The 9 Best Bedsheets in Singapore for All Bedrooms

Best Bedsheets in Singapore

By Lance Teo

Owning the best bedsheets in Singapore can do a lot to help you get a good night’s sleep. Luckily for you, we’ve already found some of the best bedsheets in Singapore that are perfect for all types of rooms, from masters to single bedrooms.

Since there are many bed sheets sold on the island, looking for the perfect one can get a bit difficult. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because we’re here to help with our list of the best bedsheets in Singapore.

Before we move on to our picks, we’ll share a few tips on how to pick out the best bed sheets in Singapore that will fit not only your bed but the vibe of your room as well. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting one that can give your money’s worth.Anyway, let’s start, shall we?

Factors to Consider When Buying Bedsheets

Shopping for bed sheets is definitely easier said than done. If you want to get some that will give you your money’s worth, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration before deciding to purchase a bed sheet.

For example, the fibre content has to be considered. It determines whether a bed sheet can last years or mere months.

Then there’s thread count, size, weaves, and return policies. All of these are important when seeking the best bed sheet in Singapore.

Let’s elaborate on each point below.

1.   Fibre Content

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet durable bedsheet, then you might want to consider going for cotton ones. Cotton bed sheets are known for being the softest and most affordable options.

If you want a more expensive-feeling bedsheet and have the money to spend on it, we highly recommend choosing an ELS (extra-long staple) cotton, such as Pima or Egyptian. These types of cotton are known to be a lot softer than standard cotton.

On the other hand, there are also bedsheets with cotton and polyester blends. If you don’t mind the synthetic feel, you might want to check them out. They’re also less prone to wrinkling.

2.   Thread Count

Some people would say that the thread count of a bedsheet barely matters, but we believe that if you want a durable and soft bed sheet, you should never ignore its thread count.

As per our research and experience, bedsheets with thread counts that go beyond 500 are the softest and most long-lasting, on top of being extremely affordable. However, these bedsheets often lean towards the pricey side.

If you can’t afford an expensive quality bedsheet, then we think that opting for one with 300 to 400 thread count should be enough. There are even bed sheets with 200 thread count, but they might not be as comfy as the former.

3.   Weaves

Weave will mainly depend on your personal preference. Bedsheets sold on the island come in different types of weaves, but we believe that percale and satin are the best ones to choose from.

If you want a bit of a textured, rough bedsheet, then we strongly suggest getting a percale bed sheet.

On the other hand, some people prefer bedsheets with a smooth and soft texture, in which case satin ones would be the perfect option for them

4.   Size

Before going to a store to check out a bed sheet, you must first get the measurements of your mattress and mattress topper. However, don’t expect that you’re going to find one that will exactly fit your mattress.

You must also take into account that some bed sheets may shrink after the first wash. So, make sure to purchase a bed sheet that’s slightly larger than the size of your mattress/mattress topper.

5.   Return Policy

Return policies are important for all types of items, most especially household ones like bed sheets. A few shops accept returns as long as customers can provide a valid reason, such as factory defects and the like.

If you end up not liking the feel of the bedsheet on your body, you may also return it to the shop, as long as they have a lenient return policy.


The Best Bedsheets in Singapore

And that’s it for our tips on how to find the right bedsheet for your room. Now that you know about these things, you’re probably ready to see our picks!

So, without further ado, here are our picks for the best bedsheets in Singapore.


1.   AKEMI Cotton Select Adore

Best for Overall Value

AKEMI Cotton Select Adore

Price: $69.00

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AKEMI is one of the most trusted household brands on the island, so it’s no surprise that one of its bed sheets ended up on our list. Here’s the AKEMI Cotton Select Adore, and we believe it’s among the best bed sheets in Singapore.

For one, the AKEMI Cotton Select Adore has a total of 730 thread count, significantly higher than the previous option. So, customers can guarantee that it’s strong, durable, and will definitely last for a long time.

More than that, it also comes in 6 various designs, from modern geometric shapes to floral prints. It’s guaranteed that there’s a design that can complement the atmosphere and vibe of your room.

The AKEMI Cotton Select Adore is also made from 100% cotton, making it an extremely soft and comfortable bed sheet that can give you your best sleep yet!


  • 100% cotton
  • 6 different designs
  • 730 thread count

Customer Reviews

As one of the best bed sheets in Singapore, it’s received tons of praise and positive feedback from customers. It’s also one of the best-reviewed bed sheets on Lazada Singapore.

A lot of customers mentioned that it’s a high-quality bed sheet for an affordable price, so they were shocked to discover how soft and comfortable it is on the body.


2.   MaxCoil Essential Fitted Bedsheet Set

Best for Durability

MaxCoil Essential Fitted Bedsheet Set

Price: $24.90

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If you’re looking for a quality but affordable bedsheet, then look no further than the MaxCoil Essential Bedsheet. It comes in various sizes that can accommodate single, queen, and even king-sized beds.

More than that, there are also lots of designs to choose from, allowing you to pick one that can complement your bedroom. Customers may pick from a total of eight designs, such as floral, vintage, and seawater, among others.

The MaxCoil Essential Bedsheet also comes with a smooth microfibre material, twill weave, and a total of 360 thread count, so rest assured that it will stay soft and smooth for a long time  — which is why we consider it one of the best bedsheets in Singapore.

Customers also won’t have a hard time washing it because it’s extremely lightweight. It can also withstand multiple washings without shrinking and wrinkling.


  • Multiple designs
  • Durable material
  • Different sizes


3.   Canopy Luxe Quilt Cover Bedset

Best for Different Designs

Canopy Luxe Quilt Cover Bedset

Price: $83.30

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If you want to get a bedding set that’s worth your money, then you might want to check out the Canopy Luxe Quilt Cover Bed Set. It comes with a bed sheet, pillow case, blanket, and linens, all of which are made from pure cotton sateen.

What’s more, it also comes with a wide range of designs and colours that can match any bedroom interior. There are designs that kids, teeangers, and even adults would like — which is why we consider it one of the best bed sheets in Singapore.

In terms of durability, the Canopy Luxe Quilt Cover Bed Set surely doesn’t fall short either. You can have it washed multiple times a month and its quality will not decrease.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Variety of designs
  • Complete bedding set


4.   iSleep Solid Soft Bed sheet

Best for Affordability

iSleep Solid Soft Bed sheet

Price: $15.90

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The iSleep Solid Soft Bedsheet is definitely the most affordable option in our list. For less than $15, customers can get their hands on a premium, high-quality, and durable bedsheet that can provide them with their best night sleep to date.

More than that, what makes it one of the best bedsheets in Singapore is its metallic charcoal design — which goes with any bedroom interior. It’s also made from high-quality microfibres, so customers don’t have to worry about it not lasting long.

What’s more, its microfibres are also ideal for people with allergies as they can repel dust and all types of allergens. So, if you’re prone to allergies, you might want to get your hands on the iSleep Solid Soft Bedsheet.


  • Made from premium microfibres
  • Repels dust and allergens


5.   AKEMI TENCEL Concord

Best for Comfortable Sleeping Environment


Price: $71.10

Check It Out on Lazada

If you have extra cash to spare, you might want to get your hands on the AKEMI TENCEL Concord. Since AKEMI is such a reliable brand, we couldn’t help but include another one of its household products in our list,

We consider it one of the best bedsheets in Singapore not only for its sleek and elegant design but for its charcoal-infused fibres as well that can provide any user with a comfortable sleep.

On top of this, it has a total of 930 thread count, making it the most durable bed sheet in our list. You can expect that these will not only help you sleep better but may also last longer than most bed sheets sold on the island.


  • Anti-odour properties
  • Elegant colour and design
  • Charcoal-infused fibres


6.   HeavenLuxe Sheet Set Queen Size

Best for Softness

Price: $289

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Heavenluxe is highly dedicated to ensuring that your sleep remains the most relaxing and soothing as possible. With their Heavenluxe Sheet Set, you will experience that long and uninterrupted sleep that you’re longing for.

The Bed Sheet set comes with a one piece fitted sheet and two pieces pillowcase set, both in Scandinavian white color. It is fully made with award-winning Austrian Tencel that is known to be five-hundred times softer than cotton sheets. It has a premium-grade quality and silky soft fabric which makes it as the best bedsheet set that you can purchase.

With their Bed Sheet set, sleep will be something you can look forward to every day. Avail it today from Heavenluxe!


  • Soft and cooling fabric
  • Made from high-quality material


7.   Herbie – Contempo Atelier Fitted Sheet

Best for Natural Design

Price: $179.00

Check It Out On Shopee

Komme is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to lifestyle products, so it’s no wonder that their Herbie-Contempi Atelier Fitted Sheet Set is also truly one of the best. It comes with a bed sheet, pillow case, bolster case, blanket, and linens, all of which are made from 80% Tencel, 20% Cotton and has a total of 300 thread count.

It is incorporated with herbal botanical printed design to give you that springtime vibe for your bedroom. It also has a contrasting bottom panel that will bring your sleeping abode a pleasing appearance and elegance.

Get on your hands on the Herbie-Contempi Atelier Fitted Sheet Set now– you can rest assured that you will have a sleep experience like you’ve never had before!


  • Soft and cooling fabric
  • Exceptional design
  • Gentle on skin


8.  French Stoned Washed Linen

Best for Tropical Weather

Price: from 88 SGD to $358 SGD


You can’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. It improves mood, productivity, general health, and even keeps you both looking and feeling young! That’s why we want to share with you our secret: stonewashed linen sheets, the best way to beat the heat with the French Touch– especially at night.

Edition Limitee’s signature items are beautiful bedding such as duvet covers, pillowcases, fitted sheets and flat sheets; but Julie has also designed a line of tablecloths, napkins, and cushion covers.

Driven by quality, clean lines and the use of natural materials such as cotton and linen, Julie also handpicks capsule collections of fashion apparel, jewellery and handbags with an eco-conscious approach, avoiding plastics and unnecessary packaging where possible.


  • 100% Natural
  • Very soft and gentle on skin
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Ventilating and moisture absorbing
  • Wide range of colours
  • Sizes: baby to adult
  • Durable

9.   Solid Color Combo Designs

Best for Stylish Comfort

Price: S$139 – S$179

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Do you sometimes feel tired even if you have been lying in your bed the whole day? Have you been experiencing sleepless nights, even though you are tired from all of your daily activities? Maybe the bed you’re sleeping on is not really helping with your fatigue.

You should change your outlook and seek a better mattress. A mattress that will reduce your fatigue, increase your energy, envelop you in a right amount of warmth, improve your quality of sleep, and helps you recover faster from tirelessness.

Consider using Bed Origin. Bed Origin has a Nanotechology Coating System, which provides everything a sleeper wishes for a good night of sleep. It is also sold for an affordable price. If you purchase this product, you will never have a sleepless night again!


  • Affordable Prices
  • Nanotechnology Coating System
  • Imported Directly from the Factory
  • No Retailed Middleman / No Dealer Mark-Up

Customer Reviews

Here is a review left by a very satisfied client:

“The mattress arrived in good order and it’s beautiful. I was expecting a firm mattress but not to my expectation. The edges is soft and rounded, so you feel like falling off if sleep to far to the edges. Overall am happy with the product.” – New Ah Lek


And with that, we conclude our list of the best bedsheets in Singapore. If you’ve purchased any of these bedsheets before, don’t hesitate to share with us how they helped you sleep better.

And if you want an even more comfortable sleep, you might want to get yourself the best mattress toppers in Singapore. You may well experience the best sleep you’ve ever had with the combination of these quality bedsheets and mattress toppers!

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