Best Priority Banking in Singapore
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The 10 Best Priority Banking Options in Singapore

If you’re planning to deposit a huge sum in a bank, you’d probably want to gain access to banking privileges, right? Well then, what you need is the best priority banking in Singapore.

For today’s article, we listed every Singapore bank with priority banking services for elite customers. You’ll get to know more about them today and what makes them different from other priority banks.

We’ll start with a quick look at our picks to help you know which bank matches your banking needs, long-term goals, and lifestyle. After that, we’ll go into more detail on each one.

Which Is the Best Priority Banking in Singapore for You?

We were able to find 10 priority banks in Singapore, but it’s worth noting that not all of them can accommodate everyone’s financial goals and banking needs.

Here’s a table of the best priority banks in Singapore and whom we recommend them to:

OCBC Premier Business owners and travellers
Maybank Premier Wealth Social butterflies
DBS Treasures Ordinary account holders
UOB Privilege Banking Travellers
Citi Priority Ordinary account holders
Standard Chartered Priority Investors who love travelling and shopping
Citigold Experienced investors
CIMB Preferred Individuals with children
HSBC Premier Individuals with children
RHB Premier Ordinary account holders

OCBC Premier and UOB Privilege would be perfect for business owners and frequent travellers as both of them come with generous travel and airfare benefits. You get rewarded for spending overseas as well.

Meanwhile, Maybank Premier Wealth matches the lifestyle of extroverts and social butterflies who love going to parties and formal events to meet new people. There are more things in store for you upon becoming a member!

In terms of investment opportunities, Standard Chartered Priority and Citigold are top picks given their diverse range of investment options. Both of them can definitely help your funds grow.

On the other hand, CIMB Preferred and HSBC Premier come with excellent educational support plans that are great for individuals with children.

Finally, DBS Treasures, Citi Priority, and RHB Premier would be great for ordinary account holders. These three don’t have attractive perks, but all of them can significantly improve your banking experience.

If you want to learn more about each of these options, read on!

Our Picks for the Best Priority Banking in Singapore

Here’s a closer look at our picks for the best priority banking in Singapore!

1.   OCBC Premier

OCBC Premier's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Relatively low required deposit
SERVICES Day-to-day banking, time deposits, retirement planning, legacy planning, credit card with lifestyle privileges, unit trusts, home financing, and portfolio financing
BENEFITS S$2,750 bonus, priority queues at selected OCBC branches, preferential fees for selected transactions, S$250 worth of cash credit for every referral, opportunity to invest in shares, ETFs, REITs and bonds across 15 global exchange
ELIGIBILITY S$200,000 in deposits or join OCBC Premier Private Client with S$1 million in fresh funds
ADDRESS 65 #01-00 Chulia St, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 773 6437 (1800 PREMIER)
65 6530 5930 (overseas)
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

As one of the strongest banks in Singapore, there’s no doubt that OCBC’s priority banking service would make our list. Here’s everything you should know about it:

OCBC Premier Banking has a relatively low required deposit compared to other banks, which means that you don’t need to be part of the upper elite of Singapore in order to qualify for it.

Despite a lower minimum deposit than most, it doesn’t fall short in terms of privileges. Some of the benefits members can enjoy are cash bonuses, preferential fees for selected transactions, and the opportunity to grow funds through global exchanges.

OCBC Premier Banking also comes with a wide range of enhanced banking solutions tailored to accommodate your wealth accumulation, retirement plans, education plan for your children, and legacy goals.

Regardless of your preferred OCBC bank branch, you wouldn’t need to fall in line for hours before getting accommodated. There will be priority queues that will make every visit to the bank a lot more convenient.

And if you like credit card rewards, you’re definitely going to love the OCBC Premier VOYAGE Credit Card. It’s a lightweight credit card that comes with exclusive lifestyle and travel privileges offered only to OCBC Premier Banking members.


  • Lower minimum deposit
  • Enhanced banking solutions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comes with lifestyle privileges


  • Complicated application process

2.   Maybank Premier Wealth

Maybank Premier Wealth's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Invites to parties and events
SERVICES Global banking, investment banking, personal banking, foreign currency fixed deposits, dual-currency investments, unit trusts, legacy planning, property financing, and business facility
BENEFITS Dedicated relationship manager, transactional privileges, exclusive deals, exclusive invite to parties, birthday treats, client referral programme, and travel perks
ELIGIBILITY Deposits or investments worth S$300,000 or more
ADDRESS 2 Battery Rd, Maybank Tower, Singapore 049907
CONTACT DETAILS 1800–536 7888
(65) 6536 7888
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM

If you like attending parties and events regularly, then there’s no better choice for you than Maybank Premier Wealth. The best aspect of being a member is getting exclusive invites to various lifestyle events all over the island.

That’s why it comes highly recommended for social butterflies who love going out to meet and connect with people. You will not only get to benefit from its exclusive banking privileges but widen your network through events as well.

However, it’s worth noting that its banking services may be more suitable for business owners than regular account holders. Its banking solutions include corporate banking, asset management, consumer banking, investment banking, and venture capital financing.

Its members can enjoy banking services not only in Singapore, but in Malaysia and Indonesia as well. It can be a great choice if you’re a business owner who frequently travels in both countries or other Southeast Asian countries.

Maybank Premier Wealth also comes with a Maybank platinum card that allows members to enjoy shopping and travel benefits, such as access to airport lounges, hotel and dining discounts, and cash withdrawal in local currency, among others.


  • Offers invites to lifestyle events
  • Multiple lifestyle benefits
  • Highly personalised banking services


  • Its banking solutions are far more suitable for business owners, so unless you’re one, it’s probably better to look elsewhere

3.   DBS Treasures

DBS Treasures' Homepage

KEY FEATURE Waived fees on overseas transactions
SERVICES Online equity trading, forex online trading, wealth management, dual currency investments, equities and stocks, exchanged traded funds, structured investments, and investment financing
BENEFITS Emergency cash withdrawals, access to exclusive safekeeping centres, preferential foreign exchange rates, and priority queues
ELIGIBILITY S$350,000 in deposits
ADDRESS 12 Marina Blvd Marina Bay Link Mall Singapore 018982
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 221 1111
OPERATING HOURS Call their hotline for more details

DBS Treasures is considered one of the best priority banking options in Singapore due to the endless range of investment opportunities given to every member. It’s the perfect option for individuals who want to grow their savings through various investments.

Depositors will be able to invest and trade globally, from exchange traded funds down to equities in 12 currencies across multiple global markets — which is an attractive feature whether you’re a newbie or experienced investor.

And while it’s common for banks to offer financial advice to priority clients through a team of financial experts, DBS Treasures also takes it up a notch by supplementing these personal recommendations with digital intelligence.

It also comes with its own mobile application that makes investing even more convenient. You’ll be able to see the entirety of your portfolio, make investments and trades, and get alerts when there’s a great investment opportunity.

It may not have the same number of attractive privileges as other priority banks in our list, but it has everything that an investor needs in order to diversify and grow a portfolio.

DBS Treasures has set up 11 priority centres for the banking needs of its members, by the way. This means there’s no need to wait hours in line just for a single transaction,which is just what you’d expect as a priority client.

Members can even withdraw overseas without shouldering the usual exorbitant exchange and withdrawal fees. That’s another perk to appreciate.

To qualify for DBS Treasures, though, you need to have at least $350,000 under your name. It’s slightly higher compared to the previous two picks, but it’s marketed to investors after all.


  • Comes with wide range of investment opportunities
  • Convenient banking through its mobile app
  • No fees on overseas transactions


  • Higher minimum deposits required
  • Could use a few more privileges on its perks list to be more competitive

4.   UOB Privilege Banking

UOB Privilege Banking's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Seven dedicated privilege banking centres
SERVICES Wealth management, legacy planning, investment opportunities, global currency account, home solutions, private home loans, international property loans, bond financing, and insurance financing
BENEFITS Preferential fees for banking transactions, privilege banking card, travel incentives, overseas privileges, medical and wellness services, shopping vouchers, and birthday treats
ELIGIBILITY S$350,000 in deposits
ADDRESS 80 Raffles Place, Singapore 048624
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 222 2121
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM

UOB Privilege Banking is considered one of the hardest priority banking options to get into because of the rigid application process. However, once you’ve been accepted, you will be able to enjoy an extensive range of benefits, from travel incentives to medical services.

This is the perfect private bank for you if you’re looking for a balance between banking solutions and banking perks. UOB Privilege Banking’s services include a foreign currency savings account, home loans, international property loans, and bond financing.

According to its members, UOB Privilege Banking is a great choice as it presents them with different banking solutions to safeguard their money and diverse investment options to grow their savings.

When it comes to banking privileges, members are given priority access to its seven privilege banking centres islandwide, on top of the multiple lifestyle and travel perks.

For example, you can earn up to two miles per dollar spent using its privilege banking card, which is great news for members who love travelling. You will also gain access to airport lounges, be given complimentary airport transfers, and discounts to top hotels worldwide.

If there’s one thing that makes it really stand out though, it’d have to be its above-average interest rate, which is currently at 1.88%.


  • Above-average interest rate
  • Multiple banking services
  • Diverse investment options
  • Lifestyle and travel perks


  • High minimum deposit

5.   Citi Priority

Citi Priority's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Low minimum deposit
SERVICES Savings account, wealth management, smart investments, insurance, and global banking
BENEFITS Preferential transaction fees, free withdrawal worldwide, exclusive hotel and restaurant discounts
ELIGIBILITY S$70,000 in deposits
ADDRESS 8 Marina View Asia Square Tower 1 #21-00 Singapore 018960
CONTACT DETAILS Click here to know how to get in touch with them.
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

If you’re looking for priority banking in Singapore that isn’t that hard to get, then we recommend checking out Citi Priority. Most banks ask for at least $300,000 to qualify for their priority banking service, but this one requires only $70,000.

Now, Citi Priority may have the lowest minimum deposit for a priority bank in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean its services and perks fall short compared to others.

For one, it has year-round promos offered to its members, such as discounts at various dining spots like Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Marriott Cafe, Crossroads, JAVA+, and Lobby Lounge, among others.

Other perks include preferential rates, priority queues, hotel discounts, free cash withdrawal worldwide, and access to a team of dedicated bankers.

One thing we like too about Citi Priority is that its banking solutions aren’t catered to just the type of account owner most people imagine making use of priority banking. They match the needs of a regular account holder as well, not just those of ultra-elite business owners and investors.

Aside from typical banking services like savings accounts, corporate accounts, and global banking, Citi Priority has financial planning and digital investment solutions that can help members grow their funds.


  • Travel and dining privileges
  • Year-round discounts and promos
  • Easy application process
  • The lowest minimum deposit for a priority bank


  • Basic perks and privileges compared to competition

6.   Standard Chartered Priority

Standard Chartered Priority's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Wealth advisory and insights
SERVICES Global banking, investment opportunities, insurance products, online unit trusts, and online trading
BENEFITS S$9,000 cash reward, shopping vouchers, air miles, preferential foreign exchange rates, referral bonuses, private concierge, dedicated relationship manager, emergency cash, and free telegraphic transfers
ELIGIBILITY S$200,000 in deposits or investments, or S$1.5 million in housing loans
ADDRESS Bukit Timah Rd, 795-797, Singapore 269766
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6846 8000 (24-hour hotline)
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

When it comes to cash incentives, Standard Chartered Priority is the one to beat. Upon becoming its member, you’ll receive a cash reward worth S$9,000, which is higher than the signing bonus of other priority banks.

One thing to know about Standard Chartered Priority is that the more investment and insurance products you purchase, the more rewards you’ll get. It’s actually the main reason it earned a spot on our list of the best priority banking in Singapore.

It’s one of the few priority banks on the island that reward members for choosing to actively grow their money through investments and protect themselves through insurance.

Aside from cash incentives, other rewards that members can receive are KrisFlyer miles, dining promos, and hotel discounts, which are perfect for those who love exploring the island and travelling overseas.

Members of Standard Chartered Priority are also given access to a team of experienced wealth coaches who can give tailored advice according to their long-term financial goals. You can connect with them even from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to that, members are given a suite of options to grow their savings, including investing in bonds, equities, trades, and unit trusts. You’ll even get real-time FX rates anytime and anywhere, making it easier to know how your overseas investments are doing.

All in all, Standard Chartered Priority is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to actively grow their savings while enjoying a long list of lifestyle privileges.


  • 24-hour customer support
  • Relatively lower minimum deposit
  • Offers air miles as rewards
  • More rewards for more insurance and investment products purchased


  • Encourages members to spend in order to enjoy the benefits

7.   Citigold

Citigold's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Access to a team of insurance specialist, treasury specialist, wealth manager, service relationship manager, investment specialist, and mortgage specialist
SERVICES Global banking, personalised wealth management, wealth and market insights, liquid assets, short-term investments, long-term investment, home financing, foreign currency time deposit, and insurance
BENEFITS More than S$6,000 cash incentive, preferential interest rates, free cash withdrawals worldwide, emergency cash while travelling, retail and hotel discounts, travel privileges, dedicated relationship manager, and wealth advisor
ELIGIBILITY S$250,000 in deposits
ADDRESS 8 Marina View Asia Square Tower 1 #21-00 Singapore 018960
CONTACT DETAILS Click here to know how to get in touch with them.
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

There are two tiers to Citi’s priority bank service: Citi Priority and CitiGold. The latter stands as the superior tier, with a higher required deposit and more attractive banking solutions and privileges.

Most priority banks in Singapore can provide only a dedicated relationship manager, but CitiGold gives its members a team made up of a wealth manager, treasure specialist, investment specialist, insurance specialist, and mortgage specialist.

With such a huge team of financial experts, you will receive tested and effective financial advice that can lead to fast and stable growth of your savings. You won’t have to worry about where to invest your money as your personal team will help you find the right investment options.

There’s more to it than that, though. Another thing we love about it is the personalised approach to managing your wealth, which means that it’s up to you how you want your money to grow, whether it’s through investment or legacy planning.

Like Standard Chartered, Citigold rewards its members whenever they grow and diversify their investment portfolios. Members can also receive up to S$6,000 worth of cash incentives whenever they bring fresh funds into their accounts.

In terms of perks and privileges, Citigold doesn’t disappoint. Apart from preferential rates and priority queues, you’re entitled to year-round discounts on various retail shops, hotels and dining spots on the island, including the Marriott Cafe and The Fullerton Hotel.

Citigold and Citi Priority are basically both great options for individuals who want to expand their capital, but if you want more opportunities to do that, then go with the former.


  • Large of team of financial experts for depositors
  • Better investment opportunities
  • Lifestyle rewards
  • Relatively easy application process


  • Its banking services cater more to the needs of already-experienced investors, in our opinion

8.   CIMB Preferred

CIMB Preferred's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Retirement and education plans
SERVICES Investment opportunities, children’s education plans, retirement plans, regional banking, property loans, dual currency investments, structured deposits, and portfolio financing
BENEFITS Access to selected airport lounges, exclusive invites to showcase and lifestyle events, and shopping and dining discounts, preferential transaction rates, dedicated relationship manager, and priority queues
ELIGIBILITY S$250,000 in deposits
ADDRESS 50 Raffles Place #15-01 Singapore Land Tower 048623 Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6333 1111
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

If you’re looking for a priority bank that can take care of the future of your family, then look no further than CIMB Preferred. It earned a spot on our list for two main reasons.

First, it’s one of the priority banks in Singapore with exceptional education and retirement plans. Members are presented with different ways to protect their own and their family’s future through calculated and effective investment strategies.’

Second, CIMB Preferred uses a personalised approach in managing their customers’ wealth. Every member has a designated relationship manager who will formulate a strategy to achieve their long-term goals.

We admit that CIMB Preferred doesn’t stand out in terms of privileges, though. The perks members can enjoy only extend to airport lounge access, preferential rates, priority queues, invites to events, and dining and shopping discounts.

However, most members tend to look past this as the majority of them are after its excellent retirement and education plans.

If you don’t care much about banking perks and lifestyle privileges, then we highly recommend signing up for CIMB Preferred.


  • Personalised wealth management
  • Relatively low minimum deposit
  • Excellent customer service


  • Perks and privileges are a little on the basic side

9.   HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Overseas education support
SERVICES International banking, financial planning, personalised coaching, international mortgage, time deposits, remittance, personal loans, and wealth management
BENEFITS Up to $5,530 cash credits, free cash withdrawals worldwide, dining and travel discounts, and 5% cashback on everyday spending
ELIGIBILITY S$250,000 in deposits or a monthly salary of at least S$15,000
ADDRESS 50, #01-03 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, 048623
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 472 2669
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

HSBC Premier is a priority bank that helps to achieve not only your personal long-term goals but your family’s as well. Here are the reasons it ended up on our list:

It’s the only priority bank in Singapore that comes with an overseas education support plan for your children if they want to seek better opportunities by studying abroad. It includes a fully assisted enrollment process to increase their chances of getting admitted.

It’s common for a priority bank to have investment and insurance options. However, HSBC Premier mainly includes just the regular banking solutions that every account holder needs, in our opinion: savings accounts, time deposits, personal loans, and mortgages.

Still, HSBC Premier is generous when it comes to welcome gifts. You can receive up to S5,530 worth of cash rewards upon getting accepted as a member.

It also comes with a Premier Mastercard credit card with a 5% cashback on everyday spending. This is a great offer for individuals who prefer using credit cards when ordering food and buying groceries.

Unlike other priority banks, HSBC Premier’s rewards are mostly in the form of discounts, cashbacks, and cash incentives. You can earn these by signing up for their insurance and investment products.


  • Spending rewards
  • Overseas education support
  • No brokerage fees


  • Somewhat ordinary banking solutions

10.   RHB Premier

RHB Premier's Homepage

KEY FEATURE Access to health facilities
SERVICES Wealth management, premier plus account, insurance, investments, portfolio financing, and premium financing
BENEFITS Dedicated relationship manager, priority queue, complimentary parking, waived fees, healthcare services, and premier banking lounge
ELIGIBILITY S$200,000 in deposits
ADDRESS #09-08, Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore, 049315
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 323 0100
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

This is the only priority bank in Singapore that offers access to VIP healthcare centres. Given how important healthcare is right now, that alone makes it worthy of a spot here on our list!

To be precise, RHB Premier depositors have access to Fullerton Healthcare Group’s medical facilities. These include dedicated waiting lounges, exclusive rates for health screening services, and even discounted consultation fees.

Other benefits of being an RHB Premier member include preferential rates, exclusive invites to events, and travel privileges. It’s also one of the few priority banks that waive fees for up to two cashier orders per day.

Of course, its members will get to enjoy priority queueing at all of its branches nationwide too. Complimentary parking may apply for certain bank transactions, even.

RHB Premier’s banking solutions aren’t bad either. Members will have a premium account with higher interest rates and no fall-below fees, features that aren’t present in a regular savings account.

As with most priority banks, there’s a dedicated relationship manager focused on coming up with strategies to grow and manage your wealth through investments, insurance, and more.

Overall, it’s a solid pick. Where it falls short would be the special privileges you tend to get with priority banking, as its competitors on this list generally have better offers there.


  • Discounts on healthcare services
  • Easy application process
  • Reliable customer service


  • No special privileges

The Benefits of Priority Banking in Singapore

For those who don’t like lining up for hours at the bank, signing up for the best priority banking in Singapore is an extremely attractive option — but the list of perks doesn’t end here.

If you’re not familiar with the perks of getting the best priority banking in Singapore yet, though, we’ll discuss more of its usual benefits in this section.

1.   Priority queuing

Clients with priority banking get to skip hours in line and go straight to the private counter. Instead of spending almost half of the day queueing at the bank, everything can be done in a matter of minutes.

2.   Higher interest rates

It’s no secret that interest rates in most banks in Singapore tend to not favour the client. However, the best priority banking in Singapore gives clients access to some of the most attractive interest rates.

3.   Better foreign exchange rates

For those who go on frequent travels and business trips, better foreign exchange rates is indeed an attractive perk.

It allows clients to shop overseas without worrying about having to pay higher than the standard exchange rates. More than that, it allows them to purchase or exchange foreign currencies for a lower price!

4.   Consultation with a relationship manager

One of the best perks that come with the best priority banking in Singapore is that there will be a manager to assist your transactions and answer all your queries.

By frequently consulting with the bank’s manager, you can know how and where to invest your money, and how to increase your funds while they’re sitting in the bank.

5.   Waived bank fees

Even if it’s just a small amount, banking fees do have an effect on your savings. Luckily, by signing up for the best priority banking in Singapore, you won’t have to worry about paying any sort of banking or convenience fee.

6. Preferential loan packages

When you need a loan for either personal or business purposes, you’ll be presented with different attractive loan packages with low interest rates and flexible tenures.

In some cases, a priority banking client can even be given a higher loan as they’re seen to be less of a risk due to their huge amount of capital.

FAQs about Priority Banking

Anyway, that concludes our list of the options for the best priority banking in Singapore. If you’ve already decided which bank to open a priority account with, tell us all about it!

Oh, and if you’re also looking for the best credit cards in Singapore, we also have a list for those! Check out our list to know the top credit cards on the island that come with exciting perks!