Top 5 Options for the Best Priority Banking in Singapore

If you’re investing a huge sum of savings in a bank, you’d want to gain access to banking privileges, right? Well then, what you’re looking for is the best priority banking in Singapore — and we’re here to help you pick the right bank account for that.

Most wealthy people in Singapore or those with huge savings look for the best priority banking in Singapore for investments and big transactions. Such customers are given an impressive array of banking privileges in return for their custom.

Some of the privileges that come with the best priority banking in Singapore are priority queueing, better interest and exchange rates, an access to relationship manager, and more.

Anyway, before moving on to our picks for the best priority banking in Singapore, we’re going to discuss in depth some of the benefits that come with it. It gives you a preview of the list of privileges you can enjoy once you’ve opened a priority account.

Benefits of the Best Priority Banking in Singapore

For those who don’t like lining up for hours at the bank, signing up for the best priority banking in Singapore is an extremely attractive option — but the list of perks doesn’t end here.

If you’re not familiar with the perks of getting the best priority banking in Singapore yet, though, we’ll discuss more of its usual benefits in this section.

1.   Priority queuing

Clients with priority banking get to skip hours in line and go straight to the private counter. Instead of spending almost half of the day queueing at the bank, everything can be done in a matter of minutes.

2.   Higher interest rates

It’s no secret that interest rates in most banks in Singapore tend to not favour the client. However, the best priority banking in Singapore gives clients access to some of the most attractive interest rates.

3.   Better foreign exchange rates

For those who go on frequent travels and business trips, better foreign exchange rates is indeed an attractive perk.

It allows clients to shop overseas without worrying about having to pay higher than the standard exchange rates. More than that, it allows them to purchase or exchange foreign currencies for a lower price!

4.   Consultation with a relationship manager

One of the best perks that come with the best priority banking in Singapore is that there will be a manager to assist your transactions and answer all your queries.

By frequently consulting with the bank’s manager, you can know how and where to invest your money, and how to increase your funds while they’re sitting in the bank.

5.   Waived bank fees

Even if it’s just a small amount, banking fees do have an effect on your savings. Luckily, by signing up for the best priority banking in Singapore, you won’t have to worry about paying any sort of banking or convenience fee.


The Best Priority Banking in Singapore

Always remember that most priority banking in Singapore is built for the utmost convenience of its members, so make sure that your bank of choice has the list of perks that will benefit you for the coming years.

In any case, let’s now see our picks for the best priority banking in Singapore!


1.   OCBC Premier

OCBC Premier's Homepage

BEST FOR  Lower minimum requirements
PERKS Priority queueing, $1,000 cash credit, $800 reward and $200 worth of vouchers, and 1$ rebate on overseas spending

Considered one of the strongest banks in Singapore, OCBC aims to attract wealthy customers at the upper end of the scale with seemingly endless perks and benefits.

Some of these benefits are priority queueing, frequent rewards and vouchers, air miles, and rebates on overseas spending. It’s one of the best priority banking in Singapore for those who do a lot of shopping and travelling.

OCBC Premier Banking also comes with access to some of the most prestigious airport lounges in the world, making airport transfers a bit more comfortable.

More than that, OCBC Premier Banking has lower requirements compared to other priority banking. It only requires a minimum deposit of S$200,000, unlike other banks that require millions.


  • Air miles
  • Shopping vouchers
  • Cash credits
  • Golf privilege


2.   Maybank Premier Wealth

Maybank Premier Wealth's Homepage

BEST FOR  Frequent events
PERKS Platinum debit card, Maybank research, dedicated relationship manager, client appreciation events, and transactional privileges
CONTACT DETAILS 1800–536 7888 | (65) 6536 7888

If you’re fond of going to parties and functions, you might want to consider opening an account with Maybank Premier Wealth. It’s one of the best priority banking in Singapore with frequent invites to different events on the island.

Members of the Maybank Premier Wealth can enjoy banking services not only in Singapore, but in Malaysia and Indonesia too. It can be a great choice if you do frequent travels in both countries or other Southeast Asian countries.

It also comes with a Maybank platinum card that allows you to enjoy an endless list of shopping and travel benefits, such as access to airport lounges, hotel and dining discounts, priority services at all Maybank branches, cash withdrawal in local currency, and more.


  • Dedicated manager
  • Frequent events
  • Limousine airport transfers


3.   DBS Treasures

DBS Treasures' Homepage

BEST FOR  Priority treatment
PERKS Dedicated relationship manager, higher interest rates, better foreign exchange rates, fee waivers on overseas withdrawals, and VIP banking
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 221 1111

If you’re looking for a bank that can prioritise your needs above all, from bank transactions down to foreign currency exchange, you might want to consider checking out DBS Treasures.

Considered one of the best priority banking in Singapore, DBS Treasures has set up 11 priority centres for the needs and queries of its members. No need to wait hours in line just for a single transaction!

More than that, DBS Treasures members will gain access to Treasure ATM lobbies built just for them, making it faster to withdraw money anywhere in the world.

DBS Treasure is indeed one of the best options if you’re not looking for any fancy incentives or perks — just a priority pass when settling bank transactions.


  • Access to platinum cards
  • Priority queue at banks


4.   UOB Privilege Banking

UOB Privilege Banking's Homepage

BEST FOR  Travel and shopping incentives
PERKS Privilege banking card, airport transfers, flight rebates, travel insurance, hotel discounts, and air miles
CONTACT DETAILS 1800 222 2121

UOB Privilege Banking is considered one of the hardest priority banking to get into because of the rigid application process. However, once you’ve been accepted, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of benefits, from travel to health incentives.

First, members of UOB Privilege Banking will be given priority treatment at all UOB branches, regardless of the transaction.

Second, members will gain access to airport lounges, be given complimentary airport transfers, hotel discounts, and air miles per overseas spending. If you’re a person who likes to go on multiple trips every year, we strongly recommend UOB Privilege Banking.

Another reason we consider it one of the best priority banking in Singapore is the fact that it comes with complimentary medical services provided by Parkway Hospitals Singapore.


  • Travel perks
  • Medical services
  • Rebates on overseas spending


5.   Citi Priority

Citi Priority's Homepage

BEST FOR  Low minimum deposit
PERKS Travel benefits and preferential rates
CONTACT DETAILS Check out its website.

If you’re looking for priority banking that isn’t too hard to qualify for, we highly recommend Citi Priority. While other banks require hundreds of thousands in deposit, it asks for only $70,000 from aspiring members.

Its perks aren’t as attractive as what other banks offer, but if you’re not looking for fancy perks, we believe that Citi Priority is already good enough.

Citi Priority allows members to withdraw cash for free at Citibank ATMs worldwide. If you’re overseas, you will be able to enjoy travel benefits like hotel and restaurant discounts as well!

What’s more, Citi Priority offers members welcoming gifts as long as they meet the conditions. However, it’s not as easy as the required minimum deposit.

Members need to  deposit $100,000 worth of funds, then purchase $100,000 in life insurance, and have their salaries credited. It sounds like a lot of requirements, but customers aren’t obliged to join anyway.


  • Travel benefits
  • Hotel and dining discounts


Which Is the Best Priority Banking in Singapore for You?

OCBC Premier Business owners and travellers
Maybank Premier Wealth Social butterflies
DBS Treasures Ordinary account holders
UOB Privilege Banking Travellers
Citi Priority Ordinary account holders

For business owners and frequent travellers, we’re more than sure that OCBC Premier  and UOB Privilege Banking are the ideal options for you. Those come with a lot of travel and airfare benefits that will make your overseas trips a lot more exciting.

OCBC Premier is known for rewarding members with cash rebates per overseas spending, in particular, while UOB Privilege Banking gives members access to airport lounges, free airport transfers, and hotel discounts.

Maybank Premier Wealth, on the other hand, couldn’t be more perfect for social butterflies as it comes with frequent passes to formal functions and events. What could be more fitting for someone who loves painting the town red, right?

Members of the Maybank Premier Wealth will also receive gifts on their birthdays and on other special occasions as well. That’s a nice touch most socialites will appreciate.

Lastly, for those who don’t have as much money in their pockets but do lots of banking transactions, we highly recommend going for either DBS Treasures or Citi Priority. Both have semi-lenient requirements.

Both of them don’t have that many attractive travel or shopping perks, admittedly, but members will be given priority passes to banks and will have access to better interest and exchange rates.


Anyway, that concludes our list of the options for the best priority banking in Singapore. If you’ve already decided which bank to open a priority account with, tell us all about it!

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