping you with career skills such as interviewing, resume building, networking and branding.

To ensure a high quality of service and ethical practice of career guidance, Avodah’s coaches are also clinically supervised to help you through your career situation.


  • One on one guidance on career transitions
  • Career Skills guidance – Interviews, Resumes, Branding, Networking, Job Search
  • Trained and accredited coaches who are supervised in their practice

Customer Reviews

“Amazing service! The course was conducted very well. Would recommend it especially if you are looking for your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and how to apply that to your craft. Really insightful information that helped me understand myself better and improve my career. Any person looking to change careers, break through their ‘plateau’, or work better with others should talk to Avodah. Thank you once again for a fun and useful time at the course.”


5.  Gary & Pearl

Gary & Pearl's Homepage

BEST FOR  Affordable Services
SERVICES Career Coaching, Career Counseling, Counseling for Start-ups, and Recruitment & Consultancy
ADDRESS 5001 Beach Road #08-46, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore, 199588
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6297-1870
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Career coaching in Singapore can drain your wallet. Good thing that Gary & Pearl is here to offer affordable rates for career coaching that won’t hurt anyone’s budget, especially working professionals.

Gary & Pearl can help working professionals achieve their professional goals by offering meaningful advice and strategies that will help them towards their goals. One of the ways they do this is by crafting elaborate strategies that clients are to follow.

We consider Gary & Pearl one of the best career coaches in Singapore because they’re really committed to providing their clients with the right advice to help them reach their professional goals.


  • Competitive rates
  • Committed career coaches

Customer Reviews 

Here are some testimonials left by their clients that prove how dedicated they are to their work:

“I contacted Vinod at a point where I wasn’t feeling quite like my motivated, happy self. It was the perfect time for me to realize that some time spent understanding myself would be time well spent. Through several sessions with Vinod he coached me through the process of becoming more self aware. I realized that I was experiencing burnout and that is it actually quite natural given how hard I like to push myself.”

“As someone with a reserved personality and naturally soft-spoken, I have frequently received feedback from interviewers and colleagues that I do not project my voice effectively and therefore struggle to engage my audience. After a session with Roberta, involving voice training exercises and learning techniques to feel more at ease during interviews or presentations, and practicing those techniques when answering interview questions, I now feel I have more confidence and am able to project my voice more effectively. I will definitely continue to practice the techniques I learned during the session in future!”


6. Global Lumen HR 

BEST FOR Career Coaching And Recruitment Services
SERVICES Leadership Recruitment, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Outplacement Coaching, Role Transition Coaching
ADDRESS 800 Thomson Road, Singapore 298189
CONTACT DETAILS +6581334881 | [email protected]

Global Lumen HR is led by a career coaching professional Nitya who is extremely passionate about helping people genuinely identify their desired career path and at the same time open doors for them to more working opportunities.

Their career coaching programs are designed to bring positive change and empowerment not only to employees but to bosses as well as they also offer leadership coaching to help business owners improve their skills as managers.

Employers may also get in touch with Global Lumen HR in finding the best candidates for a job. The company makes sure to recommend efficient, goal-oriented, and reliable employees to work for you.


  • Personalized approach
  • Well-experienced and certified career coaches
  • High level coaching solutions


7. Lifework Global

BEST FOR Women-centered coaching
SERVICES Transition Coaching, Life Coaching
ADDRESS 331 North Bridge Road, Level 22, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9663 3051 | [email protected]

Lifework Global aims to help women achieve their desired career path in an emphatic and empowering approach. Lai Han Sam, the founder of the company is highly committed to nurture women and become the best version of themselves by providing career and life coaching.

Transitioning from one career path to another is not as easy as it sounds, hence Lifework Global is always available to join you in this journey until you find your new niche in the industry.

Life can also be overwhelming so you might need someone to provide you with a reliable life coaching that will bring positive change to your disposition in life and this is one of Lifework Global’s purposes.


  •  Complimentary 30-min Discovery Session
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, ACC

Customer Reviews

“Sam is very open and authentic, always very supportive, and also practical in her coaching process. She always supports her client to find the best inner resources and solutions.Sam helped me find new inner solutions, and she supported me inseeing challenges from different perspectives, so that these challenges can easily become possibilities in our life long journey as human beings. Now, I am even more positive, energetic and confident in myself, and I feel stronger to make always my very best as a human being and as a coach!”


8. Career Agility

BEST FOR Holistic approach career programs
SERVICES CareerClarity™ Workshop, CareerPartners™ Program, Interview

Masterclass, Try Carol

ADDRESS 24, Raffles Place, #26-06B, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
CONTACT DETAILS +65 69090 931 | [email protected]

Career Agility has designed a series of programs and tools to help their clients, each with different career concerns, in identifying their career paths and making the right decision especially when it comes to career shifting or transitioning.

Their team consists of various career coaching experts who are passionate in helping out fresh starters, career transitioners, and those who have yet to identify their desired type of employment.

Each career coaching session that they provide is not a one size fits all, therefore personalized for optimal results.


  • Well-experienced career coaches
  • Curate programs and tools
  • Interview workshops


9. Petadiri Leadership 

BEST FOR People manager programs
SERVICES Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, 
CONTACT DETAILS +6012  2400 898 | [email protected]

Petadiri Leadership offers an extensive range of career coaching programs that are not only deemed helpful for job seekers but to employers as well. The company focuses on numerous specializations that are vital in improving one’s career condition such as Mindset and Awareness, Performance Management, Emotional Intelligence, Vision & Presentation, etc

Aside from one on one coaching, they also offer team coaching in which they focus on helping teams improve their communication, collaboration, and conflict management.

Wendy, the managing partner and a certified coach, has 25 years of corporate Experience with businesses, thus you are guaranteed to be in the best hands while having your career coaching sessions with Petadiri Leadership.


  • Wide range of career coaching programs
  • Strategic coaching approach


10. Aureus Consulting Pte. Ltd

BEST FOR Academic and Professional Consulting
SERVICES Admissions, Career Guidance, Corporate Workshops
ADDRESS 61 Stamford Road, Stamford Court, #01-01, Singapore 178892
CONTACT DETAILS 6337 8807 | [email protected]

At Aureus Consulting Pte. Ltd. you get the best value for money as they offer a wide range of services aimed to help not only work professionals but also academically-inclined clients who would like to explore their opportunities abroad.

The team is highly dedicated to bringing thousands of competent, goal-oriented, and extremely talented professionals to numerous businesses across Singapore and all over the world.

With their team of certified and reliable career coaches, it is best to say that you are one step closer to your dream job.


  • Free appointment
  • Sharp professional image
  • Specializes in Job Search, Career Management, and Career transition by honing their interpersonal skills, eye catching resume

11.  e2i

e2i's Homepage

BEST FOR  Online Coaching
SERVICES Career Coaching, Skills Workshop, Career Navigator, Recruitment Services, and Hospitality Training
ADDRESS 80 Jurong East St 21, Level 2 Singapore 609607

490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #07-11 (Lift Lobby 1) Singapore 310490


6474 0606

OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

If you’re looking for the best online career coaching in Singapore, then consider checking out e2i. It’s ideal for people who don’t have enough time to have a one-on-one session with a career coach.

Unlike with other career coaches, getting in touch with them couldn’t be easier! All you need to do before booking an online appointment is ready your NRIC, email address, and mobile number.

What makes e2i one of the centres with the best career coaches in Singapore is that everyone on its team is a certified and professional career coach who can offer valuable advice that will help advance your career.

In terms of other services, e2i also offers recruitment, skills, and employment training for both individuals and companies.


  • Online appointment
  • Certified career coaches

Customer Reviews

e2i is known to customers for having friendly and professional staff and coaches, on top of having quality services. So, new customers don’t need to worry about not getting the services they’re expecting and paid for.

In addition, companies also liked how efficient and approachable all of its coaches and advisors were. They were found to be great at their jobs because they’re capable of coming up with sensible advice that is helpful for a company that’s just starting.

12. Andrew The Executive Coach

Andrew The Executive Coach's Homepage

BEST FOR  Pod Coaching
SERVICES Executive Coaching, Career Counseling, Mentoring, and Group Coaching

If you don’t like the idea of hiring a career coach from a huge company, then Andrew The Executive Coach would be a great match for you.

As one of the best career coaches in Singapore, Andrew Jonas can be your way of working towards achieving the fulfilling career that you’ve always wanted.

What’s more, Andrew is a certified career coach with experience working for different industries. Andrew teaches clients about self-awareness, opening oneself to more opportunities, changing oneself, and professional integrity.

In addition, Andrew is open to mentoring business owners, HR personnel, and corporate leaders to help them provide a more healthy workplace to their people. This is only one of the many reasons why we think Andrew is among the best career coaches in Singapore.


  • Personal approach
  • Themed career workshops


13. Mind Transformations

BEST FOR Neuro-linguistic programming training and coaching 
ADDRESS 60 Paya Lebar Road, #13-40 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 8186 7508 | [email protected] 

High quality and effective Neuro-linguistic Programming is what Mind Transformations all about. They own the largest pool of NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners in Singapore. 

Compared to other programs, Master Practitioners has a unique method on how to synthesize their multi-disciplinary knowledge into a new NLP technology. With their new method, it helps their graduates to be armed with exceptional tools and know-how for facilitating change in human behaviors.

It was founded in 1997 by Barney who has been training and coaching NLP ever since.


  • Life Coach Certification
  • Executive Coach Certification
  • Mentoring Coaches 
  • Multi-intelligences Coaches
  • NLP Coaching

14. Career Navigators SG

BEST FOR Female talents training
SERVICES Career Searching, Training

If you want to be engaged in an institution that gives importance to female empowerment you should definitely check out Career Navigators SG. Is a subsidiary of [email protected] with a mission to match enlightened firms with returning female talents.

They help women build their career path, discover new skills, and explore other career opportunities that greatly match their skills and passion. As part of their reliable service, they have teamed up with various firms across the country to celebrate gender diversity.

Career Navigators offers services such as career searching, skills upgrading, self-marketing enhancement, etc. to help their clients land on jobs they are best matched in.


  • Flexible work options
  • Comprehensive set of training

15. Jobs-ME Pte Ltd

BEST FOR One-to-one coaching and job search strategy with accountability
SERVICES Career coaching, job search strategy, interview coaching,
LinkedIn branding and training, resume optimization
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

JobS-ME was established in 2015, but the amount of people they’ve helped are on par with some companies who have been in the field far longer. With customized one to one approach, and multiple resources soon you’ll be on your way in accepting job offers left and right.

The founder is a former corporate recruiter who understands the recruitment landscape very well and can help job seekers to make tweaks that give results. What sets their services apart is that they work with the job seekers till they get job offers instead of working on a set time-period or hours.

JobS-ME is a trusted partner with various reputable organizations like INSEAD, SMU Postgraduate career services, WSG, NetExpat and Snaphunt where they deliver career workshops, LinkedIn trainings as well as individual coaching. So if you want to know the secret of the most effective job searching, then contact Jobs-ME Pte Ltd now!


  • One to one customized support with multiple resources and guides
  • In-depth understanding of the recruitment landscape
  • Partnership throughout your job search
  • Accountability through weekly conversations

Customer Reviews

“I met Shub while changing jobs after working for the same company for about 12 years. She guided me throughout the process and helped me secure a job very fast after our initial meeting. With her expertise, she even managed to position my experience to get a higher package than I was expecting. Shub has very good understanding of the local recruitment scenario and I’ll recommend her to job seekers who need guidance in their job search in a heartbeat.”


And with that, we end our list of the best career coaches in Singapore. We guarantee that any of these career coaches will be with you every step of the way towards achieving your goals.

Do you know other career coaches in Singapore worth checking out? Share them with us and we’ll see if we can add it to our list.

By the way, there are also recruitment agencies all over Singapore worth visiting if you’re looking to jump ship to another company in hopes of advancing your career. Check out our list of the best recruitment agencies in Singapore.

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